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2020 is done! It doesn’t look like we’re starting out the new year that great though. I mean there is a vaccine being distributed and we have a new president on his way in, which is great but… people are STILL not taking basic safety precautions and the current president is acting like my little brother if you take something he thinks he’s entitled to away from him. The only difference between the current president and Pres… only the turkey thinks Pres can do no wrong. These MAGA people are mad dangerous, which scares me. Enough about that tho.

I have an announcement to make! I got fired from IM! <giggle> Okay, maybe not fired. I got benched. It was kinda at my request though because of school work and stuff. I do have some modeling work lined up and it means my schedule will be getting a little crazy. So, what does that mean for IM you ask. Thank you for asking, I mean, I have no idea how I would have gotten into that topic on my own 😉

Jeff has started training a new Assistant Editor to not just take my place when it comes to assembling the magazine every month but, he is also really good with graphics and showed off his ability with this month’s cover. Finally, Jeff has a real assistant that can take some of the load off when it comes to monthly releases. I could help with small stuff but the new assistant actually posted and formatted all the “Library” or “Story Chapters” content on his own and made a really cool cover. Which is sweet!

So this is a welcome to “Myke D.” to the staff, who was already a posted author and a goodbye from me. (I’m kidding, I’m not really leaving.)

With Myke taking over where I was only ‘sort of’ helping, I will be focussing on my school work and whatever jobs I can safely do. I’ll continue to be on the cover here and I think I’m going to keep doing this segment. We haven’t discussed if the new guy will start answering emails or whatever. My jobs as Mascot and Public Relations won’t change and I think I’m still an honorary Editor in title only so I may be still doing this… I don’t know. LOL! I’ll have a better idea next month.

I’ll see you on the next cover and maybe in here <grin>;

~ Matty

Letters from our readers:

Ricco0808 Writes: Hi Matt, I was wondering if someone like me could get into modeling? I sent a pic.

Matt’s Reply: OMG!!! So cute! I could see me losing a gig to you and I wouldn’t mind. Seriously though, it can be rough sometimes and you really can’t be shy unless you know how to turn it off. But if you are wondering if you are good enough looking, then YES!!! You absolutely are. People sometimes are so worried about freckles and braces… So many ad agencies want a boy with soft but ‘rugged’ boyish looks. I never knew what that meant for the longest time. It means they want cute but, a boy that looks like a boy. If you get into it, let me know how it goes. Good luck! *MUAH*


badger Writes: What was the first thing you changed for the new year?

Matt’s Reply: My job 😛 Oh and I’m gonna try being nicer to Gary the Turkey. Preston really likes him and even though he annoys me and messes up the living room, I’m going to try harder to be nicer to him. I mean for over a year now, Pres hasn’t been able to hang out with his friends so, he needs a friend, right?


SOOMEE Writes: y u so gay

Matt’s Reply: Um… why not? My question: y? r u not gay? <giggle>

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