Have you ever stopped and wondered what an actual angel would look like if you ever ran across one?

Like, if a boy angel just swooped down from the clouds one day, smiled, and said hello? I’m willing to bet that Nevio Marcello would be a pretty close depiction of that whole scenario. Hehehe, I just get the feeling that’s about as close as you can get to one of those old Biblical paintings of such a thing.

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Nevio is a young model and actor who seems to be popping up everywhere these days, and I’m pretty sure that he’s only going to excel from this point on. With bright brown eyes and a thick mass of brownish blond curls…he’s very quickly becoming the first choice for a lot of modeling agencies out there. And why wouldn’t he? He’s about as cuddly as you can possibly get!

Awwwww… ::Snuggles::

Born in Cologne, Germany (And I believe is half Italian)…Nevio already has quite an impressive resume to be so young. Involved in both modeling and acting, he’s already nabbed himself some pretty prestigious fashion shows, and advertising and print ads with such places as Aignerkids Fashion, C&A Intern, Tom Taylor Kids, Coolkids Aachen, and Aldi North. As well many many others. So, it’s obvious that booking gigs isn’t at all problem for him.

He’s also done some acting in “Comeback Or Gone”, the “Ralf Schmit And Family” TV show, and even voice acting for Hairibo! Because…gummy bears are DELICIOUS!!! Hehehe!

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Nevio Marcello also enjoys sports during his free time! And…get this…he also practices Jiu Jitsu! Hehehe, I can’t even picture him doing that, but apparently he’s capable of kicking some ass. So you’d better behave yourselves, or you could get all busted up by my angel!

On top of that, Nevio is also an experienced Hip Hop and Breakdancer! Bet you didn’t see that one coming either, did you? Something else I can’t really picture, but if he can perform brutal acts of Jiu Jitsu, I’m guessing that nothing is off the table. Just…don’t let him get bruised or broken by mistake! He’s got modeling gigs to grab up from his competition!

There’s no telling when, or even if he’ll ever be coming to the States, but at the rate that he’s racking up one job after another, he can’t be all that far away from becoming a household name…as well as one of the newest faces in kids’ fashion. So…for as long as he wants to keep doing it…we’ll be seeing much more of him soon.

Stay beautiful, Nevio! You curly haired, ass whipping, breakdancing, angel, you! Keep doing great things, and we all wish you the best for your career in the future! Show ’em what you’re made of!

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