The Adventures of Kyle Duron

A280C blaster rifle




The Duron Fleet jumps into hyperspace for the planet Endor, leaving Coruscant behind them.

Kirito, “What’s on Endor?

Kyle, “Well I thought we see the ewoke dance and see remains from the Battle of Endor, also I feel like some jungle maneuvers are in order.”

As Kyle and Kirito are talking Austin Walks up and interjects into the conversation

Austin, “Jungle training sounds fun to me, after all we have been to Hoth and Tatoonie, I think it is time we explore a jungle planet. Who knows maybe we will find some stormtrooper armor or blasters?

Kyle, “You do know it’s been at least 10 years since that battle. So, finding stuff in good condition is maybe not a possibility.”

Austin, “You found lightsaber left over from the old republic, which still worked.”

Kyle, “After they were charged and cleaned.”

Kirito, “What about the orders to link up with Chilo?”

Kyle, “At my discretion. So, in other words when I am ready.”

Kirito, “Well looks like we will be entering the Endor system real soon.”

Kyle, “Well I better head down and get changed then.”

As Kyle, exits the bridge and heads towards the area of the ship that he has made into a small Jedi area. In this area the young jedi are sparing with their new lightsabers. As soon as Kyle enters the room all activity halts.

Rick, “So where we heading to now Master?”

Kyle, “We are coming up on the Endor system, also head towards your rooms and changed into woodland style clothing no robs.”

Kenta, “How come master?”

Kyle, “Well one there is only ewokes on this planet and two everyone on board this ship and fleet know we are Jedi.”

Jeff, “Master Duron does have a point.”

As the Jedi head to their rooms to change a message comes across the ship. Exiting hyperspace. Kyle heads to the bridge, after changing. As the 34-ship fleet exits hyperspace they come face to face with a small fleet of ships.

Kyle “Sensor, identify those ships!”

Sensor, “General sir, those ships are coming back as one YT-1300 freighter, along with 24 X-Wings. Also, sir, it seems there are about six MC-40.

Kyle, “Sithspawn looks like her Royal Highness is here along with her Husband. I wonder what they are doing here?”

On Board the YT-1300

Leia, “Han get up here quick!”

Han, “What is it?”

Leia, “Look!”

Han looks out the front view port and sees 34 ships heading their way.

Han, “Tycho, looks like company has enter the system.”

Tycho, “Sure does I will send rogues 9-12 to investigate. Tycho to all cruisers form up around the Falcon.”

Rogues 9-12 break away and move towards the approaching ships.

Back on board the Endor

Sensor, “General four X-Wings are in an intercept course towards us, markings on them suggest they belong to Rogue Squadron.”

Kyle, “Leia and Han are probably on a vacation and wanting to keep low key only have six cruiser. Humm, how to play this.”

Rogue 12 to Tycho

Tycho, “Go ahead 12.”

12, “Looks like one-star defender and accompany escorts ships sir they bear the markings of the Jedi Order as well the New Republic.”

Tycho, “Flacon you read that?”

Han, “Yea I did, the only Jedi I know who has a fleet is Kyle Duron.”

Leia, “What could he be doing out this way?”

Han, “I do not know maybe we should ask him?”

On board the Endor

Coms, General transmission coming from the YT-1300

Kyle, “Answer it”

A holoprojection of Han shows up

Han, “What brings a Jedi Weapon Master out this far?

Kyle, “Just wanted to explore Endor, maybe see if there is any stuff lying around.”

Han, “Well good luck finding stuff also, be careful down there.”

Kyle, “Will do”

As soon as the transmission ends the Falcon along with its escorts exit the system. After heading down from the bridge, Kyle makes his way down to the hanger where the landing party is waiting. As he enters the hanger 60 troopers are gearing half armed with A280C blaster Rifle as well as the DH-17 pistol, while the other half are armed with the A280 blaster rifle. Alongside them is Rick, Jeff, Kenta, Turtleboy, Neo, as well as the field brothers, as well as one C-3PO unit so they can talk to the Ewoks. Kyle, and the group loads up into one sentinel class lander and head towards Endor. As the group heads down to Endor, they have no idea that there is a 200 detachment of stormtroopers, on the planet with six ATST, and Four ATAT. Also, on the far side of the forest moon is a small fleet of four Imperial class Star Destroyers with escort ships. The sentinel class ship lands in a clearing, as the group of 60 disembarks, they are unaware that an imperial scout trooper has seen them and reports back to the old base. Back at the old Imperial base the scout trooper reports to Commander Scott.

Scout trooper, Commander Scott!”

Scott, “You have a report?”

Scout, “Sir, one sentinel class ship landed in the old clearing and coming down the ramp was 50 troopers from the 50thNew Republic Assault Group, as well as at least ten people wearing clothing with lighsabers on their belts.”

Scott, “Interesting, just report on their movement for now, I do not want to alert the New Republic that we are setting up a base here again.”

As the group heads down the shuttle 20 men set up an outer guard. After the basecamp is set up, Jeff along with a group of ten of the assault troopers decide to go exploring.

Jeff, “Man this is a nice planet hard to believe that a battle was fought here.”

Jerad, “Yep, to think it was a small group of rebels along with the native of this planet.”

As the group moves forward, they hear a noise in the distance and move to investigate. The group, silently moves toward the sound, as the near they are in shock. In front of them is six ATST and four ATAT.

Jerad, “Sithspawn what the heck are they doing here?”
Jeff, “That’s not all I count at least 200 troopers.”

Jerad, “Your orders General?”
Jeff, “Let’s move closer so we can hear, if this force is here there may be a star destroyer or two up in space.”

Jerad, “Good idea.”

The group of 11 slowly move forward to listen in on the talk.

Scout, “I am surprised we have not seen any Ewoks.”

Scott, “They may be hiding.”

Scout, “Well with four destroyers in space we should be good.”

Scott, “What worries me is those rebels landing, that ship although has a hyperdrive, is usually carried inside a capital ship.

Jeff, “Jerad, we need to get back to the camp and alert the others.”

Jerad, “I agree.”

The group of 11 slowly back away and blend away into the forest, since they are wearing jungle style clothing. Meanwhile back at camp, it seems several Ewoks, have come to have a look at the newcomers.  One of the Ewokes, whom Kyle thinks is the chief starts talking.

Kyle, “So these are Ewoks

Sparky aka the C-3PO unit, “General Sir, the grey one with the long stick is the leader and says, that there are ten grey machines here along with 200 white helmet dudes. Six of the grey machines have two legs, while four have four legs.”

Kyle, “Frick you telling me, that he saw an imperial detachment here.”

As Kyle is talking Jeff and the group returns

Kyle, “Jeff, Jerad, what’s up?”
Jeff, “Imperials here 200 troops six ATST 4 ATAT, also in space are four-star destroyers with escorts.”
Kyle, “So, you just confirmed that our little pal here just said.”

Jeff, “Oh so those are Ewoks, they look cute.”

Sparky translate what Jeff said to the Chief.

Chief Ewok, “yub yub nebe dube dube”

Jeff, “Um what did he say?”
Sparky, “He says I think thank you and now it is time for him and his group to hide and let the green helmets deal with the white ones”

Kyle, “Great, ok better inform the fleet.”

Neo, “Kyle, the tanks and speeders are useless down here same as fighters for air cover.”

Kyle, “Shit, I did not think of that. Kyle to Kirito, send down an additional 200 troopers with 50 of them armed with rocket launchers, also be advise there is a small imperial fleet on the far side, at least four Imperial class mark two with escort ships.”

Above the forest moon of Endor

Kirito, “Understood General, additional troops heading down now. This is Kirito to all X-Wings scramble, deploy to guard the fleet. A-Wings be on standby to go after tie interceptors if they come, E-Wing and B-Wing stand by to guard K and Y wings if they head out.”

As soon as the message is sent all the X-Wings deploy from the ships and form up around the fleet. Meanwhile back on the ground, Kyle and thinking of hitting the imperials before they hit them.

Kyle, “Gentlemen any ideas?”

Austin, “General, I have one.”

Kyle, “I am all ears.”

Austin, “First idea is to send the younglings back to the Endor, this battle is no place for 12 and 6-year olds. Second, we divide up into six 43 men groups with each of us led by the older Jedi.”

Jeff, “So you are saying I am too young to fight in this battle?”
Austin, “Yes, also you and your brother along with Rick and Turtleboy are the next generation.”
Kyle, “I agree with Austin. You four head back to the ship with sparky.”
Rick, “But I wanted to fight some stormtroopers.”

Kyle, “If it was a smaller detachment, I would have no issues but we are facing 200 troopers along with ATST and ATAT. So, my word is final.”

After a heated argument the four kids are sent back to the Endor in one of the orbital lifters, as the four young Jedi return to the Endor, Kirito is there to meet them and task them to the war room where he tells them they will help with a battle in here. Back on the ground, the 260 troopers spilt up into six 43 men groups and head out to take the Imperials by Surprise. Meanwhile at the old imperial base on forest moon, the Imperials, are just chilling when all of sudden, several missiles come forth from the jungle slamming into the necks of the ATAT, as the missiles hit the walker’s blaster rife fire erupts from six different places in the tree line.

Scott, “What the hell who is attacking us?”
Scout, “Sir it could be the rebel force I told you about.”

Scott, “Sound the alarm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

As the alarm sounds stormtroopers come out of the barracks and start firing back into the jungle, when all of sudden they see six green blades coming out of the forest. They aim towards the blades but the blades redirect the fire. Soon bursting forth from the jungle is Kyle, Neo, and the Field brothers. Seeing six people wielding lightsabers Scott knew that he had to think of something fast. Meanwhile in space, the small Imperial fleet comes out of hiding to face the fleet of Duron. On board the Endor.

Sensor, “Admiral, four Imperial class Star Destroyers with escorts ships are bearing mark 2.0.”

As soon as sensor said that 192 tie fighters along with 48 tie bombers and tie interceptors pour out of the Imperial class ships.

Kirito, “All A-Wing squadrons deploy go after those interceptors, all X-Wing squadron stay by the fleet E, B K and Y-Wings deploy and go after those Star Destroyers.”

As the ground battle wages on the space battle heats up with X-Wings engaging tie fighters left and right while defending the fleet.

Heat 12 to Heat 1 watch out you have six ties on your six.

Max, “Thanks 12 I see them, damit I cannot shake them, I could use some help. This is heat one I need some help over.”

Heat one this is Fregata, come to point oh five one and bring those ties over our way my gunners will knock them off your six.

Max “Copy Fregata.”

As Max leads the ties, turobolaster fire erupts from the Onderon, knocking off the ties off heat one. While this was going on, the fighters sent after the Imperial fleet have disabled three of the four Star Destroyers seeing this the person in charge of the Imperial fleet decides its best to run, he sends out the message to recall all remaining fighters and as soon as they were on board the fleet jumps to hyperspace. Meanwhile back on the ground, the battle is not going in the favor of the Imperials, Scott realizing he is facing six Jedis as well as one of the toughest New Republic ground forces gives the order to surrender.

Scott, “All forces cease fire. This is Commander Scott of the Imperial Forces we surrender.”

As soon as Kyle hears this, he gives the command for all troops to cease fire as well and round up the Imperials.

Scott, “May I asked who I have just faced?”

Kyle, “My name is Kyle Duron, Jedi Weapon Master.”

Scott, “I see, what you going to do with us now?”

Kyle, “Simple going to call the New Republic so they can send out some forces to take you off my hands, and I think you and your troops will be taken to a pow camp.”
Scott, “I would have never thought a New Republic group would ever come back to this planet.” As the two commanders are talking several ships are coming down from Space bearing the markings of the New Republic Prisoner transport corps.

NRPTC commander, “I have been briefed by the New Republic high command, and I am here to relive you of these imperials.”

Kyle, “You got here fast.”

Commander, “We were heading to Naboo to pick up some traitors when we got a message from command to stop by hear and pick up some captured imperials.”

Kyle, “I guess Kirito works fast then.”

Commander, “If you would sign hear please this is letting us know you are transferring the Imperials over to us.”

Kyle signs the documents. After the Imperials are taken off Kyle hands, he finds the Chief Ewok thanks him for his help about letting him know about this trouble as well for the help they did during the first battle on Endor. After thanking the Chief, the forces load up and head back to the Endor.

Kyle, “Kirito, so what our are losses this time?”

Kirito, “Not much just about 72 fighters damage overall which can be repaired easy enough also where to next?

Kyle, “I do not know.”

Cliff hanger don’t you love them.

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