Chapter 40


Um, so . . . that was fun! I think! I’m pretty sure, anyways.

The dance, I mean.

Things turned out pretty well, all things considered.  I know! I’m just as surprised as you probably are!

So, as planned, Mr. Cross picked me up and Jamie was in the car all dressed up with a blazer and everything. He was sort of my dream come true, really.  Someone had managed to dress him properly and he looked, basically, good enough to eat!  I had to keep myself from staring at him all the while I was in the car because I was so shocked and, worse, so turned ON!  I swear he did it on purpose, or worse, Chandler did it on purpose!  Only a gay man could do the Queer Eye on this Jamie guy and make him look like he did tonight.

Thankfully, Jamie was oblivious to my growing lust for him.  It is amazing that so much blather can come out of his dummy mouth and still not say anything, whatsoever, that’s even a little bit interesting.  God bless Jamie, but he is kind of a one trick pony.  He’s a perfect jock in that his only interest seems to be in Football and plays.  We didn’t even talk about girls at all, which I wouldn’t have started, but it was weird that Jamie didn’t either.  He must have some other interests other than football! Actually, looking back on it, I have a feeling all his yapping about football came from nerves. He was really acting nervous and sounding even more so. I have no idea why Jamie Cross would have to be nervous about anything. It’s like he doesn’t believe that he’s the dream boy everyone ether wants to get with or be friends with.

So, after some long minutes of learning all the little details of everything that went on at practice the other day, we finally got to the gymnasium where the dance was to be held.  Mr. Cross let us out and told us to have fun, or whatever, and we walked toward the main entrance.  I felt so-o conspicuous!  I hate any attention paid to me at all, and I got more than my fair share tonight.  Everyone seemed to stare at us both and whisper to each other about God only knows what!  Despite his nerves in the car, Jamie didn’t downplay at all. He was being his typical outgoing self, waving at everybody, smiling, and generally glowing like the big beautiful blond god that he is. It was like watching an actor go out on stage and put ‘on’ a character.  That said, this was usual for Jamie. What wasn’t was ME being there with him! That was what was causing the talk.  I just knew I’d get pegged as Jamie’s butt-boy or some other awful thing.  I kept my hands in my pockets, my head low, and basically tried to disappear in plain sight as much as humanly possible. It was time for me to be nervous and I don’t know how to act like an actor on stage.

At one point, one of the most obnoxious of Jamie’s henchmen appeared.  His name is Jason and he is a real piece of work.  I think he was the other guy, other than Karl, who keeps picking on poor Jimmy LaPlane.

“JAMIE! Baby! What the hell? Where’s your bitch?”  Jason said pat/smacking Jamie on his shoulders and pulling him away from me (something I was not sad to have done, really.)

“I think this is the Bitch in question tonight, Jay.”  Karl slurred and sneered as he came out from behind me freezing me with the shock of his loathsome presence so near to my back where the knife would go in!

“Will you two quit? Hehehe! Brandon’s dating my sister and I asked him to come with me as my wingman coz YOU TWO suck at dances!”  Jamie sassed the two linebackers.  I didn’t think that was too wise. Jamie has muscles, but Jason and Karl are muscles!

“Suck?  If you want to get sucked and Brandon isn’t up to the job, you can always ask Joanna to suck you off!” Jason purred.  I had a feeling, just sayin’, that it sounded suspiciously like maybe, perhaps, Jason might have wanted to be the one to suck Jamie off with the way he was talking.  Bitch indeed!

“Huh? Noooo!  Joanna is Billy Chase’s girl! You know better than that!” Jamie reminded me of my realities where Billy is concerned in his answer to these two Neanderthals.  I made every effort to hide my sadness at that.  These two brutal pieces of shit would be the last two people on the face of the earth I’d ever want to show weakness to.

“Who? That dweeb? You HAVE to be kidding me?  You could drop-kick that faggot between the goal posts and show Joanna just what she’s missin’! Go-wan!  She just walked in with that little buttfucker right now!  Go get her and fuck her up her tight hole! Break that cherry and make a woman out of her, finally!”  Jason practically hissed.  What an evil sonuvabitch!

I would have loved to have throat-punched him for calling my Billy a dweeb!  My luck, his Adams apple would have broken my knuckles.

“You guys are too much! Hahaha!  I’m going for the snacks. Come on Brandon!”  And Jamie, right there with all the innocence of a little kid, showed me just how easy it was for him to shut down those two complete assholes!  He just . . . walked away!  Jason and Karl didn’t even bother to say anything, they just shrugged and sneered looking like their fun was spoiled.  Jamie is Teflon!  He’s so oblivious that he doesn’t even know when he’s getting fucked with! He doesn’t care!

If only I could do that!

Inside, they had the DJ playing some top 40 dance music.  Not really my style, but not too bad.  You could dance to it if you knew how.  Jamie, fortunately, must have been hungry because he separated from me pretty instantly and made a bee line for a table with frilly paper cutouts all over it and some chips and salsa and things.  There was no punch bowl, so spiking the drink wasn’t going to happen, Hehehe!  Jamie didn’t seem too upset by that.  They had cokes and waters in a tub of ice.  I got one of those as they were handing them out for free which I thought was a nice touch.

Jamie was soon surrounded by other kids who were patting his back and talking to him excitedly about whatever. I thought I was forgotten and felt a bit left out, but then again, I wanted to be left out of that puppy pile.  The Populars were a part of their own class and they didn’t want people they didn’t ‘approve’ of in their group.  I certainly don’t fit in to that group, or so I thought.

“Brandon? Come ON, Dude! You said you were gonna be my wingman! Get over here!”  So much for being left out.  I managed to swallow the huge lump in my throat and carefully joined Jamie, though not being conspicuous was really out of the question at that point since he made it a point to call me out.  I didn’t have much of a chance to be embarrassed though, because he had me by the shoulder and insisted I try the ‘Green Mushy Stuff’ which I assumed was guacamole.  I was never much a fan of the stuff when I was younger because it was, well, ‘Green Mushy Stuff’ as Jamie calls it.  It, kind of, grossed me out.  I got some by accident on a burrito one time, though, and actually liked it. So I let guacamole save me from embarrassment as it gave me something to focus on rather than all the eyes staring at me in disbelief.

“So, uh . . . Brandon is it?” A very tall blonde who looked like one of the cheerleaders asked.  For a moment, I was totally stunned that she’d even bother talking to me.  But, I got it together enough to answer her with a stupid, “Uh, yeah?”

“Hi, well, I’m Leanne and this is Celia and that is Georgiana. It’s weird, but we’ve hardly seen you around.  Did you just start this term?”  Ok, now I was fine answering questions, but why I felt like I was being grilled was part of the weird I had this evening.  I know that these are, possibly, the most popular girls in school and being such they are among the most powerful beings in my universe.  They could be far more trouble in their way than Jamie’s ‘posse’ could ever be in their’s, stupid as they are.

“Oh, uh, no.  I started last September, but thanks for asking.” I guess I smiled.  I don’t know why I went into my ‘I’m speaking to strange adults best behavior’ voice, but it was, kind of, reflexive.  Two of the girls were obviously Seniors.  I recognized Celia as being in one of my classes so she’s probably in my grade.

“Well, then, where has someone like you been all this time?  I mean, you’re obviously friends with Jamie Cross!  How is it we never heard of you before?  Where’d you meet our Jamie anyways?”  The red head called Georgiana seemed to be ‘bad cop’ for this line of questioning.  I felt like I needed to call for my lawyer before answering any more questions like they do in those detective shows.

“Oh, he’s my buddy from Church, guys! He’s dating my Sissy!”  Jamie, my doofus in shining armor, came to my rescue.

“OooOOOooh!  Like, he’s a Catholic Boy too, huh?  Hmmm. Interesting!”  The blonde leader, Leanne, stared me down like I was next to be the human sacrifice!

“So, like, he’s dating Marie!  Oh, that’s cooool!  Marie and I were partners in dance class a lot! I love that girl! She’s too funny!”  The younger one called Celia said.  It must be that they’re only separated by a year, but that’s enough to leave Marie in Middle School and put this Celia here.

“EEEEEEEE! JamieJamieJamie!  ? I wanna dance with somebody!  I wanna feel the heat with somebody! ? Somebody like you!”  A pixie appeared out of thin air.  I swore it was Tinkerbell, by the way she was dressed and how her light blonde hair was tied up in a bun on top of her head.  You would have thunk that it was a real prom the way she wore that green sequined dress.  She was short enough to just clear Jamie’s belly button by a head, but she was a lot stronger than he was, apparently!  Before anyone could blink she was yanking him by both hands out to dance floor.

“But, Anna! I don’t know how to dance! Brandon helllp meeee!”  But it was too late for poor Jamie. I certainly wasn’t going to tangle with this Anna. Obviously, she had more oomph than anyone else in that entire gym. Shameless!

“Oh, hush Jamie! I’ll show you! See?”  And before anyone knew it they were dancing together, or rather wiggling in rhythm to the music, more or less, mostly less.

“Well, good meeting you Brandon.  Our dates will be looking for us so, um, . . . we’ll see you around, m’kay?”  Leanne said over her shoulder as she led the way over to the far side of the gym where the ‘real men’ were.  Though, Leanne’s eyes did linger on me for a bit longer than I felt comfortable with.  I wonder what horrors she has planned for me?  I rather not think about it.

Then, “Hello again!”  I heard a young guy’s voice suddenly next to me.  I turned and was faced with a pair of intensely blue eyes and a wide smile.  I tried to place the face, but was having a hard time.

“Oh, yeah, we only met really quick at the fire drill. Sorry, I should have introduced myself better, (cute giggle).”  That was the clue I needed.  It was the boy in front of me who got umphed by me in the line after the Boobifier attacked me from behind.

“I thought for sure you’d remember Leanne. She was the one that shoved her boobs into your back. Hehehe!” ‘Blue Eyes’ said with this new kind of giggle that was completely his own and pretty infectious.  For some reason, my ‘Spidey’ senses were tingling on this boy.  He seemed to like getting umphed in the butt a little bit as I recall, even if it was only an accident.

He stuck out his hand and did properly introduce himself, “I’m Bobby Jinette! I didn’t get your name when you, um, ‘body slammed’ me that day. (cute giggle again).”

I shook his soft hand and got a firmer handshake than I was expecting which made me wince a bit.  “Ooops. Sorry!  I’ve been practicing pitching and that’s my throwing hand. (Hehehe)”. His giggles really were infectious.

“Oh, no worries. I’m Brandon. Brandon Temple, at your service or something.”  I replied.  This got another giggle.

Serviced, huh? Is that what that was back there that day? I got ‘serviced’?”  We both laughed at that which broke whatever ice there was between us.  Bobby’s cool!  He’s also, kind of, adorable!  He has dark hair with those bright blue eyes and he has this compact body that has, um, curves I guess I could call them.  All of them are ‘boy curves’ as opposed to ‘girl curves’ and he’s not overweight.  He just gives the impression of being soft but fit, if that makes any sense.  He’s just a little shorter than Billy so I’d say, maybe 5’5” or something.

He turned away from me to show off his best ‘asset’ though, that being that beautiful ass I briefly got to know up close and personal during that fire drill, even if it was only for half a minute.  I forced myself not to look in case I was still being ‘observed’ by Jamie’s spies.

“Hey BranBran, how’s it going, kid?”  A familiar deeper musical voice came up from behind me.  It was a big surprise for me! Why was he there?  I turned and Chandler was standing there looking drop dead gorgeous as ever.  No matter what I did, a Cross was going to be calling attention to himself and me!  It was like almost every eye turned and stared at him and then me! Oh noo-oo!

“Oh, HEY! Woah!  Why are . . .? How?” I babbled.

“Hehehe. Just dropping in to see how things were going. Oh, and I brought someone . . .”  She came at me as more of a blonde blur than a girl. She was very ‘Jamie’ like with that blur!  But, thwack, there I was suddenly in the crushing arms of Marie whom Chandler must have smuggled out to come to the dance.  I was also rewarded with a big smooch on my cheek and then it was me being hauled off to the dance floor.  Just as I go I hear a big moose of a voice bellow across the hall almost louder than the music: “HEY YOU FAGGOT! YOUR ASS IS MINE, COCKSUCKER!

Chandler said: “Well, that’s my cue. Ta for now.  I’ll be by later to pick you guys up.”  He then managed to disappear through the crowd as fast as he appeared before Karl had a chance to reach our side of the gymnasium!

The rest of the night was a blur and pretty much all fun!  Marie even managed to teach me how to dance a little bit better than the Tin Woodsman does.  She had a blast, I had a blast, Jamie had a blast, and it wasn’t until I was leaving in Chan’s ‘Batmobile’ that I realized . . . I hadn’t seen Billy once through the whole thing!  I got so involved with everything else that I, pretty much, forgot him which is very unusual since I think about him a lot, you know.

Maybe, I’m growing out of my case of the Billys. It might be for the best.  He’s straight and I seem to be being led to that state myself by the only person that know’s my dark secret.

Is Chandler testing my Gayness or did he just give into Marie’s pleading for him to secret her off to the dance she wasn’t supposed to go to?

I don’t know. There’s a lot to dance around trying to figure this stuff out.

This is Brandon dancing as fast as he can . . .


So, we had a sleepover last night. My first one.

It mostly happened because, um, everyone wanted to crash at my place because they were too tired from the dance. Hehehehe! You can settle down, Nameless Hacker, because this isn’t going to dissolve into the three-way bisexual sleepover gang bang story you might be hoping for and if you are hoping for something like that from a fourteen year old then SHAME ON YOU! ?

Anyways, my Dad was a little miffed that I was later than I said I’d be, but could understand when I had the Cross kids with me . . . ALL of them.  Chandler went to drop us off after getting Carne Asada burritos at a late night taco place he knew of in town and then drove us all the way back here.  Jamie and Marie were already asleep in the back seat of the car and I wasn’t far away from that. The late hour and the heavy burrito churning in my guts just sank me like a balloon. Good burrito though! I didn’t even know we had food like that even close to our area!

Jamie and Marie, kind of, begged me and Chandler to let them crash at my place and Chandler said it was ok if their Mom and Pop were good with it.  After a quick phone call on Chandler’s Bluetooth frigging car-phone hookup( ? ) on his Porsche, it was settled as long as my Dad was in on it too. Interestingly, Mr. Cross knew all about Marie’s going to the dance so apparently Chandler just followed family orders.

When we all went in as a troop, my Dad was overwhelmed and voted down (also I don’t think he was trying too hard to refuse). As a good adult he insisted on arrangements.  I’d sleep in my own bed ALONE (heheheh), Jamie and Marie would take the back guest bedroom usually reserved for my ‘sister’ who is actually my older cousin from my Uncle’s farm.

A little explanation is probably necessary here: my first cousin Sharon adopted me as the ‘little brother’ she never had and insists I call her ‘sister’.  It’s cool! She is a beautiful person inside and out and, other than Chandler, one of the few people I can confide in about stuff. I haven’t brought her up in here yet because she’s been away in the Navy overseas and out of communication range except under ‘Special Circumstances.’ I don’t know if I would come Out to her, but if there was anyone in my family I would definitely trust with that, it would be Sharon. I have a particular soft spot for her in another way:  she really looks like my Mama when she was younger! I love her like my sister and she really has helped to fill part of the void left by my Mama’s passing. Ok, Kleenex for the Little Bitch Boy again . . .

So, anyway, Jamie and Marie were to sleep in the room Sharon usually stays in when she’s in town. Chandler was cool with the couch and so there we were. I thought I’d have trouble getting to sleep with all of these sexual temptations under my roof, but, actually, I was so pooped out from ‘dancing’ at the dance with Marie (I think it was more like spastic wiggling than dancing at least on my end) I, basically, went unconscious for eight hours, though, I did take a few to jot down my dance experiences so I could blog them here.

I woke up this morning in such a state that I totally forgot that there were others in the house with me.  Yeah, I know, how could I be that dumb?  It’s amazing what a night of ‘raving’ can do to a person.  It’s so out of the ordinary that when you wake up you think you might have just dreamed it all.  I realized I hadn’t dreamed it when I got up with nothing but my boxer-briefs on and went to pee.  After doing my business and considering the fact that, for once, I didn’t have morning wood to work off, I thoughtlessly opened the door to the bathroom and found that I was suddenly blocked by a blond girl with a shocked look on her face that then melted into this really mischievous smirk.  It took me a whole thirty seconds of standing there in shock to remember who she was and why she was standing in front of my bathroom.

“…and you said you didn’t have muscles! Hehehe!” Marie said at me which reminded me, suddenly, of the fact that I was about half naked and standing right in front of her!

I turned beet red. I must have! I could feel the pinpricks all over my face and body!  I resisted the urge to tuck and run. Instead, I just stood there like an idiot swallowing hard.  Good God!  What’s more, Marie turned pink too and started burying her toe into the floor and trying to avoid my gaze while trying not to giggle.  I think it was nerves. I hope it was nerve.  I don’t know what it was, but it made it even weirder.  That’s when I saw she was staring at my crotch!

“Uh . . .” was all I could get out.

“Hehehe. Didn’t get to see much at the theater, but . . .”  she then went up on her tippy-toes and whispered into my ear, “. . . it looks every bit as big as it felt!”  Then she surprise-kissed me on the cheek! So much for no morning wood this morning!

She did this just as the door opened and Jamie walked out of the guest room with himself half naked with nothing but his boxers on.  Ok, now THOSE are muscles!

“Mmmmm-yaaawwwwn!  Marie, get outta the way. I gotta pee! Hey Brandon.”  He said liked a tired eight year old and brushed his gorgeous self past me and the bathroom door.  I got a stupid feeling that I hoped I hadn’t just gotten Marie aced from the bathroom.  I also felt a tingle shiver down my thing which could only mean that I was making my underwear tent.  I felt the need to cover up myself with my hands.

“Uh . . . there’s another bathroom downstairs if you need to . . . uh . . .”  I noticed that the tingle in my shaft was also affecting my throat muscles because my talker stopped working.

I tried to scurry back to my room, unmolested, before my ‘horse’ could escape the barn door, but then I felt a pinch on my bottom, heard Marie giggle, and then she ran away back into her room and close the door.

“Hey!”  I said more loudly than I meant to which must have woke up my Dad.

“Unnnng…what’s the hell, Bran?  When do teenagers get up at 8 AM on a Saturday?”  He looked so funny in his underwear and his hair sticking up. I don’t usually see him like that so I had to suppress a giggle.

“Sorry, Dad.  I just wanted to go to the bathroom and . . .” that’s when the door opened and Jamie strode out and blinked at both of us.

“Oh, hey Mr. Temple. Hey Brandon.”  He said again to me like he forgot he just greeted me like a minute before. He looked kind of like he was still asleep walking around.  It was unbelievably cute for some reason. I big beautiful dumb blond zombie shambling around my house like a Disney version of ‘Shelter.’

“Oh, I see. Unngh ~yawwn.~  You guys must have synched up your biorhythms or something, you’re all up at once. Not used to a full house. I’ll get dressed . . . get breakfast going…~yyaaaAAwwwn~”  Dad mumbled as he went back into his room.

That’s when I heard the door downstairs open which spooked me at first, but then I saw Chandler going to the kitchen as I was looking down the stairs.  I heard his car keys jingle and I saw him carry something in.  I smelled coffee too.

Then another scent hit me: DONUTS!!!

I was down the stairs so fast Jamie didn’t hardly have time to twitch! Hehehe! I guess I know what motivation I need to beat Jamie in any race! Hehehe!

“Well, hey there, Tiger!  You woke up fast.”  Chandler said as he got the small plates out and arranged the napkins.

I was compelled to reach for the donut box which got me a sharp shove at my hands as Chandler shooed me away.

“Unh-unh, Hot Stuff.  We wait for the rest of the party.  I’ve been through the Donut Wars before with Marie and Jamie and you don’t want in on that fight, trust me. Let me do ‘portion control’ before we all end up dead or doughnutless!”  Chandler warned me.  I must have looked so stupid standing there holding my hands in front of me like a naughty six year old.

“You are too cute, Bran Bran. Go wash up and get something less revealing on, huh?  You aren’t leaving Marie much for her imagination at the moment.”  Chandler winked and then continued setting up for us.

I totally had forgotten I was practically nude . . . and in front of Chandler no less . . . and half hard!  I scurried up the stairs and threw on sweats and stuff.  I should have been terribly embarrassed, but, somehow, something in me found the whole thing funny and I started laughing at myself.  I looked in the mirror and you know what? I saw me smiling in the mirror for the first time!  I’ve never seen my real smile in the mirror before.  I’d seen my fake practice smile from when I practice for school photos, but I’d never seen my, well . . . real smile.  I was, kind of, amazed at how nice it looked!

Anyways, this may all sound very boring to you, but this morning was kind of special to me.  Any time that could make me smile like that must have been a good time!  I had a good time and it reminded me that this was, like, the first really good time I’ve had in a long time.

Also, having the Cross kids over made the house feel so full and alive, you know?  Something that also hasn’t been for a long time.  We enjoyed our morning, but then Chandler had to get his brother and sister home and I spent the rest of the day helping my Dad with groceries and such.  Apparently, my smile remained for most of the day because my Dad remarked at it and even gave me a ‘Papa Hug,’ complete with the ‘messing up of my hair’ bit, happy to see me happy for once.

“I’m proud of you, Son!  I’m glad you got out there and amongst ‘em.  I’ve waited a while for you to be able to do that and you have! Good Boy!”  He said and it was really encouraging for him to say that!

The Dance was a great success as was the morning after!  It gives me a lot to think about and, I guess, a few good memories to take with me into adulthood.

I had a good time for a change and at a school dance, no less!

This is Brandon . . . The Dancing Queen

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