#1 – Less than half of the entire LGBT community feels comfortable, or even ‘safe’ in some instances, to tell their entire family about their sexual orientation or gender identity

#2 – February was made Black History Month in 1926 to commemorate the birthdays of Abraham Lincoln on Feb. 12th, and Frederick Douglas on Feb 14th.

#3 – Many people believe that the Valentine’s Day holiday actually origins and a Pagan fertility festival called ‘Lupercalia’. However…it seems the holiday was celebrated by sacrificing animals and smacking their women with the animals’ hides…which…sounds a little kinky, to be honest! Hehehe, those wild fertility rituals.

#4 – In February of 1964…The Beatles made their very first television appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show. It had over 73 million viewers!

#5 – In a few of the “Gone From Daylight” spinoff stories, “Piece Of The Action” (Which takes place in old mobster Chicago), “Back In Business” (Taking place in the 80’s), and “Business As Usual” (From the current day), there is a young teen character named ‘Alex’ that owns and runs the ‘Crimson Euphrates’ club. The name was later changed to ‘Bernie’s’, and in the main “Gone From Daylight” series, Alex (now known as ‘Xander’) is the one that give Taryn and Justin their eternity bands to forever show their love for one another.

#6 – February is the only month in the calendar year where you go go through its entirety without a single full moon.

#7 – The character of ‘Cupid’ dates all the way back to the Greek God of Love, Eros, from 700 BC. However, while Eros was originally depicted as an incredibly handsome, immortal, man who could make anyone fall madly in love with him…it was the 4th century that the Romans changed the image to that of a cute little boy with a bow and arrow instead.

#8 – The Valentine’s Day Massacre in Chicago was, at that time, considered to one of the worse mass killings in American history. The number of people who died? Seven. Yikes…I’m ashamed to say that we’ve certainly come a long way since then.

#9 – 52% of LGBTQ+ people (Not just youth) have admitted to experiencing depression within the last year. Many more than once.

#10 – According to a study in the The Journal Of Sexual medicine, falling in love creates an intense feeling of euphoria, releasing heavy doses of dopamine, oxytocin, and adrenaline. It creates a natural high that you never want to let go of, and it can quickly become very addictive. In other words…love is a DRUG! Hehehehe! Like we didn’t know that already. 😛

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