Duncan: Out Of Exile

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Chapter 20

The Aerie was a space over the large garage behind the house. We lugged my stuff up the stairs and I was in awe when he opened the door. Just inside the door was a small sitting area with a couch and soft chairs and a TV, beyond that was a kitchenette. The rest of the space was a combination bedroom/playroom and large bathroom with a tub and a huge shower.

“It used to be the ranch foreman’s apartment when it was part of the ranch. Dad leased all but twenty acres to a rancher and they have their own buildings.

“When Mom’s aunt moved in with us, she couldn’t handle the noise I made with all my friends, so I moved out here and even after Aunt Mona passed away, I stayed up here. I like it, I can do what I like when I want to, as long as I act decent and do well in school.

“I’m not here all the time, sometimes I board in at school. Especially if the weather is bad, I don’t want my Mom to have to drive in bad weather just so I can be at home,” he explained.

I continued looking around. The bed was a huge king size thing that looked like ten kids could sleep in it and I said so.

“Well, so far I’ve only had eight guys in it at once but we didn’t do much sleeping,” Trev grinned at me. I thought back to our time together in the past and said. “Trev, in all the time we’ve known each other we’ve never slept in the same bed. It just seems weird considering how close we were otherwise. I mean we had our baths together and we peed next to each other but that’s all.”

Trev looked serious for a moment and he sat on the couch. He patted the cushion next to him. “I’m sorry about that, I just couldn’t tell you at the time but I wore diapers all the time. I was really sick once when I was seven and someone put my catheter in wrong and damaged the little valve thing that controls your pee. We tried a lot of treatments. Some of them were embarrassing because Dad had to help me with them. Just after we saw each other last we went to a new Doctor and he knew a micro-surgeon who could fix it. It worked and now I’m good as new.” He explained.

I took it in and said,” I would never have laughed or made fun of you, I’ve always loved you like my brother.”

Trev leaned over, hugged me, and said, “I’m sorry, I should have known that. You’ve never said anything mean to me.”

“So you met Lyka?” he asked changing the subject abruptly.

“Have you seen him since he got home?” I asked.

“No, but I talked to him, he said you kiss pretty good.”

I blushed, I could feel my face get hot, “Yeah, he kisses pretty good too. Did he tell you I kissed him in front of Gabe?” I asked.

Trev laughed, “Uh-huh, he said you gave him a big kiss, shut the car door and waved bye-bye like nothing happened. He said all he could do was to sit there and grin like an idiot.”

“It’s true, I did that,” I stated proudly.

Trev had a dreamy vacant look in his eyes and he said, “That is so romantic.”

After we shook loose the cobwebs, Trev showed me around the place. The small living room had a nice TV and stereo. I tapped a couple buttons on the controls and then tapped the play button on his I-pod; Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons poured from the speakers. I had never listened to it so loud before. I pressed pause and eyed Trev.

“So I like classical music, so shoot me!” he said.

I chuckled a little and said,” Why? I love Vivaldi. I like Pachelbel better but Vivaldi is cool.”

Now it was Trev eyeballing me. “I should have known, we’ve always been so much alike, it’s like we were twins separated at birth.”

Then he asked a question I was wanting to ask him. “So twin, why haven’t you called or emailed me for almost two years?”

I sat on the edge of the bed and looked at my lap. “I wasn’t sure what happened,” I began to explain. “I stopped getting replies from your email and your number didn’t work anymore. Last time I called your number some angry Filipino lady yelled at me. I asked my Mom if she was still talking to Aunt Cheryl on Facebook. I asked her to get your email or send you mine but nothing ever happened. It was the only thing we ever really had an argument about. She said she couldn’t tell me why but communicating with you wasn’t a good idea at the time. I felt so isolated and alone except for her. When she died, I was all alone and it was hard to cope. I was just numb. Then the day it happened a State Trooper showed up with a social worker. He told me about the accident and that Mom was dead. I barely had a couple of minutes to absorb the news before this god damned social worker told me to pack up some clothes and stuff and I had to go to her office In the city. Max the trooper was nice and he was careful the way he told me but that Social worker was a pile of crap. No sympathy or anything. She asked me a bunch of questions like I was buying a car and typed in a computer. Then she passed me off to a guy who drove me to the juvenile detention center. I spent almost six weeks in isolation until they put another kid in the cell with me. We talked a bit and then he asked me why I was there and I just broke. I passed out and woke up in the hospital. From there I was able to contact Uncle Dan and start working my way out of that mess. I also met a really wonderful doctor who helped me through the initial shock of losing Mom. Dr. Chandler was great and I really became fond of her. I’m nowhere near done with the grief issues but I can function and Dan will find someone for me to talk to here.”

“The reason Mom kept us isolated was that she was on a counter espionage assignment for the CIA. You can’t tell anyone about this, it could bring all sorts of trouble if they traced me here. You can ask Uncle Dan about it because he was the one who recognized the nano computer that was in the lining of Mom’s purse.  Max brought me a bunch of stuff. It was the stuff from Mom’s purse. Anyway all that stuff led us to a safety deposit box and that’s where Mom had put all the evidence. A Chinese spy ring was stealing data from a defense contractor and Mom got a job there to find out who and how they were doing it. But I missed you so much I can’t tell you.”

I hadn’t felt Trev sitting down next to me but I felt his arm around my shoulder now and I leaned in. I could hear Trev sniffing back tears.

I never knew what happened either. I asked Mom to get your email from Aunt Moira but she never did.

Mom said her messages were very short and not very informative. She would say you were both okay and really busy, but that’s all. She never answered questions.”

It took tremendous will power to break out of it but I did. I didn’t want to have a meltdown my first night there.

“Hey Trev, we’re together now, let’s enjoy it.” I said, desperately trying to steer the conversation away from my Mom.

“This bed is huge, does this mean we can finally share a bed together?” I asked.

Trev must have been anxious to move on as well because he followed me. “Sure, unless you want to sleep by yourself. There’s an attic room above this that we can put a bed in if you want your own room. Or you could live in the house,” he said.

He was smiling so I knew he was messing with me. “Why would I want to do either of those; I’ve always wanted to sleep in the same bed with you, now I can. But really, right now, I’d like a shower. We’ve been on the road all day,” I moaned. Trev showed me the shower and how the valves worked and got it started. “You can undress while it warms up,” he said.

I followed him back out and started to strip, he sat there and watched me so I said, “aren’t you joining me?” he was out of his clothes before I could finish removing my jeans.

He pulled a couple towels from a cabinet and I followed him back to the shower. Once we were in the shower I allowed myself to look him over carefully. He was a month older but he was almost my clone physically. Same muscles and build a few more pubes but our dicks were almost identical. I watched it expand as my own did the same, they were nearly identical except for my weird curve to the left.

We continued to appraise each other’s bodies but finally I handed him my soap and washcloth and asked him to wash my back.

He was very thorough, and I was squeaky clean in no time.

I used the same cloth on him and was equally thorough and for a long few minutes we stood under the water and held each other.

Finally we grabbed our towels, dried off and I got up and went in to pee. When I returned to the bed I rummaged through my duffel and found some soccer shorts, put them on and then laid down next to Trev and pulled a blanket from the foot of the bed up and covered us. I spooned up to him, my bare chest against his bare back. He let out a long “Mmmmm” and wiggled his butt a little tighter against me.

With my arm around him I joined him in a cozy nap. The next thing either of us knew Dan was pulling on our big toes.

I woke up first growling a bit. “Whaaat! Lemme go!”

Dan persisted and I opened my eyes.

“Oh, Hi Dan. I guess we flaked out for while; I guess I was tired from the drive and I didn’t sleep well last night.” I explained.

“Why was that?” Dan asked.

“It was cold and something kept poking me in the butt,” I said grinning.

“Probably like what was poking me in the leg this morning when I woke up,” He grinned back.

“Touché!” I said.

“That will happen when I’ve been away from Cheryl too long,” said Dan as he winked at me.

A sleepy voice said, “Who’s poking what now?” I giggled a little at his apparent confusion.

“Oh Dad was poking you in the butt with his big boner last night huh?”

I must have turned a very dark shade of red. I looked up at Dan and he was grinning.

“All right Trev lay off him. I came up to see if you guys were ready for dinner, it’s almost six.”

Dan headed back to the house as I grinned back at him.

Trev threw a pair of track pants and a sweater to me and I put them on. “Hey, that sweater looks better on you than me; it brings out your eyes. I’ve always been jealous of your eyes and those beautiful lashes.”

I tried very hard to just take the compliment but, well… “These old things, I bought them second hand off a Chinese guy in Pacoima,” I joked, instead of simply saying thanks.

“Still can’t take a compliment can you? I bet you have no freakin’ idea how cute you are.

The way Lyka was going on about you…shit” Trev clapped his hand over his mouth.

“Lyka talked to you about me? What did he say, or do I want to know?”  I asked.

“Oh man, Lyka wanted to talk to you himself but shit, I had to open my big mouth.”

I absorbed that and asked, “Did he mention what we did at the hospital?”

“Well, some stuff” Trev hesitated.

I said “Look, you and Lyka are like best friends, who else would he talk to about it, Gabe? I mean Gabe’s cool and all but I don’t think she’s up for strategizing how her son can bag a boyfriend.”

Trev smirked for a moment.

“She wouldn’t; would she!?” I asked urgently.

“No, no I don’t think so; I was just thinking of the killer pre-nup that Gabe would write.”

I started giggling along with him, “yeah that would be something.”

I thought about it, “Look, if he swore you to secrecy then I get it, I’ll wait to talk to him,” I allowed.

“Thanks, Duncan, it’s something that you should really discuss with him. I don’t think you’ll be unhappy though,” Trev assured me.

“So did Aunt Cheryl or Lyka tell you about the crap that went down with the people who tried to sell me?”

“No! Mom only told me that you were in a hospital and that Aunt Moira was dead. Lyka said some weird shit happened  but he didn’t want to talk about it on the phone,” Trev explained.

I took Trev through the events that led up to me nearly being sold to pervs and how I got away and brought Kelly with me. I also told him what had happened to our house and about some of the great people I met in the process of dealing with everything that had happened. He laughed his ass off about the panic I caused by noticing the tracking system. Actually Dr. Chandler had caused the panic, but those clowns deserved the stress.

“I saw the story on the news but I didn’t know that was you running away from those guys. You must not have seen the guy point the gun at you then?” Trev asked.

“No I never saw that, I was focused on running away and not falling down. I saw the video on TV too and I realized it was from the airport’s surveillance cameras. I could watch that dog chewing on the bastard that was trying to sell me over and over.”

“So why did you grab that kid and run, instead of just hauling ass away from those guys?”

“I saw his face and I saw how he reacted when that bastard reached for the briefcase. It was like a dog that’s been abused or even a kid that’s being bullied at school. And the expression on his face was so sad, it looked like he was ashamed to be there. When I saw their muscle guy look away I grabbed Kelly and ran. It didn’t occur to me that they might shoot me, I don’t think I would have cared. I ran as far as I could and when I saw the blue lights coming across the runway I stopped running and threw up. I had a pretty good view of the dog taking the guy down. He screamed like a little girl. I met the dog and his handler at the station later. Roscoe is a cool dog and his handler Trapp, is really cool too.”

“Damn Duncan, how do you even zip your jeans with balls that big?” Trev asked.

“Are you kidding, I was scared shitless the whole time. I thought it was part of the spy ring thing and they would interrogate me and dump my body in a hole. It wasn’t til I saw Kelly’s face and then the money in the case that I figured out what they were doing. I don’t remember much after Dan and Max showed up, I remember telling Max that Kelly was like me and next thing I knew I was in the car with Kelly sitting next to me,” I informed him.

“Well I don’t know what I would have done, but I’m really glad they didn’t get you. I know you can’t talk much about the case but I think you’re a genuine hero,” Trev glowed at me.

“I feel good about being able to help Kelly get away too, but I don’t think I’m a hero. Once all this is over I’ll tell you some of the other details. But that won’t be for a while.”

“We should get downstairs for dinner, Mom gets a little tense when we’re late for dinner, but you’ll find that out once you settle in,” Trev advised.

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