Richiama – “Mentoring Brandon”
(Due to unforeseen, last-minute, circumstances…the ‘expanded’ version of this interview won’t be available until a later date. So please, check back soon for the full interview in a week or so.)


So, give us an idea of what your writing process is like. How do you put a story together, plot it out, create characters, etc? Do you take a lot of notes and plot it all out ahead of time? Or do you just dive right in and follow the story wherever it takes you?

Richiama: – Initially when I first started writing I do admit that I just dove into putting my thoughts on paper. However, when I started to become more involved, it became a hybrid between just following the story where it might go and also taking notes to facilitate thoughts that I needed to include in the next chapters.

Comicality: – Now, I actually remember reading this story on Nifty years ago, and this was back when I was just really beginning to get the hang of writing my own stories. And now you’ve decided to come back to it and bring it back to life. Why now? What inspired you to jump back into the writing game and return to the “Mentoring Brandon” series?

Richiama: – Honestly In the past year, due to Covid and working from home I began to read more and more stories to occupy my time. I read may from Nifty, but two authors that I tended to concentrate on were you, Comicality, and David Lee. I found their stories both exciting and difficult to stop reading. That brought me to re-reading the entire Mentoring Brandon story and actually decided to complete it. The more I thought about it was when I contacted you about putting it in some other platform other than Nifty. Additionally, I had some other thoughts that I found myself having and considered writing another story.

Comicality: – Is this story based on any of your personal experiences or real life events? Or is it most fiction and fantasy?

Richiama: – It definitely is based on personal experiences with some fantasy/fiction as well. The characters are based on my relationships in my youth which actually came full circle as an adult.

Comicality: – I noticed that you’ve gone back to re-edit the original chapters. Do you see any differences between the way you wrote them out the first time and the way you look at the newer revisions that you’ve put together now?

Richiama: – The first couple of chapters I gave you were pretty much just a clean up of language and some punctuation. These two chapters set the stage for the story. I have re-read all the chapters and there are many things that I’ve decided can add to the story and some aspects that may need to be stated differently.

Comicality: – Do you have any websites or social media contacts that you’d like to tell us about, so that new readers and fans of your story can get in touch with you for comments and questions?

Richiama: – At present I am on Facebook in groups that a primarily related to friends and those that relate to my profession as a teacher. Contact can be made via email which I set up for anticipation of your publishing this story/other. I am a member of Gay Authors, not as a contributor, however.

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