There will never be a day when the world runs out of extremely cute boys to gawk at, and warm your heart with a single smile! Hehehe, and I’m extremely thankful for that! I kind of feel bad for all of the folks who are missing out, to be honest. Teen actor, Jaden Michael, has actually been around for quite a few years now, and I’m truly surprised that he slipped under my radar for as long as he did. Because…absolute beauty! Awwwwww! 😛

But, it’s more than that, also. You see him in interviews or hear him talk and make jokes…it just inspires this weird sense of youthful joy within you. It’s almost like you can’t help it. There’s a boyish charisma there that is off the charts with him. Dedicated, highly intelligent, funny, extremely talented…where was he when I was his age, dangit! Hehehe!

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Like so many young actors who seem to radiate this kind of energy, Jaden Michael started off when he was barely able to walk, and simply moved forward from there. Already racking up a resume with well respected actors like Julianne Moore, Viola Davis, Michelle Rodriguez, Ellen Burstyn, Donnie Wahlberg, and Tom Selleck. That is a LONG way from his start, having bit parts on shows on Nick, Jr, and Sesame Street!

“My mom, she put me into acting when I was 3, and so when I grew up, when I grew older, I turned about 5 and I realized how much fun I was having. I was like, this is a lot fun. My mom’s like, ‘do you want to keep on doing this?’ I was like, yeah, this is…I think this is what I am. What I’m gonna like to do in the future.”

And yet, he still seems to have kept himself humble and level headed the whole time. Born in Manhattan, New York (While traveling back and forth between New York and New Jersey) Jaden has been determined to follow his dream, and proudly embraces his Dominican heritage as well. He truly enjoys what he does and appreciates the art of learning and exploring his craft. Which is a good thing. It’s definitely a sign that he’s here to stick around for a while.

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Since those first initial breakout roles as a child actor, Jaden has gone on to do quite a number of successful short films, as well as a number of highly acclaimed TV shows and feature films like “Wonderstruck”, “The Get Down”, “Custody”, “The Bug Diaries”, and his most recently released film for Netflix, “Vampires Vs. The Bronx” (Which is a lot like a New York version of “The Lost Boys”, with both horror and comedy elements involved).

“It is a huge commitment, I had to start being home schooled because it’s just so hard to go to school and also be working and practicing scripts and auditioning, and it’s been a long journey to get where I am.” Jaden says, never losing his smile. It doesn’t seem to phase him at all, as he lives for his acting ability (drama especially) and is ready to go to work whenever he’s needed. So, yeah…awesome!

Latest news on Jaden Michael is that he’s set up to play a young Colin Kaepernick in a soon-to-be-made biopic on the athlete’s life, who has suffered through being blacklisted, harassed, and barred from playing professional football in the NFL, after famously taking a knee on the field during the National Anthem. A role that, honestly, he almost looks like he was born to play, to be honest. But until then, ‘post-pandemic’…check out “Vampires Vs. The Bronx”! It’s fun! 🙂

About acting, Jaden’s key advice is, “If you really love it, keep on doing it. Because…if this is what you want, you’re gonna pursue it. This is what makes you.” Soon to add, “Cons? It’s a long long journey. It’s hard work, and you need to be one hundred percent committed to it, and you’ve gotta make sure you love it. If you do love it…there’s all the pros for you. You know?”

I do know! And I concur! Thanks!

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MWAH!!! My best wishes to you and a very bright future, Jaden! It seems like you’re definitely going to be one of the next big names to watch in the years to come, and I, for one, am looking forward to it! Enjoy every last second of it, dude!
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