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Hi Everyone!

GOTCHA!! Hehehe… Yeah the cover thing was a little mean but come on, do you have any idea how many people had to joke about “Issue 69” and think that we weren’t going to mess with you. I mean even I got that one. (What? I have the internet and Google. These aren’t the dark ages!) But to be fair, I had nothing to do with what they did for the cover. Nope, that was all the big kids in the office. Yeah, all of them. They were ALL in on it! Sometimes they make me look like the only mature person around here. Seriously! That’s what makes this job so cool 😉

I’ll see you next issue;

~ Matty

Letters from our readers:

Thom111 Writes: My older brother has a mad crush on you. Do you ever meet people who crush on you or do you stay away?

Matt’s Reply: Hi Thom, tell your brother I say Hi and thanks for the pic of the two of you together. You are both cute! It’s funny but, most of the fan crushes I’ve dealt with before I started working for IM were girls. In modeling, it’s rare to have someone actually recognize you in public or even have a way to reach you so when it happens, I smile. Pose for a selfie or give a quick kiss on the cheek and then get back to what I’m doing. I mean I’m far from being famous. Now since starting the job with Imagine, WAY different! I get pics emailed all the time, some are a little much but it’s so cool to have boys not be afraid to say they think I’m cute and stuff. I’ve never met anyone who has emailed me though, you never know who’s who out there. But def tell your brother “Matty like”!


Jody Writes: I just found your magazine and don’t get it. Why don’t you guys sell copies of it? I mean, it won’t last long if you keep posting it for free.

Matt’s Reply: Entertainment. That’s all it is. IM is hosted by a group that has been entertaining people online since like sometime in the 90’s and they just keep doing it. They write, and they host gatherings and chat and clown around and make cool graphics and host awesome stories and this magazine. They’ve been doing it for free with the help of some generous people making small donations here and there way longer than I’ve even been alive. (Jeff just rolled his eyes. *giggle*) I don’t think this collection of web pages is gonna be the straw that breaks the camels back 🙂


!!~!! Writes: SUCK IT!!!!!!!!

Matt’s Reply: I was gonna keep looking for the perfect “Email #3” but, I kept coming back to your well written words. Simple, yet so expressive. Could be an insult, could be an invitation. Am I insulted? Am I interested? You could be anyone, the possibilities are endless! I choose to think you are a lollipop sales man and to you I say, I would suck it! I would suck it all day long but, my mom says I’m not supposed to take candy from strangers. So, thanks for the offer, but there will be no sucking from me today. Was that the response you were hoping for? Cause I’ve got lots of time…

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