The Adventures of Kyle Duron

Crisis in the New Republic, a massive Mandalorian fleet along with an imperial battle group have arrived above the planet Naboo, having no space ships of its own Naboo was quickly taken over by a combined Mandalorian and Imperial ground forces. Meanwhile while the New Republic senate debates on how to handle this issue, Jedi Grand Master Luke Skywalker, dispatches Jedi Weapon Master Kyle Duron to Naboo to get rid of this threat.  Meanwhile while Mando threat is being discussed in the senate another force is making its way to the planet Dantoonie.

On board the Endor

Coms, “General message from Luke.”

Kyle, “Oh?”

Hologram of Luke appears

Luke, “Kyle word has come that a group of 100+ Mandalorians along with support ships have settled on Naboo and are terrorizing the people there. The senate is to bog down on how to handle this crisis. I am sending you and fleet to Naboo to deal with these scums.

Kyle, “Do we know what I will be up against?

Luke, “We have reports that there are 20 Keldabe-class battleships above the planet along with 20 Crusader-class corvettes. Furthermore, there is also four Imperial class mark two-star destroyers along with three victory class star destroyers and 6 lancer frigates. also have reports that there is an army about 1000 troops along with 300 Canderous-class assault tanks, 800 stormtroopers, 200 Mandalorians,  along with 20 ATST and 10 ATAT”

Kyle, “So you telling me a Mando fleet showed up out of nowhere and took over Naboo and they have a land army of about 500 with 300 tanks, ATST, and ATAT how the heck do they build that many and get stormtroopers?”

Luke, “From the reports I received it seems like the current leader of the Mando Kantiss Rodon, has formed an alliance with Warlord Matt the Rev.”

Kyle, “Great I already faced off with this Mando once time for a rematch.”

Luke, “May The Force Be With You.”
Kyle, “Thank you Master.”

Kirito, “So I take it we are going into battle against a Mandalorian fleet now hu. Frist it was Matte the Rev and his force now it is Mandalorians, what’s next we encounter some Sith?

Kyle, “Do not joke around like that my friend. Set a course for Naboo.”

Kyle leaves the bridge and makes it way Jedi learning center on board the Endor. When he enters, he sees the two padawans and the two younglings sparing with each other with Neo and the Field brothers watching.

While Kyle’s fleet is on its way to Naboo, on Coruscant there is a heated debated in the senate about how to handle this crisis.

Senator from Naboo, “This body must act to aid my home planet, we were unjustly invaded by these Mandalorians along with their Imperial helpers.”

Mon Mothma, “I am working with General Antilles to come up with a solution to aid your planet.”

Senator from Bothan, “May I remind this body that the Emperor was born on Naboo maybe this is karma for him being born.”

Naboo, “How dare you slander us like that! Naboo is a proud people and we resent that statement.”

Bothan, “Really, your planet was invaded by the Empire due to your queen aiding several Jedi.”

After that statement there was chaos.

Mon Mothma, “Order, order this chamber will have order.”

As the senators are talking Jedi Master Kyle Katarn, enters a pod, and pushed a button to speak.

Mon Mothma, “We know recognize Master Katarn of the Jedi Order

Katarn, “Since the Jedi Order has been reformed, we have made it our mission to maintain peace, I have it on good authority that a Jedi Order Fleet is on its way to Naboo right now to deal with these Mandalorins.”

Bothan, “Since the Jedi are going to solve this then we do not have to hear about it anymore.”

Naboo, “We will see.”

Back on board the Endor in the Jedi learning center, Kyle is watching his two younglings and his two padawans sparing. Wanting to spare too Kyle quickly enter the ring activates his lightsaber to try to catch Neo off guard. Neo sensing something activates his lightsaber and turns to meet Kyle, so a good solid ten minutes both masters go at each other till, Kyle gets the upper hand by force pushing Neo. After the sparing Kyle calls it quits and orders everyone to hit the refreshers and get some rest for the upcoming battle. After resting for about an hour a message comes to Kyle’s room.

Kirito, “General sir we will be coming out of hyperspace in five minutes.”
Kyle, “Order all pilots to man their craft and order all troops and tanks to be loaded up. After we punch through the Mandalorian fleet we will land the whole force.”

Kirito, “Will do sir.”

After letting Kirito know what he wants Kyle calls Neo and the Field brothers to his room.

Saul, “So I take it we are going to be facing the biggest battle yet?

Kyle, “Yep 200 Mandos+ 800 Imperial troops with 300 mando tanks with 20 ATST and 20 ATAT.

Gram, “Well we have 3000 troops, we can handle that much right?”

Kyle, “True that, also Neo I want you to stay on board and look after the kids.”

Neo, “Understood.”

Suddenly a message comes across the ship all pilots man your craft prepare for battle, all troopers report to assigned transports. As the fleet exits hyperspace in front of them is the combined Imperial and Mandalorian fleet.

On board the lead Mandalorian ship,

Sensor, “Sir, New Republic ships have exited hyperspace it a fleet.”

Kantiss, “types sensor.”

Sensor, “One Star Defender, four MC-80, ten CR 90, four assault frigates mark 2, four MC-30, six Nebulon B Frigates alone with six MC-40 cruisers. Also, sir, we are picking up 240 X-Wings 144 A-Wings, 84 E-Wings, 144 B-Wings with 120 Y-Wing and 120 K-Wing. That’s not all the marking on the ships belong to the Jedi Order.

Kantiss, “So it seems Kyle Duron is here. Order all fighters to attack let’s pound this fleet.”

Suddenly the Space around Naboo is filled with fighters engaging each other, while heavy turbolaster batteries duel it out with each other. As the battle rages on, several squadrons of Y-Wings and K-Wings with E-Wing protection move in on the Keldabe-class battleships and the four-mark two Star Destroyers. After getting through the defense fighter screen the bombers unleash their payloads and score direct hits on several of the battleships and three out of the four-mark twos, while the Endor along with the MC-80 move in closer to deal with the other ships. Seeing how his force is losing battleships Kantiss order the fleet to withdraw. After the Mandalorian fleet leaves, Kyle fleet takes out the reaming imperial ships. There were no survivors

Kantiss, “Helm plot us a course out of here now.”

Mando XO, “Sir, what about the troops on the ground?”

Kantiss, “As soon as the fleet showed up, I order our forces to come up and board the 5 battleships I hid on the far side of Naboo.”

Mando XO, “So you leaving the Imperials to their doom?”

Kantiss, “It’s better to live to fight another day.”

Suddenly the remainder of Mando fleet enters Hyperspace.
Kyle, “Well now that was fun, Kirito what are our losses?”

Kirito, “We lost about 40 fighters, 30 fighters damage, also we lost two CR-90.”

Kyle, “Well now that we have control of Space it’s time to land the army and take back Naboo.”

Meanwhile, on the ground, the Imperial forces know something is up when they see the Mandalorians and their tanks being loaded into transports. Before they can ask why they take off. Also, in the capital city of Theed, people are wondering what’s going on and wonder if help is coming. After taking control of the space, the first wave of assault troops is being ferried down by 60 U-55 and the 100 sentinel class troop carriers. 30 U-55 carry the tanks and combat speeders while the 100 sentinels troop carriers bring more troops down. After setting up a defense zone, Kyle, along with field brothers land on Naboo. Unbeknownst to the group they are being spied upon by several members of the Naboo security forces.

Captain Tofa “Those Jedi I see?”

Lt. Panka, “It sure seems like its sir and judging by that force I think help has arrived.”

Tofa, “We need to report back to the palace to inform the queen.”

Austin, “General sir, I have a report from Heat 12.”

Kyle, “Oh?”
Austin, “Heat 12 reports that during the battle several transport ships where seen by him leaving the far side of the planet and loading into more battleships.”

Kyle, “So the Mandos have left leaving their imperial friends behind. Interesting, how many troops have landed so far?

Austin, “About 1000 sir, as well as all the tanks and combat speeders.”

Kyle, “Hold off the rest and let’s leave 400 here and the rest shall move forward and let’s draw out these Imperials. Also has Ako and her speeders come down yet along with the V-Wings?”

Austin, “Sir Ako has landed her speeders and all the V-Wings have been brought down.”

Kyle, “Good, 50th assault prepare to move out. Move out.”

At the command 600 troops along with the tanks and speeder begin the long march to the capital city and hoping to draw out the Imperial forces. As the Imperial forces are wondering what’s going on, a scout trooper comes and reports.”

Scout trooper, “Commander Sky, a 1000 force of New Republic troops have just landed along with tanks and combat speeders also leading them our four Jedi.”

Sky, “What you say, trooper you are joking right?”

Scout, “I wish I was sir, also they have air cover in terms of snow speeders and V-Wings.”

Sky, “So you are saying we are out gunned here?”

Scout, “Yes sir but we can sure bloody their noses and make bleed.”

Sky sends out a message to all Imperial forces to gather on the grassy plains to meet the New Republic troops.

Meanwhile, while Naboo is being turned into a battlefield on the planet Dantoonie, Jedi Knight Ural Sang, is wondering if he will see the friends he met again, as he is thinking, six T-65 X-Wings and one Lambda class shuttle land near the Jedi Conclave. As the canopy open on one the X-Wings, Jedi Master Corrin Horn, exits his fighter while the rest of Rogue Squadron exits and starts setting up a camp. Unaware that they are being watched. As the Rogues set up the camp, Jedi Knights Tye and Frank Raymond along with their younger brother 16-year-old Aries exit the shuttle.

Aries, “Why were we sent here again?”

Tye, “Master Skywalker sent us hear so we could gather some lightsaber modifying crystals, as well as some more color crystals.”

Frank, “Also he wants us to explore the Conclave. When Kyle came here, he was not able to explore it.”

Corrin, “You three are right, also we have to be mindful that someone lives here.”

Tye, “You mean this place is not abandoned.”

Corrin, “According to Kyle a 20-year-old Jedi live here who is a third Generation Jedi.”

As the group is talking Ural, seeing how the newcomers are also Jedi decides to go out to meet with them.

Ural, “Greetings fellow Jedi.”

As soon as Ural spoke Corrin and the group turn around and see Ural coming near them.

Corrin, “So you are Ural nice to meet you.”

Ural, “Same to you Master Horn. So, you want to explore the conclave fill free it has been heavily picked over during the Jedi Civil war.”

Tye, “What you mean picked over?”
Ural, “From watching the old tapes during the Jedi Civil War, mercenaries looted the lower levels of the conclave, and then sold the stuff they found to someone called Meetra Surik.”

Tye, “So there may be nothing left?”

Ural, “Those people only explored the lower level, the middle and upper level have not been picked yet.”

Tye, “You mean you never went through the middle and upper levels?”

Ural, “My family was only focusing on surviving the Jedi Plague.”

Aries, “So maybe say lightsaber color crystals, components and modifying crystal laying somewhere?”

Ural, “Yes.”

As the group is talking Gavin runs over.

Gavin, “Captain Horn!”

Corrin, “What’s up Gavin?”

Gavin, “Message from Tycho we are to return to the cruiser at once for upcoming mission.”

Corrin, “Well I have to go.”

Frank, “What about us. Who will escort us out when it is time to leave, you know pirates have spies down here?”

Ural, “You three are welcome to stay here and explore for as long as you want, also we can make a trip to the crystal cave as well.”

As the six X-Wings leave, Ural shows Frank the hanger where he can park the shuttle.

Back on Naboo. On the grassy plains, the Imperial forces gather to face the oncoming New Republic forces.

Sky, “I cannot believe those Mandos left us high and dry.”

Trooper, “Sir I see tanks and speeders on the horizon. Sir, it seems like they have stopped.”

As the trooper is talking, missiles start raining down on the Imperial forces.

Sky, “Take cover!!!”

The first wave of missile hit taking out 10 ATST and 10 ATAT along with 50 troopers. After the barrage is done, 600 assault troops led by four Jedi come charging at the Imperial forces.

Sky, “Open fire!!”

The imperial forces open fire, it is a mess with trooper being blown up by fire from the remaining ATST and ATAT, suddenly Ako San and her snow speeders swoop in and start taking out the ATAT along with the V-Wings. Kyle and his group get near the Imperial line where it now turns into hand-to-hand combat between the Jedi and storm troopers. Several stormtroopers are carrying vibo swords and double vibo swords and are matching blows with Kyle and the field brothers. While that is going on it is now hand to hand combat between the troopers of the 50th assault group and storm troopers. After about 2 hours of fighting, and seeing he is no match Commander Sky sends up a flare ordering his troops to surrender.

Sky, “I surrender what left of my command to you. May I know who you are?”

Kyle, “My name is Kyle Duron Jedi Weapon Master.”

Sky, “What will happen to us now?”

Kyle, “You will be turned over to the New Republic, where you will become pow.”

Sky, “I cannot believe those Mandos left us like that.”

Kyle, “Never trust Mandalorians.”

Meanwhile, during the battle Captain Tofa reports back to the Queen on what he saw

Tofa, “Your Majesty, I just saw several Jedi land with about 1000 troops and combat speeder as well as tanks.

Queen Natasha, “From what our senator said the New Republic was still talking about sending aid, when a Jedi entered and said a Jedi Force was on its way here.”

As the captain and queen are talking Lt. Panka runs in with news

Panka, “Captain your majesty, it’s over the imperials are defeated.”

Natasha, “What!”

Panka, “I saw it with my own eyes the army that landed took them out and the rest gave up.”

Tofa, “You think the Jedi and the remain forces of theirs will enter Theed?”

Panka, “After the battle I saw the four Jedi and about 46 troopers get into speeders and they were heading this way.”

As the three are talking another security guard enters. Captain, my Queen several combat speeders have entered theed. As he is talking Kyle along with the Field brothers enter the palace.

Natasha, “May I ask who are saviors are?”

Kyle, “Queen Natasha, my name is Kyle Duron Jedi Weapon Master and these other three Jedi our Jedi Masters Gram, Ezra, Saul and Cassian.”

Natasha, “I thank you for your help. Also, you plan to stay here for long?”

Kyle, “Sorry but we have to head out I got a call from a Jedi group that Master Skywalker sent to Dantoonie and I need to check in on them.”

Natasha, “I understand may the force be with you.”

After talking Kyle and the field brothers head back to the speeders and exit theed, and once outside of Theed, they are picked up by the transports and are faired back to the Endor. After landing on the Endor, Kyle asked Major Austin to report on the losses.

Austin, “Out of 600 troops we lost 200 and have 150 needing bacta treatment which they are getting on board of three of the Nebulon frigates, also we lost zero speeder and tanks.”

Kyle, “I think we got off east compared to the imperial what’s their losses?”

Austin, “400 dead, 200 wounded and 200 unharmed as well as 20 ATST and 20 ATAT destroyed. They are on board the Hope, one of the MC 80 where they are being treated and being held till, we get to a New Republic prison planet.”

Kyle, “Well they will be kept there for a while. We need to head back to Dantoonie, I feel something coming and they may not be prepared for it. Kyle to Kirito, set a course of Dantoonie.”

As the battle group jumps into hyperspace, coming out of hyperspace above the planet Dantoonie, is an Imperial Force under the command of Warlord Mikey.

Mikey, “This planets defense fleet is no match for my forces.”

On board the Venator class Star Destroyer Allegiance is Admiral Carth Omnis

Carth, “What the heck where did those Imperial ships come from? Sensor identify those ships.”

Sensor, “ten Imperial class mark 2, 10 victory class destroyers, and 15 lancer frigates.”

Carth, “Our ships will not be able to hold out for long but we will give them hell. All ships open fire!!!!!!!!!!!”

Suddenly heavy turbro laser batteries and ion batteries are being fired at each other while the fighters tangle with each other. Unbeknowst to both forces, another fleet is about to enter the system.

Sensor, “Sir another fleet is exiting hyperspace!”

Carth, “Another fleet identify now.”

Sensor, “Id came back one-star defender with a bunch of frigates. Cruisers, corvettes and four MC 80.”

Carth, “New Republic ships what they doing in this neck of the woods?”

On board the Endor,

Kirito, “Looks like we got here in time orders General?”

Kyle, “Launch all fighters have the X-Wings guard the fleet send the A-Wings out to hit the ties while the B and E wings cover the K and Y Wings for bombing runs.”

Kirito, “Order sir.”

Soon the battle has become this massive show with New Republic A-Wings screaming into the fight, while the laser and ion batteries on the ships open on the Imperial forces.

Mickey, “What the heck where did that New Republic force come from.”
Sensor, “No clue sir but looks like a massive bomber formation is heading our way!”

Mikey, “What you mean?”

Soon the Y and K Wings swoop in unloading their bombs on the ships.

Mickey, “Shit, I thought this would-be easy recall all fighters let’s get the heck out of here.”

Suddenly the remaining Imperial ships jump to hyperspace. As soon as, the Imperial fleet exits Carth opens up a channel to the Star Defender. This is Admiral Carth Omnis of the Dantoonie defense fleet thanks for the help. On board the Endor.

Coms, “General sir they are sending a message”

Kyle, “Accept.”

A hologram of Carth with his message.

Kyle, Admiral Omnis, my name is General Kyle Duron of the New Jedi Order glad to be of a help.”

On board the Allegiance

Carth, “He is a General and a Jedi, I thought they were wiped out? So, what brings a Jedi General to my planet?

Kyle, “Last time I was here I met a Jedi and wanted to see him again.

Carth, “Ahh you mean Ural, he keeps to himself much comes into town when he needs supplies.”

Kyle, “Sounds like him anyway I am going to land on the surface with a detachment of troops.”

Carth, “As long as you abide by our rules.”

Kyle, “We will.”

Carth, “Ok Carth out.”

After the conversation Kyle along with the Neo, Jeff, Rick, Kenta, and Turtleboy along with Major Austin and 49 troops load up into three Sentinel class landers and head down to the surface. On the surface of the planet Ural along with the Raymond brother watch the battle unfold. The field brother opted to stay on the ship, since they may be needed if a space battle happens.

Ural, “Seems like help arrived, I wonder who they belong too.”

Frank, “I do not know but I know Imperial craft and three sentinels are coming down now.”

Tye, “You are right.”

Ural, “Friends shall we get ready for a party?”

Aries, “I think we will.”

As the lead sentinel class ship lands Ural and the Raymond brothers activate their lightsabers and wait for the Imperial forces. But to their surprise running down the ramp are two six-year-old boys, closely following the two boys is another Jedi around the age of twelve. Once down the ramp, the two boys head over to a nearby bush to do some business, while the twelve year just looks around and spots Ural and the Raymond brothers

Ural, “Um Frank, did some Jedi get captured by Imperials?

Frank, “I have no idea it could be a trick. But stay alert.”

Following right behind the three boys is Kyle and the rest of his party.

Frank and Tye at the same time, “What the heck is Kyle doing here?”

Ural, “You two know Kyle?”

Frank, “Kyle is four years younger than us. Tye and I where 8 while our brother was six when Luke came to look for Jedi and found us three living on our own on Jakar.”

Tye, “Yep he found us and said I can sense the force in you and asked us if we wanted off the planet.”

Frank, “So we accepted and that when we met Kyle.”

Ural, “What’s the difference between you two being Jedi Masters and Kyle, being a Jedi Weapon Master?

Aries, “A Jedi Weapon Master focuses more on combat and lightsaber dueling vs training new Jedi.”

As the group of four are talking, Rick and Kenta finish their business, and see the group.”

Rick, “Kenta look isn’t that more Jedi.”

Kenta, “You right, I wonder what the Raymond brothers are doing here though?”

Rick, “You think they spot us?” As rick was thinking that Aries walks

Aries, “Well Well Well, what do we have here two jedi younglings.”

Kenta, “Aries, just because you older than us does not mean you can boss us around here this is not Yavin.”

Aries, “Oh who’s your little pal, someone you picked up along the way?”

Rick, “My name is Rick Duron, my brother is Kyle Duron.”

As Aries is giving the two younglings a hard time, he does not seek Kyle walking up along with Neo.

Frank, “Shit.”

Tye, “Oh boy he done it now.”

Ural, “Who has done it now?”
Tye, “Aries is a little hot headed and I think he is looking for trouble, one of those younglings is Kenta Kong, the other kid I do not know who he is.”

Frank, “Well there is nothing we can do now since Kyle and Neo are heading over there.”

As Kyle approaches the boys. Aries finally feels a powerful presence. Aries looks and sees a not so happy Kyle.

Aries, “Greetings Master Duron.”

Kyle, “They are reason you picking on my brother and Kenta? Also, I though you and your brothers were on Yavin? What are you doing here?”

Aries, “Master Skywalker sent us here to talk to Ural and explore the Jedi Conclave to see if it could be turned into a second Jedi School.”

Kyle, “I see, well now how about we head inside I think a storm might be coming soon.”

As Kyle is speaking Ural walks over

Ural, “Greetings my friend so glad you came back and I agree a storm is coming soon.”

Kyle, “We will catch up inside.”

The group of Jedi along with the 50 troopers move into the Jedi Conclave while the Sentinel class landers, head back into space.

Inside the conclave

Austin, “General sir where shall me and the men be billeted for now?”

Ural, “The lower level is not being used and has enough bunks for your men. The library for the conclave is located there as well.”

Austin, “Ok men you hear the Jedi lets go.”

Kyle, “Ural, do you have a place for us to sleep for the night?”

Ural, “There are several dormitories on the main level in which several rooms have twin bunk beds, and several rooms with four single beds and some rooms with two single beds.”

Kyle, “Ok room assignments. Turtleboy, Kenta you two along with Rick and Jeff will take one of the rooms with the twin bunks. Neo you and I will take the room right after just to make sure they behave. While Tye and your brothers take one of the four person rooms.”

As the groups head off to the rooms for the night, they are unaware that in the morning……..

Opps cliff hanger have to wait for chapter ten. Chapter Ten

Exploring the Jedi Conclave and return to Tatoonie.

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