Hehehe, there’s just something really cute and alluring about dark brown eyes staring directly at you with a smile. I don’t know. They’re penetrating. Hehehe, it kind of gives me the wiggles. And Alexander Varlamov has that particular flare and twinkle in those deep brown bedroom eyes. Sighhhh…he’s just plain pretty. Hehehe!

Alexander (Or spelled the way it is at home, ‘Aleksandr’) Varlamov is one of the premium boy models for the Modus Vivendus model management in Moscow, Russia. Starting out when was only about ten or eleven years old, Alexander has already become one of their top assets in just a few years time. And that’s saying something, considering that Modus Vivendus is one of the premier and most important modeling agencies in all of Russia, well known around the globe.

But then again…dawwww, look at him. ::Melts:: It’s not really all that surprising, is it?

Now sweeping his way into the international market, who knows what might be coming up next for Alex. Acting, maybe? Singing? I don’t know…hehehe, can he sing? A lot of boy models end up doing one of those two eventually. I guess it all depends on talent and opportunity.

So he’s now working with some of Russia’s most amazing photographers as well as Moscow’s most famous, up and coming, designers…and that can only lead to a successful career a little further down the road. And he’s already got the doors being held wide open for him to begin traveling and modeling clothes in some of the biggest fashion markets on the planet.

Soon, Varlamov will be heading to such lucrative markets as Milan, Paris, Barcelona, Los Angeles, China, Korea, Japan, Miami, South America, London, Hamburg, and New York. Just imagine how big he’ll get once they all get just as enchanted by that boyish smile and those big brown eyes as the rest of us. Hehehe!

Now, what little info I found on this young model is mostly written in Russian…and that means no translation for Comsie! Hehehe! But, one thing that I found quite interesting out of nowhere…was Alexanders affection, almost a near obsession, with these really complicated Megaminx Rubik’s Cubes! Hehehe, they just look extremely complicated, and don’t just come in the shape of a square. Some are triangles, or hexagons, or all sorts of puzzling trapezoid shapes that turn and line up in an almost infinite variety of different ways. It’s WILD! But he’s apparently very good at solving them, often making videos of himself doing that in front of his streaming audience. Usually in ten minutes or less.

Which is just, like…wow.

Could he be any more of a ‘beauty pie’? Hehehe!

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Take care of yourself, Alexander! Stay sweet! Stay beautiful! And do all you can to stay away from the bad stuff, ok? It would be awesome to see you make it to the big leagues, cutie!

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