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You…are you.


There doesn’t seem to be a much more obvious statement than that when you see the words on a screen and read them out loud. But…when you really think about it…do we all take moments to actually realize what a simple statement of truth this is?

The Church Of Comsiology never asks any of its followers to be perfect. It doesn’t ask for blind faith or mindless obedience. There is no structure or outline for you to follow other than the one you build for yourself. Based on who you are, what you’ve been through, what you value, and what you want for your future. You…are you. And anyone that tells you that who you are isn’t good enough? They’ve lost sight of the amazing entity that you were always meant to be. They’ve ‘replaced’ their vision of you with a more comfortable vision of themselves. What they want you to be. What they selfishly feel is more accommodating to their particular point of view.

Does that sound fair to you?

You…are you. Whether people like it or not. Whether they agree with it or not. Whether it’s ‘popular’ or not. The truth remains absolute.

There will be times when people will try to force you into playing a role that doesn’t fit you. They will try to make you think that it is a crime or a sickness or a disorder to be yourself…when who you really are inside doesn’t mesh with their idea of comfort and serenity. But that’s simply not your problem. Because when you lay your head down on your pillow at night…all there is to focus on is you. The ‘real’ you. And nobody can destroy that, no matter how hard they try. So don’t be ashamed of it. Be proud of it. It’s the one part of you that is indestructible. Immortal. And, if only you could tap into that magical spirit within you…let it grow…let it guide you…thrill you…embrace you in your times of need…you can find true joy in your lives. Every last one of you. Look within. It’s there. Don’t be afraid of it. It is the one piece of your life that was given specifically to you and you alone. That makes you special. That…makes you an angel on Earth.

We’ve been taught that the way to ‘keep the peace’ in our society comes from willing surrender. So we hide. We hide who we are and what we love and how we feel…all for the sake of someone else’s comfort. But what we may not realize is the fact that their discomfort has nothing to DO with us. Their discomfort comes from not dealing with their own emotional dysfunctions. They’re scared. Every hour, of every day…they’re terrified that they’re going to feel something, or be affected by something, that they can’t handle. That they can’t control. And, I get it…the world can be a scary place sometimes. But would you rather live the rest of your live running from an invisible threat that may, or may not, exist? Or would you rather live free of the fear, and simply prepare yourself in a way that lets you know, with confidence, that when the bad times come (and they WILL…it’s inevitable!)…that you’ll be able to face those problems head on and deal with it in a way that will allow you to keep moving forward, even at a loss?

You can’t hide from life and think that’s a tangible version of ‘happiness’. It isn’t. You can’t drown it out with alcohol, or drugs, or sex, or feeling like you’re going to have a panic attack if you’re not surrounded by other people 24 hours a day in order to feel some sense of self love or validation. That’s not a solution for what you’re feeling inside…it’s a distraction from what you’re feeling inside. And that can only last so long before you have to find another sex partner, another bottle of tequila, another line of cocaine, or another extravagant waste of money on something that you don’t need or even want…before you find yourself needing to fill that hole again.

Comsiology teaches us that…if you love yourself, and learn to generate self love on your own without assistance…there shouldn’t BE a hole for you to fill in your life. You should strive to be full. Not struggle to fill yourself up with somebody else’s energy. That will always lead you to a place of constant need and perpetual self torture. Seeking others out. Trying to manipulate and lie and trick someone into giving you what you crave most. Love. Attention. Self worth. Ask yourself…isn’t that exhausting? Wouldn’t you rather be using that energy to soothe and self heal…instead of wasting it on a lie that nobody’s buying anyway?

I realize that the instant gratification of it all can be intoxicating. I do. We live in an era of instant celebrity. Where any cute 13 year old kid with a camera can become a millionaire online and gain worldwide recognition in a couple of months by lifting his shirt up and taking a pic of his abs, or making a ten second video of himself dancing to somebody else’s song on Youtube or Tik Tok. I get it. But is that who you really are? A million followers online and they don’t know anything more about you than you’re cute and your favorite color is blue? Don’t you want more? Underneath the glitter and the gloss on the surface…what lies underneath? Who are you…really? That’s the number one question that Comsiology wants you to pursue. If you can’t spend a few hours alone, all by yourself, without having people online talking to you, or playing video games with a headset on, or talking on the phone, or calling everybody you know to try to find someone to come spend time with you to beat the silence…there may actually be something ‘wrong’ there. What are you avoiding? What parts of yourself are you trying to escape from? Run from? Hide from?

Take some time to do some soul searching. Every day. Look within. What you see doesn’t have to be perfect. It’s ok. We’re all flawed in our own ways, and it’s ok to be human. No need to be ashamed of that. Just know that hiding from it doesn’t make it magically go away. Find out who you really are inside, as a person…and FIGHT for that person as if your life depended on it. It’s really hard in today’s society to hide from ourselves. Everybody has a voice, and they all want to believe that they have the answer to world peace by trying to force everybody into a virtual hall of mirrors. “If only everybody was exactly like ME…”

No…that’s not how life works. In fact, the person that you refer to as ‘ME’ is a combination of the friends and family members and experiences that you had from a variety of different sources growing up. So don’t go thinking that you’re in any place to tell somebody else what influences they should and shouldn’t have. Because you wouldn’t be ‘you’ without them.

You…are you.

And that’s good enough. It always has been.

Don’t mistake the few surface and civil transactions that you have with other people as mutual love, respect, or appreciation. People should be able to love you for you are. For everything you are. And if they don’t? There’s plenty more where they came from. You’re worth more than what somebody else makes of you. You’re more amazing than their sense of control can ever possibly hope to contain. And that’s your strength. That’s your FREEDOM! Be proud of that. It’s the one thing they can never take away from you. You couldn’t give it away, even if you wanted to! Hehehe! So lookup at the sky and smile, my fellow Comsiologists!

Smile and know who you are…even if nobody else has the depth or the capacity to recognize it for themselves. Because you…are you. Without apology. Without permission. And without the threat of ever being corrupted or altered until you decide that you want it to change.

Be you.

Be proud.

Be strong.

No matter what.

From the Book of Comsiology…stay beautiful, and embrace the light within you.

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