Duncan: Out Of Exile

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Chapter 21

We headed downstairs to the house and as we walked through the kitchen door, Dan was just getting off the phone. “Our guests are running a tiny bit late,” he said to Cheryl. Let’s hang out by the fire and chat a little.”

The big stone fireplace looked ancient and welcoming, we all crowded into one large sofa with colorful throws and pillows scattered over its length.

Cheryl smiled at me the way my mom used to. “Duncan, since this is your first time here, you start. What would you like to talk about?”

I knew what I wanted to say, I just didn’t know how to start. My throat started to hurt and close up, but bold Duncan was hiding behind a pile of cushions and was no help at all. I got mad at my throat and told it to, “knock it the fuck off or I would start gargling vinegar.” It must have taken me seriously because it worked. “I want to talk about what to call you guys. Dan said I can call him Dad, but what do I call you. I don’t want to hurt your feelings, Aunt Cheryl, but Mom has only been dead a few weeks. I know she meant for you to adopt me and eventually I will be comfortable with it. I wondered if I could call you Mama and Papa until I’m comfortable with something else?”

Cheryl and Dan wrapped me in their arms and we all cried and hugged.

I was released finally and I spotted a box of tissues on a side table. I snatched a couple for myself and passed the box to Cheryl; she passed some to Trev and Dan and we all dried our eyes. The doorbell rang and Cheryl bolted for their bedroom to fix her eyes. Dan suggested that I go and greet our guests.

Trev walked behind me down the hall. It occurred to me that the glow from outside was Christmas lights. I had seen display after display and any number of Nativity scenes, but they hadn’t penetrated my conscious mind. Thanksgiving had come and gone and I had been oblivious.

I shrugged and pulled open the door. There was a flash of movement and suddenly I couldn’t speak because there was a boy attached to my lips. Lyka had me in a bear hug and a lip lock at the same time. Just as I feared I might pass out from hypoxia, he released me and gazed at me. “Oh God, your eyes, they’re even prettier when they’re wet,” Lyka declared in front of everyone.

What could I do, I pulled him back to me and kissed him, a long gentle but passionate kiss that should have left him without doubt of my feelings toward him. I released my hold and took his hand to pull him towards the family room.

“Just a moment, young man, how dare you kiss my son and then lock me in a car with him for seven hours. Get over here sweetie and take what you’ve got coming.”

I grinned as Gabe stood there with her arms extended toward me. I stepped forward and took my punishment, she kissed me and hugged me and smeared lipstick all over my cheeks.

“I’m so happy to see you here sweetheart, you deserve no less.

Dan handed the tissue box forward and we both dived in.

We all settled back in the family room and Gabe said, “You know he really was impossible almost the whole way back. I had to drug him to be able to drive safely through the passes. Who would think a little peck on the lips would do so much damage,” Gabe said as Lyka and I both blushed.

“Actually, I just took a pain pill because the cold was making my leg hurt when we stopped for lunch. But I did sleep for quite a while after we ate.”

Dinner was eventually served and wine was brought out for the adults.

Trev leaned over and whispered in my ear with authority, “You know, this means Gabe and Lyka will be spending the night.”

Suddenly I was wide awake again, “Why’s that?”

Trev looked at me as if I was a bit thick. “Because, the roads are icy and hard enough to drive sober. Gabe would never risk her little boy’s safety; if she’s been drinking, she’ll stay over. They don’t do Uber out here.”

That news made me feel very Christmassy. I looked around the room and saw a baby grand piano; I raised and propped the lid and sat down at the bench. I played a scale and it sounded wonderful so I started playing, Silent Night and singing the German lyrics that Mom had asked me to learn.

As I finished, Cheryl came up behind me and draped her arms over my shoulders, “Can you do that again but in English, sweetheart?”

I started over and this time Cheryl sang with me, she had a warm sweet voice that pierced my heart. When we were done, I turned around and hugged her and said, “Thank you, Mama.”

She told me that the piano had been her mother’s and she had never learned to play properly. It had been sitting there since they moved here, un-played except by the occasional guest and the tuner. She said it was wonderful to hear it ring with music again.

Gabe surprised me and asked if I could play Il est ne, and sang along with me as I played. Lyka joined us and I thought we sounded pretty good.

“What shall I play next?”

Dan came over and asked if I knew Baby It’s Cold Outside. I did and as I played, Dan and Cheryl sang a pretty decent duet. When they were done and the applause died down (Okay, the applause wasn’t that great, but there were only six of us there and three of us were performing).

In my very best John Cleese accent, I said right then, “Let’s have a Ding Dong!” After the first verse, most of the audience crapped out but came back for the chorus.

Gabe was the first to falter and she asked if Trev and I would brave the cold and retrieve their bags from the Range Rover.

Trev snatched the keys from her hand and raced ahead to the door.

I followed and out we went. The night air was crystal clear and stars lit the sky. I reached back in the door and turned off the outside lights. As my eyes adjusted, I realized the house was the only source of light for miles in any direction.

My telescope had been useless in Utah because the valley always had a haze and it was only clear a few nights a year. I marveled at the display overhead.

Finally, as Trev stood next to me jabbering about how cool Gabe’s car was. I reached out and gently closed his mouth and tilted his head back.

“It’s the tail end of the Geminid meteor shower. It peaked on the thirteenth but there’s still some activity,” I removed my hand and he continued to watch.

“It’s beautiful,” He said simply.

“It really is,” I answered.

“We better go back in before we freeze though,” Trev said.

We lugged the bags into the house and Trev deposited Gabe’s in a guest room. I dropped Lyka’s bag at the back door.

Porthos came over and lay down with his head on the bag.

Trev asked if the dogs had been fed.

Dan said that he had fed them before we came down.

Gabe kissed us all goodnight and Papa and Mama did the same.

Trev asked if I would help Lyka up the stairs and said he would bring the bag up when he was done letting the dogs out to have a pee.

Lyka didn’t need that much help but I enjoyed holding his waist as we climbed the stairs together. Once inside I slid my hands inside his sweater and gazed at his beautiful eyes. I kissed the heavy lids and nibbled each ear in turn. I felt his crotch and said, “It’s alive!” and did a little mad scientist laugh. I slid both hands around his back and down to his perfect little ass. And I do mean perfect, it was smooth and firm and fit in my hands like it was made for me to hold. He was wearing a pair of very well worn and soft jeans with no belt; I slid down to my knees and lifted his sweater. His jeans were low on his hips and barely concealed the wispy blond pubes that I had seen in the library bathroom. I licked from the top of his jeans to his belly button where I lingered until he gave me a little whimper. With my free hand I could feel him straining against the fabric; that elicited a full-on moan of lust and pent-up teenage horniness from Lyka.

I heard feet on the stairs, stood up and kissed Lyka on the lips. The door opened and Trev and the dogs rambled in with Trev lugging Lyka’s bag.

He set the bag by the door and walked over to us. He gave Lyka’s dick a friendly squeeze through the fabric and did the same to me. He grinned at us and said, ”Hey, you guys, get a room.”

We all giggled like little girls.

I asked if maybe we could listen to music and talk a little before we went to bed.

Trev plugged his player into the stereo and selected a play list. A Bach trumpet concerto began and we all settled into an old leather couch.

We talked about music and the general consensus was that most rap and hip hop was crap. I’m sure Kanye would have lost sleep if he had known what we were saying.

Trev asked if we wanted anything to drink; Lyka asked for a DeePee which took me a moment to translate to Dr. Pepper. I decided to be my normal wise ass self and ordered a half café venti caramel macchiato with light foam. I managed to keep a straight face through all that crap although not being a coffee drinker I wasn’t sure of the accuracy.

Trev looked at me patiently and said, “Do you see a Man Bun on my head? Okay, so that’s two Dr. Peppers and a Coke for me.”

We picked on millennials and hipsters for half an hour.

Lyka told me how much he had enjoyed Hitchhikers Guide. And we discussed who our favorite characters were and somehow it degenerated into a Dr. Who discussion and then Star Wars, old versus new.

I suggested we table the discussion until Dan was available because he has the perspective of the initial launch of the original film. This is serious shit to nerd boys.

I caught Lyka wincing and asked him if he needed a pain pill.

“No, it’s a cramp in my other foot, it’s complaining about having to do the work of both feet.”

I told him to lie on the floor and put his foot in my lap. I pulled off the sock and I started to massage his foot. I had always rubbed my mom’s feet; she assured me that one talent alone would win me a loving and appreciative wife. “Wait,” I thought, she never said wife, she said mate.”

I turned that over in my mind and didn’t realize how aroused Lyka was getting or Trev for that matter. I had Lyka squirming on the floor and I placed my stocking foot on the bulge where his legs met.

Trev’s phone sounded off and we all jumped. It was Noel, Trev’s almost full-time boyfriend. I heard my name mentioned and Lyka’s as Trev went to the kitchen area.

I turned my full attention back to the slender foot in my lap.

I raised it up and ran my tongue from the heel through the arch and up to the cleft of the ball as I wiggled my own toes. I heard Lyka groan and then… “Shit, I came in my pants!”

I looked down and he grinned up at me, “I better go clean up.”

I licked my lips and said, “I better come and help you, those bathroom floors can be treacherous.” I gave him my best lascivious grin and stuck out my hand to help him up.

I drug him over to the bathroom and sat on the toilet cover, turned on the hot tap in the sink and warmed up a wash cloth. Once I had him positioned in front of me I could see a bit of ooze emanating from the beltline of his pants I undid the zipper and peeled his jeans down to knee level.

“Sorry,” he said, “these jeans are a little tight but they’re boot jeans and I can unzip the leg to slide over the cast.

I undid the zippers and the jeans slid off easily. I turned my attention back to the small glob of semen just above the waistline of his boxer briefs, I dabbed at it with my tongue. It was cooler than fresh but not unpleasant. I peeled his underpants down until I found what I was looking for, the source of the Nile or at least the cum. Still standing on end I lapped up Lyka’s pearlescent consumables and then licked the source as clean as possible without causing another release. I slid his sexy looking briefs down and it was obvious they would need replacing. I wrung the warm wet cloth out and cleaned up the mess I had made.

“Trade places with me,” I semi-ordered but he got the wrong idea, he sat down and immediately reached for my waistband.

I pulled away and told him to lift his good leg. I pulled the pant leg off him and then told him to swap legs. I found the zipper, opened it and exposed most of the cast. With a little tugging, I gently removed the pant leg from over the cast. Then I slid the underwear off and my eyes beheld an amazing sight.

A beautiful boy sat before me naked from the waist down and hard as a rock.

Since I never actually closed the bathroom door I wasn’t surprised when Trev poked his head in and asked if we needed help.

I asked him to get Lyka’s bag so we could get him into something comfortable to wear.

Lyka chose short pajama bottoms and kept his t-shirt on.

“How’s your sore foot?” Trev asked Lyka with a profound leer.

“Foot?” asked Lyka dreamily. We hobbled him back to the couch and I asked, “Can I talk to you guys about something serious?”

Both nodded their heads.

“Okay, just let me get this out while I’m feeling brave. You guys have known each other and fooled around for a couple years as I understand it. I’ve known Trev since we were babies and never even got to play with his dick. My buddy Denny and I played with each other a little but he moved away before anything really developed. Lyka, your’s was the first penis other than my own that I got to handle in a really sexual way. When you squirted into the urinal, I was in ecstasy myself just feeling the semen flow through your cock as I held it in my hand. Then this afternoon, Trev and I took a shower together and slept in the same bed naked. We had never shared the same bed and the experience was wonderful. I know from talking to Trev that you guys have messed around but I’ve never really had anyone to do that with. Denny and I were just getting curious when he left the valley. I feel like I need to catch up, as if I missed something. So I’m asking if you guys can help me explore that side of things. I love you Lyka, but Trev and I have always been close as brothers. He told me why we never slept together or messed around much. I know that you know too. Trev, you and Noel sound like you’re really involved, how will he feel about you and Lyka helping me?”

“Actually, he’s very interested in getting to know you and doing a little exploring. I think it could be fun. I know you love Lyka, but he and I have been doing sex stuff since before we could squirt. But we were never romantically connected like I am with Noel. When Noel and I met, I told him about Lyka and he decided it sounded good and we’ve had some wild nights. You will too if Lyka agrees.”

I turned to Lyka, and he met my gaze with those beautiful eyes.

“Duncan, I love you too. I can’t wait to get you naked and show you how much I desire you. But first and last, I love you. Even if we never did anything but jerk off together, I would love you with every part of my being. There’s no reason for you to deny yourself. I’ll be with you all the way through and of course Trev can help. Together we can discover what really turns you on and you can learn to give as good as you get. Does that sound good?”

I had to kiss him then, I just had to.

So how do we get started.

Lyka and Trev’s eyes twinkled and they had crooked smiles as they conspired silently. I learned a lot that night, it was exhausting but well worth the effort.

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