Garrett D.M. – “Boise ID”

Comicality: – I’d like to extend a very loving welcome to our newest featured author for the month of March, now officially joining the team here at Imagine Magazine! Thanks for your submission, Garrett! We’re happy to have you join the party!

So, to start things off, can you tell us where the story of “Boise ID” came from? Is this a true story from your past? A fictional fantasy? What made you create this particular project?

Garrett D.M.: – The story for Boise ID came from a dream I had after reading several stories off Nifty. Some parts of the first 6 chapters are from my personal life and some are made up from my head. I made this story for people like me who enjoy more realistic scenarios such as pain, loss, happiness, and other emotions that you don’t normally see in stories.

Comicality: – Do you feel that maybe the erotic fantasy (or porn without plot) is a bit overdone these days? I’m definitely a romantic at heart, myself…so I enjoy a good story full of emotion and realistic interactons, myself. But how do you switch between the two sides when writing?

Garrett D.M.: – I have to agree with you on that from that sometimes the erotic part of stories are overplayed at times. But for my story I think of something a few other authors across the sites have told me in the past, that’s to make it feel natural to the story and to the characters as well. But when it comes to switching to the two sides I am still trying to figure that out at times.

Comicality: – In your story, you have a small ensemble cast of characters that all have to interact with one another. Do you find that to be a challenge as a writer? Balancing all of those different personalities at once? Or does it feel natural when putting a scene together?

Garrett D.M.: – The characters are an extension of myself so keeping track of their interactions is very easy for me to come by overall. As for the balancing I find it to be very easy for me personally as well and when writing out a scene it comes very natural to me because I see them more as scenes from a movie over paragraphs of a book.

Comicality: – In your main character’s admission to being gay, he’s met with a sudden and surprising act of violence because of it. Was that your experience growing up, or was it something that you wanted to draw attention to for other teens in that situation?

Garrett D.M.: – It was something that came from a personal experience of mine. When I came out in high school I was beat up a good amount of times from my fellow water polo players. I included it into the story as a way to show that coming out will not always be welcomed with open arms but there are still people in the world today that are still very close minded and homophobic.

Comicality: – Wow…I’m sorry to hear about your early experiences with coming out. I know that can be a difficult situation for many teens, even in this day and age where tolerance is much more widespread, but far from being ‘complete’. Would you say that your story discourages a big reveal before the person is ready? Or is it encouraging it, as long as it’s done with caution? Based on your experiences, what would you want your teen readers to know about the subject?

Garrett D.M.: – When it comes to coming out do it when you feel you are ready to come out, I came out a few times till I was out to everyone. But to me my story shows that not every coming out will be all sunshine and rainbows and that there is sometimes the harsh reality of homophobia. But overall to my teen readers just remember to come out to the right people and only come out when you are ready.

Comicality: – What would you say was the most difficult part of your personal writing process? Just something that you might feel frustrated by or find hard to deal with when putting together new chapters?

Garrett D.M.: – Time! Time is the most difficult part because of my job in the army it’s hard at times to find the time to write. Coming home after a long day all I want to do is spend time with my husband and game with my friends from back home. So finding time can be hard at times.

Comicality: – Now, I’ve read ahead a few chapters, and don’t want to give away any spoilers…but when you’re writing this story, what do you feel is most important when it comes to building a relationship between your characters? Like, when creating this atmosphere, what do you find most important when it comes to crafting a realistic and engaging story?

Garrett D.M.: – As for building relationships between the characters is experiences. Give Mike and Leo for example. They have the moment when Mike came out and when Leo came out. But when it comes to creating a realistic story that’s why I implement my own personal experiences into the story and show the characters internal emotions.

Comicality: – You’ve been a writer on The Story Lover’s site for quite some time now, and you’ve gathered a great number of readers and followers for your work. In an email, you mentioned that you would love to allow your fans to get to know you even more. What, exactly, would you want them to know about you, your art, and your life, now that you have a chance to speak to them directly?

Garrett D.M.: – When it comes to my readers getting to know me more I mean in a way that a friend would know about your past to help understand you better and that’s why I’m putting little bits of my own past into my story. But overall I want them to know my life story as well… I was in the foster system growing up, having to move around a lot, and it wasn’t until I was 7 that I found a good home to call my own. After that I was adopted and I had a normal childhood. But if they would like to know more they can always reach out to me via email provided at the end of every chapter of my poems or story.

Comicality: – Speaking of people reaching out to you…do you have a website, email, or any social media that you’d like to put out there so new readers and fans of your work can get in touch with you?

Garrett D.M.: – My readers can reach me out at and Discord: PFC Garret D. M.#2498

Comicality: – What is next for you as a writer? What would you like to do now? Do you have any big plans or future projects in the works?

Garrett D.M.: – I have a few new poems in the works as well as a new story that is very hush hush right now. But that is far in the future for after Boise ID is said and done in my personal book.

Comicality: – Hehehe, alright! Hush hush it is, then! Thanks so much for coming here to talk to me, dude! Welcome to the Imagine Family, and I hope it helps you to gather a ton of new readers along the way!

This has been another featured author interview! Be sure to check out the first chapter for his story “Boise, ID” right here in this issue! And look for more soon! Take care!

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