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#1 – The month of March was actually named after the Roman God of War, “Mars”. It was called that because this is when bloody military campaigns and battle strategies would continue after a long break during the Winter months.

#2 – St. Patrick, as believed by a majority of historians, was not born in Ireland, but in Britain. His real name was Maewyn Succat. And it wasn’t until the age of 16 that he was kidnapped by Irish raiders and sold into slavery to a Celtic priest. (Those priests and their love for young virile boys…)

#3 – Despite a few marketing gimmicks…there are NO female Leprechauns.

#4 – March 15th is the first day of Lent, this year. Also known as ‘Pure Monday’, where people make a promise to be good and give up one of their vices until Lent is over. So…hehehe, if you’re giving up masturbation…you may want to skip the rest of this issue! ::Giggles:: Just sayin’…

#5 – Originally…the word ‘piano’ wasn’t a word. It’s a shorter way of saying ‘piano forte’ in Italian, which stands for ‘soft, loud’.

#6 – St. Patrick’s Day official color is actually a bright shade of sky blue, not green! This was in the 5th century. It wasn’t until thirteen years later that St Patrick’s Day was associated with the color green as a representation of Irish independence movement.

#7 – While many kids grew up with Jim Henson’s lovable and charming puppet character, Kermit The Frog…most don’t know about Kermit’s extremely dark history of torture and outright MURDER! Hehehe! It’s true! Starting his first gig, making short, eight second, commercials for ‘Wilkins Coffee’…Kermit’s marketing ploy was very simple…buy the coffee…or DIE! LOL!

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#8 – On March 17th, in 1973, Pink Floyd’s album ‘Dark Side Of The Moon’ hit the Billboard top 200 list of hits. And it remained there for 736 weeks in a row! That’s 14 YEARS! Jesus!

#9 – March 6th is officially known as ‘The Day Of The Dude’, paying homage to Jeff Bridges’ character in the movie, “The Big Lebowski”. It’s celebrated by taking it easy all day long. Can’t argue with that. Hehehe!

#10 – Believe it or not, the width of the continent of Australia is actually wider than the MOON!

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