Questions, comments, or just want to get my thoughts on something? I want to hear from you! Please drop me a note at, and I’ll either answer it myself or find somebody who knows something about it. The lawyer guys say that I’m supposed to warn you that submissions are subject to editing for spelling, language, and protection of personal information. Meh!

Hi Everyone!

I actually considered skipping the LTTE section this month because, there were no letters. I mean I did get email this month but it was mainly all about how rich I will be once I handle the estate of some old lady’s dead husband and get my cut of his fortune (No I didn’t respond to it, don’t look at me like that. <grin>), but not much more than that. Maybe just let me know if this section is getting boring in your opinion. I mean I don’t mind doing the extra section and sharing some of the awesomeness that is our readers’ feedback but, only if it’s more than just me enjoying it 😉 Ya know?

Let me know what you think;

~ Matty

Letters from our readers… sortof:

Myke D. Writes: If you could go any one place in the world, completely free/covered, where would you go and why?

Matt’s Reply: Oh! Hi Myke! Hehehe… That’s a tough question cause there are so many awesome places I want to see. I think if I had to pick one place over all, I would want to explore Ireland. Mainly because there is Irish in my family’s ancestry and because I’ve heard so much about my Great Grandmother who came to the states from there when she was a teenager. I love hearing about her life before immigrating and I really want to see her home town someday… A close second place would be Austrailia because, Aussie Surfer Boys are so HOT! (Ahem…) Yeah. <giggle>


Myke D. Writes: Do you guys ever get worried about Covid in the Imagine offices now that you’re growing in numbers?

Matt’s Reply: Wow, long tyme no see Myke 😀 Actually I mean, funny you should ask such a question, non-Imagine Magazine staff person. So there are two ways I can answer this question. Of course we are all very careful, even with a vaccine starting to be distributed because it would be irresponsible to just get careless when only a percentage of society has been able to get the shots. Even after that, it’s going to be a long time before we get back to normal, and even that isn’t going to be exactly like it was before. The honest truth, we do all our work remotely because we all can. I mean, I do need to deal with ACFan and his wacked out photo shoots but even then, he’s been pulling stock shots for a few of the issues, especially at the beginning of all this madness. I had to go see him for the prank cover for the last issue because it was done in response to people’s comments about the upcoming “69” issue. (See! Right there your mind went right in the gutter. Don’t lie about it! I saw that look on your face! <giggle>) We have a busy office but, it’s more virtual now than ever before. Once in a while, I let Gary run around in the offices when I go in. He’s not much more than a stupid feather duster with legs so it helps keep the place from getting dusty. So, it’s not really a huge worry although I really would like to work side by side with everyone. We all do really so, if there’s any worry or complaint, it’s because Covid made this “normal”.


Jeff P. Writes: (Ooohhhhh… I get to heckle this week! Lemme see… Um…) Y U so stoopid? (How’s that?)

Matt’s Reply: Please, someone email me next month. Not sure I can deal with any more of that? So sad. LOL! Thanks for the great questions Myke and thanks for trying Jeff! *MUAH*

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