Duncan: Out Of Exile

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Chapter 22

After our activities we showered off quickly.

When we got back to bed we talked about what was best about the sex. I liked the texture of skin of the penis and I told them so.

“All this stuff is new to me; you are the first guys I’ve ever done this with; I don’t count Jerry because I only woke up as I popped off. And it left me feeling weird. What we did just now made me feel great,” I declared.

“Man once you get started you’re a little tiger,” Lyka exclaimed. “I have never come like that before, I literally passed out.”

“Well Trev did help.” I allowed. “We’ll have to work in a foot massage next time; you really seem to like that.”

Lyka blushed visibly, “Yeah the foot massage was really cool; I had no idea that could be so sexy,” He purred.

Trev looked at me as if to say, really?  I moved to a sitting position against the headboard and told Trev to reverse and put his feet where I could reach them. I drew up my legs to accommodate him and we ended up with my left foot between his legs.

I took a foot in my hands and began the massage as Lyka looked on intently. I massaged the sole and then ran my tongue across it. I licked the arch as I cupped the heel and squeezed and Trev began to squirm. I felt my own penis begin to stir and looked down at it. Trev was already fully erect and it bounced with every muscle contraction as I played with his toes and continued licking the sensitive arch. Then I gently lay that foot to the side and seized the other, repeating the treatment.

Trev was moaning quietly but the volume increased when Lyka slid his mouth over Trev’s erection, he didn’t last long under that kind of attention, he groaned and flexed and returned to the mattress like a rag doll.

Trev had passed out and was snoring very soft cute snores that made me feel very protective of him. Lyka and I moved him to the side of the bed and put a pillow under his head and covered him up. I looked at Lyka and he was still limp.

“Would you like a bit more attention yourself? I asked him.

He smiled at me and leaned in for a kiss.

“I don’t really think I could get hard again right now. I’ve been making up for lost time. I jerked off six times before we left to drive over here. Mom called Cheryl to see if I could come over this evening to see you and Cheryl invited us to dinner.”

Now I leaned over and kissed him long and sweet probing his mouth with my tongue. I pulled back and heard myself say “I love you.”

Lyka smiled back more sweetly than before and said, “I think I fell in love with you in the hospital cafeteria.” Lyka reached up and touched a switch on the headboard and the last of the lights went out. We held each other in the darkness and I had never felt so content in my entire life.

I awoke to someone kissing my ear and then my eyelids.

“Hey little man” Dan said in a sweet voice. “Feel like joining the human race today?”

I slowly became aware of my surroundings. I sensed something between my legs pushing at my scrotum. It was Lyka or at least part of Lyka, in fact one of my favorite parts of Lyka.

I became aware that my own favorite part was similarly wedged in Trev. I was also aware of a very full sensation in my bladder.

“Are you trapped?” asked Dan’s voice, still gentle and sweet. He very gently tugged Lyka backward so that I could disengage from Trev and shimmy out from under the blankets. Dan helped me over Lyka’s inert form and I found myself standing before my new Dad with a rock hard erection.

“Wow,” Dan said “It looks bigger than at the hotel. Do you need to pee?” he asked.

I nodded and he gave my naked butt a smack or more of a pat and sent me to the toilet. When I was done He was at the door with a blanket for me to wrap up in.

“Let’s go sit on the couch while we wait for those two to shake off the cobwebs.” He sat first and held his arms out for me to sit on his lap. He kissed the corner of my eye and said. “Did you boys have a good time last night?’ ‘That’s probably a silly question, considering how it smells in here.”

I blushed, I had no idea how he could know what we were up to but I wasn’t sure what he was smelling. So I asked.

“You’re kidding right?” he asked. “You really can’t smell all the semen in this place?”

I shook my head.

“I guess you’ve gotten used to it and it doesn’t register anymore.”

There had been a very powerful smell when we were enjoying each other but I didn’t smell it anymore.

That just made me blush even redder and then Dan took pity on me.

“Look darlin’ it’s okay, I knew what was going to happen up here when I went to bed. Lyka is head over heels in love with you and Trev and Lyka have been messing around since before they could squirt. It might make you nervous at first but I understand. I was your age once and I had a boyfriend. We just about wore our dicks out fooling around. It just turned out that later on we discovered that girls were pretty cool,” Dan paused.

“We engaged in sex until we were sixteen. That’s when I met Cheryl. I’ve never loved another woman since. Paul found a sweetheart shortly after that. We stayed friends until he moved to Florida for his job and we sort of lost touch. What we had together was special and I’m glad that we had that.”

I sat there gaping at him. Are you gay too? I mean part of the time; I don’t know what they call it,” I stammered.

“I think you mean to ask if I’m “Bi” and the answer is no. I love you boys but not sexually, that would be really wrong of me. And I’m not into other men.”

I thought for a moment and said, “I wasn’t sure what you wanted and I was a little scared.”

“I’m sorry if I gave you the wrong idea or scared you. I want you to feel comfortable and free to be you. I’m probably going to see you naked and you’ll see me the same way. Sometimes I shower with Trev and Noel or Lyka and we swim and Hot tub together naked as well. You will probably see me hard on occasion if I sleep up here with you boys.” He said.

I guess I was smiling a little and he laughed. “What, you didn’t think it still worked?”

After a while he said, “what say we go wake those two lumps out there and get them moving; and maybe get dressed. You’ve got a cute little bottom but I don’t want to look at it all day.”

I had to giggle, no one but Clara had ever said I had a cute bottom before. At least that I remember.

He suggested we have a little fun. He waved me over to Trev whose arm was hanging off the bed now. He demonstrated placing the index and forefingers of both hands interlaced then he put Trev’s hand over mine and closed it.

Trev began to squeeze my fingers and he said not now Noel, I’m trying to sleep. His eyes slowly opened and he looked confused, “what the……”

Dan started laughing, but I didn’t get it.

“What’s the deal with the fingers?” I asked.

“Get Trev to do it for you,” he chuckled as Trev’s glare turned to a grin.

“Geez Dad, you’re worse than the boys at school.”

Trev sat up and did the same thing with his fingers and told me to put my hand around them. I did and I must have turned bright red, because Dan laughed even harder which woke Lyka who wanted to know what was going on.

“Dad had Duncan pull the finger dick trick on me to wake me up. I wish I was as quick as you man.” Trev said.

I asked why.

“Because when he tried it on me with Noel’s fingers, I said ‘Back for more Uncle Dan? and I rolled back over.”

“Yeah, but he couldn’t keep a straight face very long and busted up laughing,” added Dan.

Lyka flipped the covers back and sat at the edge of the bed.

My own dick which had returned to a manageable state twitched at the sight of Lyka’s wonderful equipment.

Even Dan gave it an appreciative nod. “That’s quite a growth you got there boy, should we get that biopsied?”

“I detect a little fur coming in down there. Now go get that drained out so you can pull some pants over it.”  Trev had already made for the bathroom and returned in a more presentable state although still quite naked. I dug in my bag and got out some of the colored boxer briefs that Dan got for me and slid them on. I put my jeans back on and then my socks and boots.

“Those undies look nice on you; but keep some tighty-whiteys for me,”  Lyka ordered.

Once everyone was dressed we all sat on the big couch and Dan asked if anyone needed to talk. Trev asked Dan to take me through “the talk” and Dan agreed.

It wasn’t the birds and bees; it was all Bee talk. He explained to me how my penis worked and about the prostate and its function. He asked if I had the HPV vaccine. My Mom had suggested that next time I went for a checkup that I should receive the vaccine but well, we never got there.

“Okay” said Dan, “We’ll get that setup.”

Dan used Trev as a teaching aid and diagramed the penis and testicles and other boy parts. It was fascinating. He talked about herniated testicular chords and other bad stuff that can happen to boys. He told me if I have pain I should come see him right away or get Mom to take me to a Doctor if I couldn’t manage to tell her.

We talked about body shame and how misplaced it was.

He warned us all about sending pictures of our privates to each other or anyone else. “It’s kind of a stupid law and shouldn’t apply to kids the same age. But it is a law so we’re stuck with it.”

We talked about stuff for over an hour. Dan told me that he would answer any question honestly and that the only thing off limits was his sex life with Aunt Cheryl.

I was still trying to wrap my head around calling her Mama. It seemed fair though, what they did together had no bearing on my life.

He suggested that we keep our nudity confined to the aerie and that Momma didn’t really want to see our plumbing at this point.

I don’t know if she sensed us talking about her or what, but a bell sounded below and Trev yelled “Breakfast!” Dan nodded and we all ambled out into the crisp winter air.

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