Lenny Bruce – “Lost Inside My Life”

Comicality – This month, I am honored to give you guys a proper introduction to a brand new online author by the name of Lenny Bruce! You can read his completed story right here in Imagine Magazine! Just be sure to hit that green ‘up vote’ button down at the bottom, and let him know that you enjoyed his story!

I did a short interview with him so you guys can get a feel for who he is as a writer and as a person! Enjoy!

Hiya, Lenny! Now, you’re in Italy, correct? You once mentioned to me that there really aren’t any published gay stories in English. Do you ever find it difficult or challenging to translate you work to wider, mainstream, audience?

Lenny Bruce – I am Italian and live in Italy. Translating was a challenge I was losing, until I was rescued by a kind soul, my proofreader who cleaned up my translation and made it understandable and less ridiculous. I will never stop thanking Talo Segura for the valuable work he did. In Italy we don’t have sites that publish gay stories. There are a few, but they publish stories that focus mainly on sex. It is the English language that gives access to a wider readership.

Comicality – When did you start writing this story? And is this your first gay teen erotic story? If so, what made this one the story you just felt the need to tell first?

Lenny Bruce – I started writing this story at the end of the last century (LOL). I wrote the first few chapters pretty quickly and then stopped, because I wasn’t sure how it should end! Then, a couple of years later, I got “inspired” and wrote the last chapter. The epilogue was added when I decided to translate the story into English and try to get more people to read it than the five or six who had read it in Italy.

It’s not my first story, but it’s the first one I’ve translated into English.

Comicality – Do you think, with future stories from you, that you could maybe open up a ‘market’ for more gay stories with a more engaging plot and true romance in Italy? Surely, you’re not the only one out there looking for stories like the one you’ve written here.

Lenny Bruce – I am sure that in Italy there are many people interested in good gay stories, but there are no sites that publish them. Apart from a few praiseworthy exceptions (Gay.it) in Italy there are no serious and committed gay sites. Even less interested in publishing gay literature. I really wouldn’t know who to send my ‘manuscript’ to for publication.

Comicality – Without giving any spoilers away (Some people may not have read your story yet), this story with Marco, Tonio, and Paoletto, does seem to maintain this sort of dark tone to it which is one of my faves. But it definitely has it’s cheerful moments as well. Do you like writing fiction with a bit of a gothic twist to it, or was this something a bit different for you as a writer?

Lenny Bruce – I don’t think there is a dark tone to the story. Maybe it’s just sad at some points, but there are also interludes of cheerfulness and happiness. I like to read fiction with a gothic twist. And I’ve also written a rather ‘gothic’ story that I can submit if you want.

Comicality – Now, “Lost Inside My Life” is a full blown novel in many respects. Have you ever thought of publishing it as an ebook someday? Imagine would be happy to promote it for you, if you’re interested.

Lenny Bruce – I’ve never thought about a real publication, but I can really think about it.

Comicality – I think you should, personally. It’s a completed story with an interesting plot and relatable characters. I’d love to see more from you. Which brings me to my next question…what else do you have coming for us, if translated into English and possibly showing us more of what you’re made of? The story you mentioned with a ‘gothic twist’ sounds cool. Maybe you’ve got more ideas brewing in the back of your mind?

Lenny Bruce – It’s likely that I’ll be able to send you my ‘gothic’ story soon, which has already been published on GayAuthors anyway. I have a few other ideas and something already written that I’m revising to make it ready for translation into English. Let’s try to talk about it again in a few months!

Comicality – Do you have any websites or social media links that you’d like to post here to get some feedback and allow new readers and fans to get in touch with you after reading this story?

Lenny Bruce – I don’t frequent social media and I don’t have a site. Sorry.

Comicality – Hehehe, no need to be sorry. Social media is not for everybody. It’s actually refreshing to not have a personal promotion thrown in your face every fifteen seconds. But, I’m curious, how do you get your work out there for other people to read? Is it just something that you share with close friends or family?

Lenny Bruce – My stories are for myself, for my own enjoyment and so that I can be moved to re-read them. Only recently, after retiring and having a lot more time on my hands, did I think about trying to translate something I wrote into English. Mainly to find other readers to offer my stories to.

Comicality – So your ideas and creative process is crafted around your personal feelings and attitudes about the subject matter in general then?

Lenny Bruce – Of course, stories are always born from an idea that runs around in your head for some time. More or less long. That idea is fed by the experiences, by what the author has lived. The story that eventually takes shape is the product of that original idea and the author’s life.

The story you are about to publish, then, is not autobiographical, but has formed in my mind and found fertile ground in my life experiences.

Thus, a character’s life may be modeled after the author’s life or what the author fears most. Therefore, if the story is dramatic, one may come to believe that the author is using the character to exorcise what they would never want to experience in their life.

Comicality – What is the one thing that you would like for readers to take to heart after reading your story from beginning to end? What, exactly, would you like for them to understand about love, about the world, and about themselves?

Lenny Bruce – Amor Omnia Vincit’! It is something I never forget. It is also the title of a painting by Caravaggio. But it’s also a motto I repeat to myself.

My story is sad, but…

Comicality – And there you have it, folks! Our newest author, Lenny Bruce! Feel free to support and give feedback to new talent! Cool? Thanks for the interview, Lenny! And you’re more than welcome to post any new stories of yours any time that you like! Best of luck to you, dude!

“Lost Inside My Life”…check it out!

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