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Hi Everyone!

Still doing the LTTE section. I mean, I got some emails and I got some really weak hater mail and I got a keyboard. That means I have a responsibility to type. LOL! I was actually offline for a while… a whole month. I was kinda grounded. If anyone is curious, it is possible to splatter a twinkie with firecrackers. You plant as many as you can into it and then surround it with the remaining ones. It makes a huge mess and really makes a mother with a fresh coffee stain down the front of a new dress shirt angry. Zero Stars, I do not recommend even though I was bored and it was a sick explosion. <grin>

I’ll see you next issue;

~ Matty

who4m1 Writes: Hey, Not everybody knows them well, but everybody knows some of the many fantasy creatures/races that there are. Could be dwarves, elves, men, halflings, or something entirely else.

Now if you had choose one of those races to describe yourself with, which would you choose and why?

On the other hand, what would be the race you would want to be and why? (Might be the same – or not.)

Just come up with your interpretation to those two, might be interesting.

Matt’s Reply: I’ve never really thought about it. I’m not too into fantasy stories all that much. I guess to describe myself, I’d have to go with what I know from each. Dwarves are honor driven, and natural born fighters. Not me. I’d rather take a hit than be the one to deliver it. Men might be a little too on the nose except that I have a way to go before I can really make that claim, or so my mom keeps telling me. A halfling would be really cool if I understand what it is. The combination of two races when you use your imagination could give you some really cool traits or abilities. But to describe me? No. I would have gone with Elf but even they are magical beings that can either help or hold up humans based on their own beliefs. None of them describes me but if I had to choose one to be, it would probably be an elf, and I’d choose to help when I can. Maybe use that magical ability to help people who have it bad. That’d be awesome!


SD1594.6 Writes: Do you like Star Trek or Star Wars better?

Matt’s Reply: Star Trek. No question. The funny thing is my little brother loves Star Wars. You’d think that would become a competition between the two of us, even an argument. But it never has. He has an awesome classic collection of lots of the old toys from way back in like the early 2000s. I’ll sit down and play with him if we are both bored but, you have to be extra careful with the older toys.


M4k3n-0n3-M0 Writes: Hey Matt, you’re birth certificate is an appology letter from the Com-Dom factory!!!

Matt’s Reply: Hahaha… OMG… Did you look that up somewhere and still misspell stuff? I’d help you with some better burns, but I don’t have the time or the crayons to explain it in a way you’d understand. (Your move!)

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