Mentoring Brandon

“Are you okay with this?” I asked Brandon as I was sliding my fingers closer to his manhole.

“Oh, yes, it feels good,” was the reply I wasn’t really expecting. I thought, with him having never been with another boy before, this might be a bit too much. But, with his verbal reaction, as well as the reaction I was feeling with my fingers, I knew that he was ready.

As he continued to bring me up to a full erection after our first , and I mean FIRST sexual pleasure together, I wanted so much to make him part of me. I wanted to be the first to make love to him and make the two of us one together. I continued to probe his anus. I knew it was too soon for this, but Brandon encouraged me to continue. I played with his hole, rubbing my finger gently around and around it. I could feel him pulsing. I pressed lightly and to my delight, could feel him,
not only open a bit more, but actually pull my finger in with his sphincter muscles. Oh, how I wished it were something else, but I anticipated that was not far away.

Suddenly, there was a knock at the door. We both raised our heads off of each other’s cocks and looked in shock at the door. Brandon quickly jumped off of the bed, actually taking my left hand with him for a ways as I was caught in the passion of the moment. I rolled off of the side of the bed and lay on the floor between his and the extra frame beside it. Brandon stood behind the door opening it. He leaned his head around to see who was knocking.

“Hey Brandon, Bob still here,” I heard. It was my roommate Dave.

“Yep, he is, Dave.”

I heard the door creak as if it were opening, which it was, as Dave pushed it totally open, pinning Brandon against the door and the wall. I heard his footsteps as he made his way toward the bed. Suddenly, there he was standing between the foot of each bed looking down at me. He had a semi-shocked look on his face as he saw me lying there in all my glory, naked as the day I was

I was mortified with what was happening, but all I could think of was how Brandon was taking it. There were two thoughts rampaging through my head. Was he as embarrassed as I was or was he as pissed as I was? My answer was quickly before me as I saw Brandon standing behind Dave. He was still stark naked. “So, what do you want Dave?” were the first words out of his mouth.

Dave turned toward Brandon, checking him out up and down as he did. “Aw, nothing. Just wanted to see if you guys wanted to get a pizza. But I guess you’re a bit busy,” he said with a half-hearted laugh. “Tim just got back and we were going to Luigi’s and wondered if you guys wanted to join us.”

As I began to stand up I grabbed my shorts which were lying next to me. Brandon already was beginning to put on his that he retrieved from the bed. Dave just stood there. He wasn’t staring nor turning his head. He wasn’t moving an inch, just watching two guys put on their underwear as if he were watching a TV show.

“Well, I think we will pass on that Dave,” I stammered.

“Figured you would,” was his retort. “Hey guys, don’t worry about it, it’s cool,” he added.

“What is?” Brandon questioned.

“Not stupid here, Brandon,” Dave began. “I thought something was going on between you two with the grins and smiles I saw when you came over for Bob earlier. I know he’s had the hots for you for some time.”

“What? What are you talking about?” I shouted with a very surprising tone in my voice.

“Tim and I have heard you at night talking in your sleep, my friend. You do that a lot!” he exclaimed. “Brandon, Oh, Brandon. It feels so good. Don’t stop. You are so wonderful. I need you, I want you,” he said with his hands clasped over his chest and acting as if he were Juliet looking over the balcony at her Romeo.

I was red-faced and Brandon was actually on the floor laughing. If I could have rolled under the bed, I would have.

“He said that,” Brandon questioned.

“Oh, many times, Brandon, many times.”

“DAVID, you bastard,” was the only reply I could think of at the moment.

“Oh, wow, what big words for a queer,” he said, laughing with one large smile on his face. “Tim and I know you are into guys, which is cool. You’d be surprised how many guys here are.”

I was a bit shocked, actually, since I had never seen nor had I ever heard of anything like that since I came to this school. Usually, when there are guys playing around, especially in a boy’s school, it goes around like wildfire. It did at my other school and that was a public school. THIS is a boarding
school where I would think it would be known by all.

“Remember, Robert, this is a boys school and boys WILL be boys,” Dave stated. Funny, since I was just thinking the same thing. “Don’t you think there are guys that play around at CBS?”

“Well, I haven’t heard of anyone, no queer stories going around the locker room OR from you guys.”

“Well, Bob, that’s no one’s business but those that do, now is it?”

“No, but Dave, at home if a guy played around with another guy, all the school would know,” I said, with my big-city voice.

“Well, this ain’t Chicago, Bob. I could care less. Hell, you see any girls here?” he questioned. “All of us have to do something to get rid of the blue-balls we have.” he laughed.

All this time, Brandon was just looking at the two of us with this amazed look on his face. Each time I said something, I looked over at him to see his reaction. He was smiling as if he were listening to a radio soap opera.

“It’s cool, Bob. No one is going to know from ME. Well, except for Tim,” Dave said.

“No, don’t tell Tim, Dave… Come on,” I appeared to plead, half-heartedly. “That is one guy that can’t keep things to himself.”

“Don’t bet on that, but ok, I won’t,” Dave agreed. “But, I will tell you that he probably has a good idea since you two have been here in Brandon’s room for so long. Face-it, you NEVER leave the room for anything except football.”

“Yea, but you did tell him Brandon needed help, I guess?” I questioned hoping that Dave had.

“Yep, I did. And to be honest with you, he did ask help with what?” Dave joked.

“And, you told him with Crazy Knop’s class, right?”

“Well, I said science, yea. But Tim is the one that woke me up to listen to you PLEAD for Brandon’s body,” he said as if to make it very obvious that Tim thinks we were doing more than studying.

“Ok! Ok! Bran, you want to get a pizza or not?” I asked.

“I am hungry, sure. Give us a couple of minutes Dave?”

“Sure thought that you two could take more than a couple of minutes.” With that, both Brandon and I hit Dave and threw him to the bed. Was it my imagination, or was Dave hard. He was wearing very loose jeans, but I swear when I pushed him I felt something very stiff. I looked at Brandon and it was
as if he were thinking the same.

We were slugging Dave here and there as he was attempting to fight the two of us off of him. When we stopped, he got up off the bed, went to the door and opened it. “Think the next time you better lock your door, too, Brandon. It was wide open,” he stated. “Anyone could have walked in the way you two were going at it.”

“Oh, Bob,” Dave continued, “you pick em well.”

With that, he turned and closed the door. Brandon and I were standing there in our shorts with a bit of a dazed look on our faces. What had been very hard that we were sharing was now typically flaccid. What did he mean about locking the door? Well, I know that the main thing to me at that moment was
the fact that Dave seemed cool with Brandon and me.

I knew that my roommates were very cool guys. In the past couple of months we had shared a lot of stories, many of which included the typical sexual exploits that most teens boast and brag about. I also knew that 50% of what they told me were lies and the other 50% never happened. Of course, that is with most 16/17 year olds — all talk, little action — especially when they get with a group of guys that are trying to outdo each other.

In all of our talks late at night, I could tell that their attitudes were different than the guys I knew back in Chicago. Tom was a hunk. He was very sexy and I could see how the girls would climb all over him as he often told us that they did. Hell, if he had given me an opening, I would have jumped him anytime he wanted. Dave, on the other hand, was a bit larger of a boy. I wouldn’t say fat, just husky. His arms were huge and he was very strong which he continually attempted to prove to Tom and me. He would lift the desks, beds, or anything he could to prove to us that he was the strongest of the
trio. I had NO argument with him and relented to the fact.

I truly believed that both of my roommates would really freak-out if they knew I was a non-heterosexual. However, if I had to choose which would be most likely to be accepting of that fact, I did believe that Dave was more open-minded. And, from what I witnessed just now, it appeared that I assessed his attitude correctly.

“Ok, so we going for pizza,” I heard Brandon say as he broke my train of thought.

“Hey, I know I’m hungry, but you think it will be cool with Dave and Tom?” I questioned.

“They’re YOUR roomies, Bob. You think?”

“Yes, I think Dave will keep his mouth shut. He seemed ok with it, didn’t he?”

“Actually, I think he wanted to join us,” Brandon quipped. It’s funny that he said that, because after throwing him on the bed like that and feeling his physical reaction — a hard on that I know had to be better than 8″ of rigid cock — I was wondering that myself.

“No, buddy. He’s not queer at all. If you want my honest answer about pizza, I’d rather have you, but I think we should go. I want to see what Dave tells Tom about all this,” I said with a bit of trepidation.

Brandon was putting on his jeans as I finished and began walking the whole 5 feet toward me. He took my head and kissed me as softly and sensuously as he had through our entire time together. “Let’s just go have some pizza and relax. We can come back here afterward, ” he said assuring me that things would be fine with my roommates. I quickly completed getting dressed and we headed for my room.

Brandon opened the door and I heard some laughing coming from my room. I headed over, opened the door and shouted, “I’m starved! Let’s get going.”

“Starved, huh,” Tom said. “Thought you had enough tonight. Guess you need seconds.”

It was at that point that I realized that Dave had a big mouth. He had told Tom about Brandon and me and now it would be all over the school. I looked to see if Brandon had the same reaction, but all I saw was his smile. Wasn’t this bothering him? Was it only me that was afraid of everyone here at school shunning us? After all, we were in the Bible-Belt and boys sucking off other boys wasn’t exactly something that was preached.

I gave Dave a dirty look. “Couldn’t keep your mouth shut, huh,” I muttered.

“Hey, didn’t say a word, Bob. Just a lucky guess I suppose.”

I was a bit baffled, but went over to my closet and took out a jacket. “Let’s get to Luigi’s before they get busy,” I said with a bit of an authoritarian tone. “Have a lot to get done before tomorrow.”

Tim chuckled and there was a big smile on Dave’s face. I looked over at Brandon and he too was acting a bit strange with a smile on his face. I was perplexed, but certainly didn’t want to waste much more time. All I wanted was to get to dinner, eat, and then back to Brandon’s room.
Everyone else got their crap together and we left for the restaurant. Luigi’s was a small local pizza joint that was the hot spot in this Iowa town. Even though we had a cafeteria, very few of the guys ever ate there. The food was worthless, like most school food. This wasn’t a poor group that
went to CBS and a lot of cash was around for enjoying ourselves in this town.

Dave, Tim, Brandon and I walked into the restaurant and found a booth. We ordered a pizza and just sat there talking about the football season. What a depressing subject, as we were 1 and 7 with the last two games against the top two teams in the league. We knew our chances, but also realize that we had a core of a great team for next season. Especially with the sophomore team, of which Brandon was the captain. They were undefeated and we couldn’t wait till we could all play together. The seniors were a bunch of pussies but next year we all figured we’d been in contention for a conference championship.

“Hey Tim, what did coach want to see you about?” I asked.

“Well, he was telling me that he was going to …..”

Suddenly he was jabbed in the ribs. Dave gave him the dirtiest look that I’d ever seen. Tim just shut his mouth.

“Going to, what?” I asked.

“Never mind. Just told me we had a big team meeting tomorrow, is all.” Something was up, I could tell, but I really didn’t want to prolong this dinner. I had better things to do. All through the whole conversation, Brandon had had his hand on my thigh, occasionally grabbing my hard cock
under the table. I knew what he wanted and I certainly wanted the same.

As we left Luigi’s, it was raining. We started to run from doorway to doorway until the rain let up. Drizzle was falling as we entered our dormitory. We headed up the stairs, two at a time, to see who could reach our room first. We raced down the hall and got some dirty looks from the guys. As we got to our room, Dave opened the door and exclaimed, “I made it first. You guys have to clean up tomorrow!”

Brandon went to his room and gave me a glance over his shoulder. It said to me, “Don’t be long.” I knew what he meant and I had no intention of being too long till I got back there.

“Hey guys, going back over to talk with Brandon. See ya’ll soon.”

Dave gave me a very broad smile as Tim told me to enjoy myself. I was confused, but wasn’t going to question anything. I just wanted to see Brandon, ALL of him, as quickly as possible. I hurriedly left the room and made my way across the hall.

I knocked on the door and was greeted by Brandon naked as could be. As he opened the door, he had his beautiful cock in his hand working it up. He didn’t need to, because I know that seeing me had the same effect as it had on me. I was soft as could be until I saw him standing there. My cock was
stirring and I couldn’t wait to rid myself of the pants and underwear that was restraining me.

As I started to unbuckle my belt, Brandon put his hand on mine to stop me. “That’s my job now,” he said as he began to pull the tab to unclip the buckle. As I started to put my arms around him, he put them to my side and gave me a look as if to tell me to just stand there, relax, and enjoy. Who
was I to argue with that?

Brandon slowly undid my zipper. Placed his thumbs on each hip and guided them into the band of my jeans. He pulled them in an outward motion, went to his knees, and slipped them down to my ankles. I lifted each foot as he guided them off of me. He tossed them to the side and sliding his hands on the
outside of my legs made a beeline to my shorts.

By this time, there was a very large tent that was very obvious to him as he smiled. Again, his thumbs reached into the elastic band and began to lower them. As they reached my thighs, he stopped. At this point, my cock was pointing directly at his mouth. As if he had this insatiable craving, he
gobbled the head of my cock and took it deep into his throat. He placed his hands on my ass and pulled me toward him. I couldn’t move. I felt like thrusting myself in and out of his mouth, but the grip he had did not allow me to do so. It was evident HE wanted to do it all. He wanted to suck me like
I had never been sucked before. What this boy knew about fellatio he certainly didn’t read in any book. It was as if he was born to suck and I was very happy that he knew his craft as well as he did.

“Oh,” is all that I could say. My head was reeling with the pleasure he was sending through my body. It was as if, each nerve ending in the head of my penis was being stimulated by a thousand feathers. I didn’t even want to hold Brandon fearing that it would end.

As Brandon had me at the heights of ecstasy, he placed his hand and cupped my balls. He manipulated each one as if he were rolling marbles in his hand. He had just the right combination of pressure and movement. I didn’t know at the time that the area between the anus and the ball sack was so erotic, but Brandon, at that moment, taught me that fact like a master. He rubbed and
pushed into this area and I could feel it wasn’t going to be long till he brought me to orgasm.

“Brandon, no, I’m gonna cum. I don’t want to yet. Stop! Please Stop!” I pleaded. But that was to no avail. He was intent on making me shoot my load into him with no regard to what I wanted. I really wasn’t that upset as you can imagine.

Suddenly, the muscles in my calves started to tighten. I could feel that no matter how much I tried to withhold, I wouldn’t be able to. My balls felt very heavy but I also knew that shortly that would not be a problem. I could feel Brandon’s hands gripping me tighter and keeping me close and deep in his
mouth. I could sense that it was a matter of seconds before I released my cum flowing into his throat.

“Ahhhhhh, I’m cumming Love,” I heard myself say. Did I say Love? I hadn’t said that to anyone, but I knew, deep in my heart that I did love this boy that was taking my manhood and making it his. I felt the first burst explode. It hit the back of his throat so hard, I could sense, as he gulped very hard.
The second and third eruptions were just as potent. As I looked down upon the face of my lover (wow, I finally said it), I could see he was very content and happy about what he had accomplished.
He just looked up with MY cum running out of the side of his mouth. He looked so angelic, so innocent, I just wanted to pull him up to me and kiss him. Oh, what the hell, I thought and reached down with my hands under his arms, pulling him directly to my mouth. He shared me with ME. What a turn on!

“Brandon, thank you,” I muttered as I licked his earlobe. “You have done to me what no guy has ever done, believe me.”

“Bob, can you spend the night?”

“Oh, I’d love to, Brandon, but Dave and Tim,” I said pensively. “What would they think?”

“Bob, they know, trust me,” he said with conviction. “Remember, Dave was here when you and I were playing and saw us, Bob. If that isn’t knowledge, I don’t know what is.”

“Yes, and he told Tim, too, that a-hole!”

“I don’t think he did,” Brandon blurted. “I don’t think he would do that to you.”

Well, if Dave didn’t tell him, how did he know? Why did he make all those comments and innuendo? Thoughts that I couldn’t resolve always drove me crazy and these would until I knew the real truth.

I realized Brandon and I were still holding each other. The peaceful feeling I was experiencing was the most relaxing and enjoyable sensation I have ever felt. This gorgeous boy was here with me, whispering in my ear to spend the night with him. He wanted more of me as I of him.

“Yes, Bran,” I answered as I again took his earlobe into my mouth. “I will stay tonight. I really don’t care what others think because right now I don’t want this to end.”

Here I was. My underwear at my thighs, my limp cock hanging and still dripping my man juice. My new found friend in my arms still hard, waiting and wanting me to return the gift he had just given me.

We began to move toward the bed when we heard a knock at the door. Damn! Here we go again!

NEXT: The Secret is Out!

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