The Adventures of Kyle Duron


Also, as a note in chapter nine Frank mentions how Kyle is four years younger than him. When Luke found Kyle, he was eight Tye and Frank where both 12. I had a writer slip and have frank and tye as eight they were 12 when luke found them.

Change of plans, looks like the return tatoonie will be chapter 11 and not this one. I guess I wanted this chapter to go a certain way. But the exploring of the conclave is coming up as well as a return of an old foe.

Flashback to after the battle of Naboo

After news about Kyle victory got back to the Senate, another heated debate happened.

Senator from Bothan, “This new Jedi Order is to reckless and also this chamber is too reckless. Giving an 18-year-old Jedi a small fleet was to crazy and how does he use it, explores the galaxy, gets into several fights with imperials, and loses about half of his fighters in one battle which he gets replaced.”

Senator from Naboo, “Yes but if he had not acted then my planet would have been under Mandalorian rule. Also, I am thankful for him saving my planet.”
Senator from Orderon, “Just to let this chamber know he did save our govern from space pirates with just his X-Wing when he went home as well as saved the govern again when they were ambushed on the way home from the space port.

Bothan Senator, “Still he is too reckless. Also, I was opposed to him getting that fleet.”

Orderon Senator, “True but look what he has done, he took out an imperial outpost on the planet Endor, took out another imperial force in what is know known as the Second Battle of Hoth. He saved a planet when this body would not act. To my colleague from Bothan, I would rather have a fleet under the command of a Jedi versus a New Republic officer since, a Jedi can act more independently.”

Senator from Tatoonie, “This Kyle is very smart, I received word that a while ago, an Imperial lander landed on my planet and getting out was Kyle with another Jedi and 58 troops. He chooses to only fly in one lander. I say that is smart he keeps the rest of the fleet on the edge of the system. To me that is a wise commander who only brings what he needs.”

Bothan Senator, “Well I still say his action on Naboo where not right.”

After that statement the Senate was divided and a lot of yelling was going on.

Mon Motha, “Order, I will have order.”

As the senate clams down, Mon Motha dismisses the group. Watching this small battle was Captain Sergio.

Sergio, “When I hook up with Kyle, I need to let him know his movements have been noticed.”



Waking up before everyone else, Kyle decides to head into the town of Khoonda. He exits, the conclave and begins the walk into town. The town of Khoonda has grown since the Old Republic. As Kyle, is walking around town, he sees several boys chasing a younger child. Kyle notices this and feels a disturbance in the force, it seems to be coming from the child who is running. Kyle gives, chase.

Older kid, “Hehe now we have you. You think we are so special since you can move things with your hands.”

Older Kid two, “I heard there is a bounty on Jedi and the Empire will pay nice for turning them in.”

Child, “The empire is no more and the Jedi are coming back.”

Older kid three, “Yea, well it is time to beat you up.”

As the three kids move to hurt the 12-year-old Kyle shows up.

Kyle, “Really the jedi are wiped out? What you call me?”

Kyle activates his emerald color lightsaber. The kids hearing that turn around and see a Jedi.

Older kid, “Jediiii, run.”

The three older kids run away.

Child, “You a Jedi?”

Kyle, “Yes I am what’s your name and where are your parents?

Child, “My name is Juan, and my parents died several years ago when the empire came since they helped a group of dissidents.

Kyle, “How come you did not go to the conclave to speak with Ural?

Juan, “I was afraid he would turn me away.”

As Kyle and Juan are talking the several local police show up. Kyle is thinking, am I a police magnet.

Police, “You Jedi, we got a complaint that you were beating up some kids?”

Kyle, “I was not beating up anyone officer. In a matter of fact all I did was ignite my lightsaber which scared away three 18-year-old who were chasing this 12-year-old kid.

Police officer 2, “You mean the street rat”

Kyle, “Oh btw name is Kyle Duron Jedi Weapon Master and I am taking this kid with me.”

Officer 2, “Fine take the kid one less person cluttering up our city.”

As the police are leaving Kyle is thinking that the cops on Onderon where way better, well then again, I was the son of the governor. As the two are heading back to the conclave, the younger boys are starting to wake up. As the younger boys wake up, they start there exploring of the middle and upper levels.

Rick, “We should split up me and Kenta take the upper level while Jeff you and Turtleboy explore the middle levels.”

Jeff, “Sounds good.”

As the two group go exploring, Rick and Kenta come across a door that seemed to be locked.

Kenta, “only time doors need to be locked if something valuable or something nice is in that room.”

As they ponder what to do, Rick takes his lightsaber and use it to cut a hole in the door. They enter the room and inside the room they find several trunks stacked up in rows. The trunks where labeled Ankarres Sapphire, Eralam, Etaan, Dragite, Jenruax, Damind, Rubat, Opila, and Ruusan_crystal. Also in the room are several more trunks labeled expert deflection emitter expert fencing emitter enhanced byrothsis lens, improved beam gem lenses.superior discharge energy cell telgorn jolt cell mark III, ultimate diatium energy cell, as well as superior ion cell.

Rick, “This is all lightsaber components and modifying crystals. Man talk about a huge fine.”

Kenta, “This must have been a storage room to hold all of this stuff. I wonder if there are color crystal here?”

Rick, “There is another door here.”

Kenta, “Let’s open it.”

The two boys open the door to the other room and inside they find several trunks labeled, blue, yellow, viridian,  orange, green, purple, red, silver,cyan, and bronze. Also hiding behind the color crystal trunks where sveral other trunks labled Velmorite, Sapith, Firkrann, and Kasha crystals

Rick, “More color crystals, also four more modifying crystal which I have no idea what they do since Kypt did not leave description of these?”

Kenta, “Look there is pice of paper inside a cover on the side of these trunks.”

The paper explained what these four crystals did

Crystal Firkrann imparts an electrical charge to the weapon that contains it making the saber especially devastating to droids. When used with the superior ion cell and Dragite_crystal, makes for an extreme deadly blade for battling droids with.

Crystal Velmorite When used in a lightsaber, this crystal created a fine, thin blade for graceful, fluid wielding.

Crystal Sapith When set in a lightsaber’s crystal chamber, sapith generated an intense blade, easier to control than most other blades.

Crystal Kasha When used as a lightsaber crystal, it helped clear the wielder’s mind of distractions, even during tense combat.

As Rick and Kenta where exploring the upper level, Jeff and Turtleboy are exploring the middle level. The come across a room that is labled armory.

Jeff, “Humm I wonder what type of blasters are in there?”

Turtleboy, “Only one way to find out is to open the door.”

As they open the door they see several trunks labeled Mandalorian wepons which inlcuded Mandalorian Assault Rifle, Mandalorian Heavy Repeater, Mandalorian Blaster pistol, Mandalorian heavy blaster pistol as well as another trunk labeled, upgrades to Mandalorian weapons such as Mandalorian Chamber Mark III. Other trunks included Ion blaster rifles and pistol along with Ion charges Mark V, Heavy Repeating Carbine and Heavy Repeating Rifle   along with Power Pulsator Mark IV, Broadened Chamber Mark III   Amplifying Chamber Mark III Precision Chamber Mark and Beam Splitter Mark III, as well as various scopes.

Jeff, “Talk about a find the troops would sure love this stuff.”

As Jeff is talking Major Austin along with four troopers come up from behind. Both Jeff and Turtleboy sensing people coming near them activate their lightsabers

Austin, “It’s just me and some troops.”

Jeff, “Do not scare us again.”

Austin, “Sorry so I see you found the armory.”

Jeff, “Armory”
Austin, “Since we were billeted in the lower level, we had access to the library and it mentioned a room on the middle level loaded with weapons and components. So, for now we will lock this room and when we get ready to leave, we will take this stuff.”

Jeff, “Isn’t this like stealing from Ural?”

Austin, “Kyle and I talked with Ural he is fine with us taking whatever we find since he has no need for it and he already saved lightsaber crystals color and modifying as well components.”

Jeff, “Ok.”

After returning to the conclave with the child, Kyle seeks out Ural.

Kyle, “Ural as I was exploring the town, I came across someone.”

Ural, “You mean Juan.”

Kyle, “Why didn’t you take him under your wing the force is strong in him.”
Ural, “I was waiting for him to come to me.”

Kyle, “I see well I brought him here now.”

Ural, “Great, I always wanted to have a padawan.”

As Kyle and Ural head to the conclave courtyard, they see Juan playing with Rick and Kenta. Seeing the two Jedi Master coming near them the group of three stops playing.

Kyle, “Rick, Kenta, I heard about the find you found very nice. Also, I see you met Juan.”

Rick, “Yea he is nice, is he a Jedi?”

Juan, “I am just a youngling till age 12 according to the reports I read. But I need a master.”

Ural, “Juan, I want to be your master and for you to train under me.”

Juan, “You mean it.”

Ural, “Yes I do.”

As this was going on, coming out of hyperspace near the planet Dantoonie, is the New Republic Mon Calamari strike Banshee under the command of Captain Sergia Galinhorn which was comprised of 1

MC-80 which carried 48 X-Wing, 36 E-Wings, 24 B-Wings 24 A-Wings, as well as 12 K-Wings 12 Y-Wing along with six MC-40 Cruiser, each carrying an additional squadron of X, E, B, A, K, and Y-wings, four MC-30 frigates four Nebulon B-Frigates, four assault frigates mark 2, and 12 CR-90. As the strike group comes out of hyperspace Sergio and Banshee Squadron deploy

Sergio, “To Banshee Squadron stay sharp there could be imperial force still around.

Banshee 2 to Banshee 1

Sergio, “Go ahead 2.”

Banshee 2, “Sir my scope is picking up a New Republic Battle group at our 3-o clock, lead ship comes back as the Endor, sir.”

Sergio, “Well that who we are looking for, General Antilles sent us to back them up.”

Banshee one to Star Defender Endor come in please over. On board the Endor,

Coms, “Admiral we are receiving a transmission from a Banshee one?”
Kirito, “Accept it.”

A hologram of Sergio shows up.

Sergio, “Kirito old pal I see you are an Admiral now hu?”

Kirito, “What brings a New Republic strike group out this way?”

Sergio, “We received orders from General Antilles to link up with your fleet.”

Kirito, “I see you have a small fleet as well?”
Sergio, “Yep we mainly do hit and run but Wedge wanted to attach my small fleet to yours.

Kirito, “We could gladly use help.”

Sergio, “Where is Kyle may I ask?”

Kirito, “He is down on the planet however due to a very nasty storm down there we cannot get in touch with him. But the storm has passed so you may be able to land.”

Sergio, “Well I will head down. Banshee fleet join up with the rest of the ships, Banshee squadron head back to the main ship I am heading down to the planet.”

After getting copies, Sergio, turns his X-Wing towards the planet. As, he is coming to the planet, he is not challenged by the roving patrols since he is flying an X-Wing with the marking of the New Republic. After breaking through the atmosphere, he sees the town of Khoonda and heads to the landing field nearing the landing field he sees three sentinel class landers bearing the markings of the Jedi Order. After landing near the landers, he opens his canopy and exits his ship, people are starting left and right and are thinking what another New Republic pilot is doing way out here. After exiting his X-Wing he goes into the cargo compartment and grabs his A280C blaster rifle, along with his DH-17 in his leg holster. After gearing up, he heads out to find a speeder rental place. As he is walking, several local police come up to him.

Sergio, “Greetings officer is there a problem?”

Local police, “We noticed your outfit you are the seventh person wearing that outfit.”

Sergio, “You there are other New Republic pilots down here?”

Police, “Speaking of them they are over there in the local cantina.”

As Sergio looks over to the area, he does see several pilots.

Sergio, “Thank you officer. Also, which way to the Jedi Conclave?”

Police, “Head south out of town you cannot miss it.”

As Sergio heads to talk with the other pilots he notices they notice him.

Arthur, “Well well well if it isn’t Captain Sergio of the Banshee strike group. What brings you down to this planet?”

Sergio, “Arthur my group just got into the system and I was asked by Admiral Antilles to get in touch with Kyle.”

Arthur, “We just dropped him and a few other off and were on our way back to the fleet when we had to land here seems like one of our engines was damaged, in a huge dust storm.”

Sergio, “I see well I am off to the conclave.”

Arthur, “See you later.”

After talking to the pilots Sergio rents a speeder and heads out to the conclave. As Sergio is nearing the conclave, he stops his speeder and brings out his binoculars to see what is going on. Through his binoculars he notices five boys playing in the grass near the conclave as well seeing eight adults and one teenage boy just watching over the five younger boys. Sergio notices that the adults all have lightsabers on their belts. Well, this looks like the right place time to go find Master Duron. Sergio, puts the speeder into gear and heads over. Kyle seeing the speeder coming thinks who the heck is this? As the speeder comes closer, Kyle notices the driver is wearing a New Republic flight suite. The speeder stops.

Sergio, Captain Sergio Galinhorn reporting to General Kyle Duron.”

Kyle, “Sergio, what brings the Banshee strike group into this neck of the woods?

Sergio, “General Antilles order my strike group to this area to hook up with you.”

Kyle, “So Wedge, thinks I need more ships or are you here to keep an eye on me since my little adventure on Naboo was notices?”

Sergio, “Man I was in the senate right after that and it was heated. Also, why would need to keep an eye on a Jedi?”
Kyle, “How heated was the senate?”
Sergio, “Let’s say the senator from Bothan and a few other worlds thought you acted rashly while the Senator from Naboo and others think you acted in accordance in maintaining the peace. Also, the Bothan senator before you attack called the invasion of Naboo karma for spawning the emperor.”

“Kyle, He did not!”

Sergio, “Oh yes he did after that it was an uproar. It made the news. Also, the senator from your home planet defended you and said if it was not for you there would have been an uprising?”

Kyle, “Yep, turns out a group wanted to overthrow my dad they did not except me to be in the car with him. They were also dumb sent their whole group to attack.”

Sergio, “Also your early movements were brought up by the Bothan senator and he was questing why an 18-year-old was given a small fleet?”

Kyle, “Well he has no say over what I do. I go where Luke tells me to go.”

Meanwhile in the space above the planet are the ships of Kyle Duron fleet, the Dantoonie space force and Banshee strike group. Kyle fleet is comprised of one Viscount-class_Star_Defender along with ten CR 90, four assault frigates mark 2, four MC-30 six Nebulon B Frigates alone with six MC-40 cruisers, four MC-80, along with 240 X-Wings 144 A-Wings, 84 E-Wings, 144 B-Wings with 120 Y-Wing and 120 K-Wing. While the space forces of Dantoonie consist of 96 X-Wings, 48 E-Wings, as well as 72 A-Wings, along fourteen dreadnought class cruiser, twelve Venator class Star Destroyer. Returning from an outer patrol are ten Arquitens-class light cruiser and eight Consular class cruiser which make up the remainder of the Datoonie Space force. Along with the Banshee Strike group. Suddenly coming from Hyperspace in front of this force is a force of 20 Imperial Class star destroyers mark two, 50 victory class star destroyers, 60 Lancer-class frigates, six interdictor cruiser and 2 Super Star Destroyers.

On board the Endor,

Kirito, “What the fuck!!! Kirito to Kyle he has returned with a massive force be on guard for an imperial land invasion. Deploying all troops, all combat speeder and tanks. As well as the snowspeeders and V-Wings.”

After sending that message, Kirito sends another message requesting help from any New Republic fleets in the area since he knows that his force along with the Dantooine forces and the strike group are not enough.

As Kyle and Sergio are talking, Kyle’s com goes off. The message from Kirito plays.

Kyle, “Shit, he is back.”

Sergio, “Who is back?”

Kyle, “Imperial Warlord Matt the Rev.”

As Kyle is talking, all 60 U-55 orbital load lifters along with 100 Sentinel class landers and 20 Lamdba shuttles come down.

Jerad, “General sir, all 3000 troops are down along with all tanks and speeders.”

Kyle, “Very good set up Defense position around the conclave, and let’s try to keep the battle here and not have it spread to the city.”

Jerad, “Understood.”

After saying that, trenches are being dug around the conclave for the men as well as the tanks and speeders, Ako snowspeeder group along with the V-wings hid out of site ready to strike when needed.

Ural, “May not be the time but this conclave has shield generator.”

Kyle, “A shield generator?”

Ural, “Yes very strong, the rebels added it before they left the planet and the empire never found it.”

Kyle, “That will come in handed”

Ural, “Just one thing it can block lasers but not men or Vehicles.”

Kyle, “Well, at least it’s nice to have as a backup plan if they decide to bombard us.”

On board the Allegiance

Carth, “Holy shit that’s a lot of imperial ships! Carth to Kirito you see this.”

On board the Endor

Kirito, “I read you.”

On board the Super Star Destroyer Revent Horizon

Imperial WarLord Matt the Rev

Matt, “Order the assault ships to start their approach and inform all ground force our target is the conclave and not the settlement. Now Kyle, your fleet is no match for this massive force.

Oh, boy looks like Kyle is in trouble now, do the two fleets and the strike group combined have enough firepower to take on the massive imperial fleet? What will happen in the ground battle? Will Kirito’s message get through? Guess you will find out in Chapter 11 Space and Ground battle of Dantoonie.







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