“I’m not breathless!!! YOU’RE breathless!!! And…and…leave me alone!” Hehehe! 😛

Coming from the Netherlands this month is 14 year old Thimo Van Haaren. And I am being completely honest when I say that I began writing a story about him the very first time I saw him! Hehehe, I guess it was just literary love at first sight, and the idea of the story was something that I had on the back burner for quite a while now…but…WOW! It was like, “THIS has to be my love interest! He’s perfect!” (“Weight In Gold”…coming soon to Imagine Magazine!)

Thimo is an actor, both in theater and on film…he does voice over work for certain animated projects…a highly sought out model…AND he’s also an accomplished singer. So to say that he’s a jack of all creative trades would be an understatement. Which is cool, because the more we get to see of him, the better. You know…because he’s absolutely breathtaking!

Working under the umbrella of the Meulenberg Casting Agency, he’s already done a number of quality short films, as well as movies and shows such as ‘Benidorm Bastards & de Boefjes’, Zapp Detective, and ‘Tiny Ones Transport Service’. So booking new projects only seems to be getting easier for him as he gracefully glides into his teen years.

“I started with musicals. ‘Ciske de Rat’ was my first major production. We toured with this throughout the Netherlands. After that, I played in ‘The Chrismas Show’ in Ziggo Dome, where I had a performance with Danny de Munk and Yolanthe Cabau van Kasbergen. Then followed ‘Elisabeth in Concert’, ‘Caro’ and at the moment I play in ‘Kinky Boots.'” Thimo says. Already a veteran before his age even reached double digits. “We are now very selective in accepting assignments. It must be of use to you. There are many children who want to become a model. Some children do assignments without compensation. As a result, the market is changing. Companies make use of it.”

Sighhhh…I wanna live in a place where the boys are all so beautiful that they’re willing to model for FREE just to compete! Hehehe!

Beginning at the tender age of seven, Thimo Van Haaren has done the whole catwalk thing for brands like Indian Blue Jeans, Monta Juniors, Nelson, Xenos, Lief Lifestyle, K-Fashion,Scapino, and many others. As well as doing commercial ads for Iglo, BMW, Bol.com, and Scuula. He is truly doing big things right now, and I hope to see even more in the near future!

And when all of that is said and done, Thimo still has his alluring singing voice to fall back on!

Seriously! Who IS this boy?

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When asked about his very first modeling gig, Thimo said, “That was for Scapino on the football field in football clothing. Then in football clothing in a studio. I hung out in the Scapino store while kicking a ball, but I don’t like football at all. I was also in the Scapino brochures. It was so nice that I saw myself in it. When the postman delivered the brochures, I even ran after him to ask for more brochures. The Scapino photographer complimented me and said that I listened like an adult. He thought I should definitely continue modeling.” And that was, apparently what started it all. However, not everyone his age seems to really understand his profession, and he just seems to want to be seen as a regular, fun loving, boy when he goes to school.

“In the Iglo commercial I played a 10-year-old boy as a 10-year-old boy.
It is sometimes difficult that children in my class see me as the person I play. When I played with a doll in the Iglo commercial I was bullied with it.” He says about his early experiences. “But if someone says something unkind to me – they sometimes call me gay, for example – then I don’t care.”

Trust me, Thimo…ANY boy that spends his time calling you gay…just really REALLY wants you to be gay! Hehehe! They are praying every night for it. Trust me on this.

As for his singing career, that is also taking off, and will probably do even better once this whole pandemic things is over and done with. Performing on Eurovision’s Junior Song Festival, Thimo dazzled fans with his voice and grand appeal…and he has since competed to be a part of a boyband. A competition that he won! The band’s name is T-Square, and the group has already had a number of hit singles on the charts! So it looks like he really can do know wrong when it comes to being amazing these days!

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When asked about the modeling biz, Thimo replied, “I think that everyone can become a model, because everyone is beautiful by themselves. You have to like it a lot yourself, then you radiate that too.” And I can’t help but to wholly agree on that! Congrats, cutie! Best of luck to you in the future! And stay beautiful!

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