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Chapter 7

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! How could this possibly have happened?!?!?! How is it that HE is always the core reason for pissing me off to the point that I want to STRANGLE him to DEATH?!?!?! I had just opened up my itinerary for our trip to New York City and was looking through my schedule when I saw it. Right under the “hotel room buddies” list and written clear as daylight. . . was Julian’s name — right NEXT TO Landon’s!!!! I mean SURE ‘this’ time I really couldn’t actually blame Landon for this. . . . but how is he always part of all the problems I have in my life whether he’s doing it on purpose or not?!?! It’s like I’m cursed when it comes to this boy! For the past few days all I thought about was the chance to be alone with Julian in a room together, where no prying eyes would see us, and no bugging voices would interrupt us! Where we could just enjoy each other’s company in peace for once! It wasn’t so much that Julian and I wanted it. . . but NEEDED it! And whowas the stupid assistant that decided it would be a bright idea to ‘buddy up’ all the actors in alphabetical order?!?! I was FUMING!!! And according to this list, I’m stuck with Nolan, and Julian would be seven floors away!!! That was seven floors too many where Landon could seduce and have his way with Julian without me being there to prevent it!!! UGH. . . but I couldn’t blame Landon for this, no. I have to keep my temper on this. Because it’s not his fault. He didn’t make the list. . . . . . did he?! I wouldn’t be surprised if it was HIM that whispered in that assistant’s ear about getting a private suite with Julian!! NO! No, I just. . . I need to calm down. . . this wasn’t Landon’s fault. No. It’ll be okay. . . I’ll just talk to Jim and maybe. . . maybe what? What could I possibly say to him? It’s not like I can just come up to Jim, pat him on the shoulder and tell him “Hey Jimbo buddy. . . ’bout this list, I’m not liking it. I need a room with Julian alone so we can fuck!” I mean C’MON!!! Oh God what was I going to do?!?!?!

“Honey, I put your best clothes in your carry-on luggage, so it doesn’t wrinkle too much. And don’t forget, your toothbrush and shampoo are in the larger bag with the single zip, BUT not the largest one with the two zips — that has your extra shoes and jeans in it,” my mom was in the process of helping me pack my bags for the trip. . . and she was totally making the whole thing an ‘organizational ordeal’! At this rate, she might as well start color coordinating my bags and writing “UNDEROOS IN HERE HONEY” on one of the bags! And I just wasn’t currently in the mood to deal with all of this either! I was pacing around the living room trying to concentrate on the itinerary, hoping I had somehow read something wrong and maybe the list meant that those mentioned together were NOT room buddies!

“And also make sure to take out ALL your clothes once you get to your hotel room and hang them in the closet. . .” my mom continued talking as she folded up some shirts. Despite this though, I’ve really been feeling bad for Landon. He’s acted so unlike himself these past few days, since he caught me and Julian kissing. I still didn’t know where to pinpoint what I felt about it though. Should I be afraid? Or should I feel comforted that he’s basically left us alone lately? But I think the silence and complete inaction was probably more unnerving than anything! Sigh. . . why did I have to have this ‘guilty’ feeling about Landon if me and Julian fell in love first?! It’s not MY fault that Julian chose me over him!

“. . . Otherwise the wrinkles will be hard to remove when you iron them. And when you’re ironing, make sure to-”

Okay mom! I got it! I think I know how to iron my own clothes!” I snapped. I just couldn’t keep up with my own thoughts and her nagging about this stupid luggage!

Well, you don’t have to get so fussy about it, Adam. I know you’ve been working really hard and you have a lot on your mind. But you could keep some sense in you while you’re doing it, you know,” she replied, looking down at the shirts as she folded them. I immediately felt guilty about snapping at her out of the blue like that. But the bad part about arguing with my mom was that whether I was right or wrong. . . once it got started, I always tried to justify myself and it usually only made things worse. And if an argument kept heating up, my mom would draw out her secret weapon and say I was stubborn — like my father. And THAT really got me riled up!

“And don’t think Jim and Donna didn’t tell me about your little ‘scene’ the other day,” she continued. UGH! She doesn’t have a CLUE about what happened there the other night! I bet all they told her was that their ‘little boy’ went all drama on the set and tried to attack all the actors. . . and maybe the cameramen for good measure! But instead of arguing I just rolled my eyes angrily and excused myself to my room so things wouldn’t ‘escalate’.

The phone rang the moment I entered my room and I decided to pick it up before my mom did. Phone calls were usually for me anyway. And with my current luck, it was probably Jim calling to let me know that the hotel had only ONE bed per room. If that were true, I’ll make sure Landon doesn’t even step FOOT inside that hotel!!!


“Hey. . .” JULIAN! Oh man, despite my anger I couldn’t resist a BIG smile spreading across my face at hearing his angelic voice through the phone so unexpectedly!

“Julian!” I whispered loudly. I ran to the door and quietly closed it shut. “Julian, did you take a look at the schedule for tomorrow?”

“Yeah. . . that’s kinda why I called. . .” he replied softly. Sigh. . . God how I wish I could see his beautiful face as she spoke! I threw my body on my bed and looked up at the ceiling as we spoke.

“What are we going to do? I mean, this totally sucks, Julian!” I said, after a moment of silence.

“I know. . . but um. . . I kinda called Landon already. . .” I could ‘hear’ him nervously bite his lower lip. I sat up on my bed.


“Well, I kinda asked him if maybe he’d um, be willing to switch rooms with us. . . so we could you know, have the same room together. . .” he trailed off for a moment.

“What’d he say?” I asked quickly. Landon. . . h-he’d understand, right? I mean, he knows what Julian and I share. . . he’d be understanding about it now! He has to be!!!

“He um, he said he’ll think about it,” Julian replied. WHAT?!?!?! Why the hell would Landon need to ‘think about it’?!?! He has NO business being around my boy without proper supervision, dammit! And he knows it!

“I should talk to him! I know I can convince him to change his mind if I just speak to him real quick!” I quickly replied.

“No, wait. . . Adam. Don’t. You really shouldn’t,” Julian whined. Sigh. . . I guess he didn’t want another repeat of the other night happening all over again.

“ADAM. . .! How many black socks do you need?” I heard my mom yell from the living room. Julian giggled cutely over the phone. He told me he kinda had to finish getting his stuff packed too anyway.

“But listen, I’ll try and talk to Landon again tomorrow. . . just, don’t worry. . . we’ll figure something out, okay?” said Julian. I could hear a distinct tone of desperation in his voice. . . as if he needed this as much as I did. Sigh. . . he’s just too much!

“Sigh. . . okay. I’ll see you tomorrow then,” I paused for a second, “I love you Julian,” I whispered into the phone. I could hear a small whine escape his lips.

“I love you too Adam,” he whimpered, and hung up before he started crying over the phone. He’s so amazing.

I tried to keep calm the rest of the evening. But images of what possibly could happen kept popping up in my head. It was so very distracting! I think my mom thought I was acting strange because of the filming, so she kinda just left me alone most of the time. Which was good, because I needed time to just think. Why would Landon want to ‘dangle’ this over my head? He knows he can’t win over Julian. So why is he still threatening me like this? I had really thought that after the other night that things might start to change between me and Landon. I mean, we had sort of ‘connected’, hadn’t we? He had shared with me something that I think was a very important piece of himself. He had admitted to me that he was basically, in love with Julian. But there was NO WAY in hell that he was going to even THINK about taking him away from me! And if getting Julian to bunk with him was part of this little scheme then I’ll make sure I’m in the way as much as possible to prevent that from happening! I was glad that I spent a lot of time thinking about so many things while packing, because by the time I got to bed, all I heard in my head was a strange buzzing sound. That sort of blank state of being where your mind has gone through so many thoughts that after a certain point it just doesn’t respond anymore, you know?

I was able to get a good nights rest for once, and it was just as well because the next morning was an insane rush! I had to get ready quickly so I could sit down for a moment and have some breakfast. But before I even put down my plate, some assistants arrived to carry my luggage to my shuttle.

“You behave yourself now, got it?” said my mom as she hugged me goodbye at the door.

“Yeah. . . I’ll try,” I said, smiling up at her. She brushed my hair from my eyes and gave me a strange smile.

“I’m so very proud of you,” she said.

“Hehe, you keep saying that. . .” I blushed.

“Because I mean it. Now, get going honey. . . and I’ll see you soon,” she said. I think she was getting teary eyed so I decided to leave before she got more emotional!

“Call me every day!” she yelled as I got in the shuttle. I nodded and waved goodbye as the shuttle drove me away.

The drive to O’Hare was uneventful — but the walk THROUGH the airport was anything BUT uneventful! People all over were recognizing me, and running up to me to get pictures or autographs. And at first I kinda stopped to sign some for the fans, but my ‘escorts’ told me that I needed to keep moving along. THEN the paparazzi showed up! I’d never seen so many clustered together like that. . . they were like a swarm of bees or something! And they like moved as ‘one’ entity!!! And the very moment one of them pointed me out, they all ran in my direction like a huge thundering wave! My escorts did their best to keep the paparazzi at bay as we walked to our terminal, but it was very difficult — with all the flashes and yelling! It was wild!

My heart leapt to my throat when I spotted Julian, along with a few other cast members standing around near our terminal. And once Julian turned and saw me surrounded by the mob of paparazzi, he broke out into a bright smile that just made my day! He could be away from me for just one hour, but the moment I see him again, it’s like I’m seeing him for the first time all over again! He was just so incredibly stunning! But we didn’t have much time for greetings, as we were quickly ushered into our terminal to check in.

My ‘problem’ came rushing back to me once we reached our waiting area. Landon was already there, sitting next to Alison who was babbling on and on to Landon. But Landon’s eyes were on me and Julian from the moment we rounded the corner, as his bright blue orbs peeped above his sunglasses. He looked so. . . ‘star-like’; sitting there with a leg resting on his lap and his expensive sunglasses tilting a bit down his nose as he turned page after page of a magazine. He had designer clothes that were perfectly creased as if they were bought that very morning. And his hair was immaculate as ever. God, there was something so dirty about him! But he was clearly not paying attention to a single word Alison was sending his way. He only half-heartedly ‘nodded’ to everyone as we approached. Everyone was pretty much used to his Hollywood-bratty behavior. But it annoyed me to no end! I did my best to immerse myself in my conversation with Julian as we waited for our plane. But it was difficult with Landon sitting there across from us, always looking up at us from his magazine and giving me this strange blank stare. ARGH! What the hell is he thinking?! God how I wish I was a vampire so I could read his every thought and get an UNDERSTANDING on why he was being so. . . I DON’T KNOW! I couldn’t even give a name for it! Was it jealousy? It had to be! He was just jealous about what Julian and I had, and I think he was planning a way to take that away from me. . . as payback for taking his spot as Justin in the film! It ALL made sense now! Of course! Why didn’t I see it before?!?! I’m sure that Landon could get himself ANY other boy on this planet. . . it wouldn’t be very difficult! Imagine all the gay teens out there who drool over him constantly, wishing they had just a single chance with Landon Delani? Like I said, Landon had a vast ‘field’ to work with here! But NO, he wanted to take MY Julian from me!

“Are you okay?” Julian snapped me back to reality. I looked at him and smiled faintly.

“Oh uh, yeah. Just. . . thinking,” I replied. I looked over at Landon again, who was now reading some article in the magazine, then back at Julian.

“Don’t worry. . . we’ll figure something out, okay?” he whispered. This boy knew me inside out. I guess maybe I was kinda being a little selfish here. But I couldn’t help what I was feeling now! It was like my body was on autopilot and it NEEDED to be alone with Julian at any costs! I could hide it from others, but I couldn’t hide it from myself, I was SEXUALLY frustrated here! It’s like my brain kept telling me ‘MATE MATE MATE’! And all this time with someone so sexy, so sweet, and lovable like Julian. . . and I can barely land a kiss or two IF THAT! It’s a horny teenager’s worst nightmare! And from the looks he gave me all the time, I know he felt the same frustrations running through his body. And already our hormones got the best of us and got caught once!

But once we finally got on our plane I tried to just not think about anything at all and get some more rest. Julian ended up seating a few seats across from me, and the plane was halted for another hour until some strong wind currents died down — and my cutie had fallen asleep. I watched his beautiful face as it slowly bobbed up and down in his sleep for a few moments. Sigh. . . what a cutie.

I looked over at Landon who was on the other side of the plane, and he was already ‘requesting’ a warmed pillow to rest on to one of the flight attendants. With that, I closed my eyes and didn’t open them again until we arrived at JFK airport. It was already evening when we arrived, and as the seconds ticked by I felt my heart start to beat a little louder. According to our itinerary, we were going to be given the evening to check in to our hotel rooms and rest until the next afternoon. With a sudden pang, I realized that there was absolutely nothing I could do to change the fact that Julian was going to be rooming with Landon. . .

We were staying in a very prominent hotel right next to Central Park. I think the executives wanted more publicity — and a bunch of GFD cast members at a famous hotel walking in and out each day was big marketing bucks for them. Sure enough, there were what looked like two hundred fans crowding the area around the regal looking hotel when we arrived. Landon only eyed me for a second before he took off inside the hotel. Funny, you’d think he’d stick around his fans to show off or something. Donna and a few other assistants were there, helping all the actors find their way at the entrance as they ‘roll called’ everyone. Julian spoke loudly over the fans that he was going to check in and put his luggage away. I nodded and decided to stick around the fans to sign autographs and take pictures with them. After a while the noise level and photo flashes started getting me dizzy so I quickly made it inside the hotel and checked in with Donna and then the hotel. I quickly called my mom and after that, and then just sort of looked around and decided to go in my room. I guess I felt really depressed as I made my way up to my room. Maybe I let the fantasy of being able to room with Julian all this time run through my head too much that the crash was now devastating. Talking to Landon wasn’t going to work, as he was obviously just shutting himself out. Sigh. . . I might as well resign myself to it now. . . maybe Nolan could teach me a few things about acting while we roomed together I guess. . .

I reached my room and slid my card key in but the little light on the handle wouldn’t blink. I tried again — nothing. Strange. I didn’t expect Nolan to be here already but before I could raise my hand to knock on the door, it suddenly swung open and I was face to face not with Nolan but Landon!

“Landon. . .?” I was a bit confused to say the least!

Wrong room, ‘Justy’. I suggest you try seven more floors, babe.” he said in his usual sneer. But he didn’t smile, in fact, his eyes looked tired. . . and, red? I quickly looked at my card key and then the door number and back at him.

“I — wait, what?” But it suddenly hit me, and I quickly realized what Landon had just done!

“Well? Get outta my face already, I need my beauty sleep. . .” he said. I don’t know if he was trying to sound as normal as possible. . . but I could distinctly hear a tone of sadness in his voice. . . I looked up at him and gave him a faint smile.

“Landon. . . . . . I — thanks. . . just. . . thanks,” I said honestly. I didn’t know what else to say.

“You can thank me by getting out of my face,” he said with an annoyed voice. For once, I didn’t argue with him. I quickly turned and went down the hall to the elevators again, but not before turning my head back to see Landon still standing on the doorway, quietly looking down at the decorative carpet, before slowly closing his door.

I COULDN’T wait for the elevator to reach its destination! The moment it opened I grabbed my luggage firmly by the handle and ran as fast as I could down the hallway until I reached the correct room as it was imprinted on the card! I was breathing hard and fast, and my heart was beating faster! And it had NOTHING to do with me running at top speed with a bag that weighed thirty pounds!

I finally reached my destination and with a shaky hand I slipped the card key into the slot and it beeped in acknowledgement! I opened the door and shut it behind me quickly. There was a small hallway that led to a rather nice looking living room area that also doubled as the sleeping area, as it had two beds near the windows at the end. And sitting on one of those beds was him. . . my beloved Julian!

“Adam?!” he exclaimed when he saw me walk into the room. He stood up and walked up halfway up to me. I let my bag drop.

“What are you doing here?” he said, a smile forming on his beautiful face.

“Landon. . . he uh, ‘thought about it’,” I replied with a smile in return. He smiled so much more brightly than I have ever seen him smile, and suddenly without warning he jumped over to me and tackled me into the strongest and most loving hug ever!!!

Oh Adam!” he breathed into my neck as we hugged. We parted after what felt like an hour of holding each other where we stood, and smiled at each other brightly.

“. . . Alone, at last!” I breathed out slightly nervously. Julian blushed a rich rosy color, and smiled bashfully at me in return. Finally! Away from all the noise, the lights, from everything! Even if it was just for one night!

For a moment, I became lost in his emerald green eyes; they glowed with a magnificent aura. . . taking whatever light they received and radiating it into that amazing glow! We slowly leaned our head forward and our noses gently bumped together. Still smiling, still giggling. . . and so happy to be together.

That’s when a loud and embarrassing rumbling surged through my stomach!

“Hehehe! I think someone’s hungry!” giggled Julian. I blushed but gave him a peck on the lips.

“Yeah. . . I kinda am hungry. I don’t know about you, but I haven’t eaten since this morning,” I said.

“Hey! We can order our food and eat it right here!” Julian said excitedly.

“That sounds good to me!” I smiled brightly.

The hotel staff must’ve given our order a double-take, because we ordered A LOT of food! Hehehehe! It was so cool! We asked what they could make, and they said they could make ANYTHING we wanted! So we got a ‘little’ carried away and ordered a TON of food! Which was mostly junk food! Pizza! Hamburgers! Lasagna! Tacos! Hot dogs! Roasted chicken! Lobster (just for the hell of it!) and a WILD assortment of desserts as a final treat! And then, while we waited for our food to arrive, Julian and I started unpacking our luggage and THAT somehow suddenly turned into a clothe fight! Suddenly, we started balling up shirts and socks and even underwear and throwing it at each other from across the room! We laughed so hard as we tried to be ‘stealthy’ about it. . . hiding behind the furniture in an attempt to ambush each other! And the look on the face of the housekeeper that came in with our food was priceless! She must’ve been so shocked to see the room in such a mess after less than an hour of occupancy! Hehehe! I guess we did ‘kinda’ litter the place with clothes! She was probably just as shocked to see that it was only the two of us that were going to eat, or at least TRY to eat all this food! She gave us a look that said “Ugh. . . Hollywood teenagers!”

But the moment she left, we sat down on the couch in front of all our food, turned on the TV and dug in! We sampled everything we ordered, not caring to wait for the end to start on our desserts! And Julian made me laugh so many times when he knew my mouth was full of food or soda! It became like a little game, as we tried to make the other spit their food out! It was the first time that I really spent with Julian completely carefree of anything else! He was sooo amazing! Eventually though, our silliness died down and we started having more serious, ‘fulfilling’ conversations. We just talked about what we felt, what we enjoyed, about life, and about each other. And before we knew it, we were leaning back on the couch facing each as our lips smacked each other repeatedly and hungrily! I could taste the chocolate cake that he had eaten earlier as our tongues danced together sensually. I was sooo hard at that moment! We stopped kissing for a moment only to look into each other’s eyes for a while. I caressed his smooth cheek and ran my fingers through his hair. Then we giggled out loud all of a sudden! God! Julian was just so PERFECT!

We each got up and brushed our teeth as we got ready for bed. I think a bit of tension began to rise between us as the seconds clicked. Julian was much more quiet, and much more shy than ever before and it was making me want him so much more! He didn’t say much as he finished brushing his teeth and went out to the room again. I was so excited, but at the same time. . . I didn’t know what I was doing! Or what I was going to do! That day in his trailer, when we had that mind-blowing experience. . . that just sort of happened! But this, this wasn’t as spontaneous. And it was making me so nervous! But I finished up in the bathroom and walked over to my bed when I was stopped by Julian, who was sitting on the other bed.

“Oh. . . I um, I thought you were going to. . .” he trailed off as he looked across at his bed. I looked at him inquisitively and noticed that he had thrown all the stuff he had on the bed to the side and parted the blankets — on both sides. And he had dimmed the lights. I looked up at him and he blushed profusely. My heart began to palpitate excitedly. I decided to just go with my desires. My hands trembled excitedly as I slowly walked over to Julian and sat down next to him on the bed. Even though he looked like he was trying to maintain his ‘cool’, Julian still looked over at me so very shyly.

“I’m so happy, to be here with you right now, Julian. . .” I whispered. I reached forward and held his hand in mine. He took it and gripped it tightly as he looked at me with misty eyes.

“Me too. . .” he whispered back. I could clearly see a bulge forming in his jeans, and it only excited me all the more! I was HOT with excitement! It was a strange new feeling! And I think the freedom of knowing that no one was going to come in and interrupt us was making it all the more exciting! It was then that I caught that scent again, that powerful scent that seemed to emanate from all over his body. And it sent shiversthrough me! I looked at him with as much love as I could muster, and we leaned forward again and joined in a beautiful, heartfelt kiss. His gentle whimper was so arousing to me, and when I felt his hand touch my leg it sent a spark up my hardness and made it swell to new levels! We were both breathing hard now. I don’t ever remember my hardness feeling as hot and as hard as it did at that moment! And then Julian began leaning back on the bed, resting his head on the big fluffy pillows and bringing me on top of him. We looked into each other’s eyes with such love, such lust. That electric spark ran through my body again, and I knew at that moment that I wanted Julian. . . that I needed him. And from the powerful glance he was giving me in return, I knew he was thinking the exact same thing.

“God. . . Adam. . . I — I’ve wanted to be with you like this, for so long. . .” he sighed and whispered as I caressed his ears and looked into each other’s eyes. Our lips met again, this time more forcefully than before. His moans were encouraging, and the hot wetness that developed on our lips and tongues was the most erotic thing ever! We started rolling around on the bed. . . grinding into each other through our rough jeans. And then, as sat on top of Julian I looked down at him, I leaned up and pulled off my shirt with one swift motion. I think I heard a slight gasp escape his red lips as he looked at my bare chest. But he didn’t shy away. . . he did not hide the fact that he was staring my every curve and inch of skin. . . and then he placed a hand on my chest, and that sent another spark surging through my body once more! He tentatively caressed my chest, feeling it at his own pace. His gentle fingers were so soft and loving, I’ll never forget that touch. And then he leaned up to meet me sitting down, with me still sitting on top of his hips and he kissed me passionately. We wrapped our arms around each other, I caressed his back and slowly moved my hands under his shirt and felt his satiny smooth skin. Oh God how soft and warm he was! He parted his body from me slightly, as if to say that I should take off his shirt. Looking at his eyes carefully. . . I slowly pulled up his shirt, and removed it from his body, his hair cascading down sensually as the shirt left him nude from above the waist. I looked at him, taking in the breathtaking sight. Julian blushed a little, as he sat there while I took him in. But just one look to each other’s eyes again and it was enough to smash our faces together. . . this time feeling our hot smooth skins come into contact for the first time.

We leaned back down on the bed as we made out for what felt like hours, but in reality probably just a few minutes. My hands began to explore his body, and ever so tentatively and just as my longing couldn’t hold back any longer. . . I placed a gentle hand on the button of his jeans. Julian suddenly stopped moving, and I thought I might have made a mistake. But he looked down at my hand, then up at me with dreamy eyes. . . and he slowly nodded as he closed his eyes. My heart beat was going through the roof, as I carefully unbuttoned his jeans and then slowly touched the pull on his zipper. I could clearly feel a hard shape below that zipper, as ever so slowly I unzipped his jeans. I’ll never forget the incredibly sexy sound of Julian’s zipper peeling down, as long as I live. With his jeans open, I now grabbed them by the waist and began to peel them down his hips and then legs, with a little wiggling action from Julian to help me take them off. I marveled at the sight of his legs as they appeared before my eyes. I threw his jeans to the floor next to the bed and then slowly peeled off his socks. I looked up at him, laying there on the bed with only his underwear to hide his true nudity. Julian was sooo hard, and I could clearly see the shape of his member now, through his tight underwear. I began kissing his legs, slowly moving upward, feeling every inch of his skin on my lips literally made me want to moan out loud. And then I reached his hips, and without thinking I gently placed my nose and face on his crotch and inhaled deeply, that amazing scent wafting into my lungs once more. The feel of his hard member throbbing on my cheek was incredible, and even more so was the loud groan that escaped Julian’s lips! It was then that I realized there was no stopping us now. And I leaned forward to his face and kissed his lips — his cheeks and nose. He looked so lost, with love and emotion at the moment. But my journey to discovering his body was not finished yet.

I again placed a hand on his hip, now feeling the softness of his skin through only his underwear, and I heard a slight whimper from his throat. This was it. . . I was going to see my love in all his beauty. He looked at me, and instead of nodding he spoke.

“Don’t stop. . .” he whispered huskily — urgently. Slipping both thumbs on both sides of his underwear, I slowly began to pull them down, my heart leaping bounds as more skin revealed itself. First skin, then. . . where I had half expected to find some hair, I only found a small amount wispy dark curls, and my mouth watered like never before as I pulled up and out on his underwear and suddenly revealed Julian’s entire body to me. I took in the beautiful sight of his throbbing member as I held his underwear just below his two incredibly smooth looking orbs. He didn’t have a single hair on his body except for the very few curls of hair just above the base of his four and a half inch member. I felt Julian tremble slightly on the bed, and I glanced up at him.

“. . . You’re, beautiful Julian,” I whispered. He closed his eyes and whimpered loudly. I finished peeling off his underwear and threw it down to the floor. He was completely naked. I started working on my jeans before he stopped me, telling me that he wanted to do it himself. And he did it with just as much, if not more care than I showed him in taking off the rest of my clothes, until we were both laying on top of the bed, completely devoid of all clothing and free to explore each other’s bodies with our eyes. And when I placed a leg over his, and leaned over on top of him. . . slowly lowering my member to touch his, we both felt what must have been an EXPLOSION course through our young bodies! The feel of his hardness grinding on top of mine was incredible beyond belief! It was sooo hot and smooth and beyond explanation! And it was like another switch had gone off in both our minds, because we instantly began kissing with a raw passion that almost scared me! I started pushing my hips forward, smashing our throbbing members over and over as they slid up and down together. And Julian reciprocated instantly in return. . . pushing his hips upward to meet my downward thrusts as we made out on that bed — our hands running through each other’s hairs and bodies in an almost animalistic lust!

And at one point Julian lay on top of me as we slowly grinded into each other and I ran my hands down his back and onto those incrediblecheeks! I squeezed and kneaded them hard! And that only encouraged Julian more! And my hand kept moving closer and closer to his crack until eventually I was running a finger up that tender crevice, feeling a sudden indent along the way that made my hardness throb insanely! Julian gasped and looked down at me with this powerfully dreamy stare that almost frightened me!

“Oh God Adam! I-I want you. . . I want you so bad!” he moaned loudly, and we continued kissing hard. Suddenly I felt a hand on my hardness and his body shifted up a little on top of me. I felt him point it up and he leaned back slightly, the head of my hardness now throbbing between the cushiony cheeks of his amazing ass!

“. . . J-Julian, wait. . . uhm. . . what are you doing?” I gasped as he gently rubbed the head up and down his hot, moist crack.

He leaned down and kissed my lips sensually before speaking, “Adam. . . I’ve been dreaming about this for so long. I love you with everything I have Adam. You’re everything to me. And I want our first time to be special. . . I want you. I want you inside me, Adam.” he said huskily. I moaned gently as his lips touched mine as he spoke, “This is like my dream, Adam. There’s no other way I’ve wanted it,” he whispered. God! Hearing him say those words was almost enough to send me over the edge!

“There’s no other way I could imagine being with you too, Julian. You’re the reason I keep on smiling every day. If it wasn’t for you, I don’t think I could have gone this far. . .” I said. Julian closed his eyes and I saw a silvery drop on the corner of his eye. I reached up and gently smeared it away. “I love you with all my being, Julian.” And we leaned into each other and kissed once more. But I slowly stopped him when he started rubbing my hardness across his back once more.

“Mm-Baby. . . um, wait. . . I think we might need some, you know. . .” I said softly. Julian looked at me confused for a second. Then understanding what I meant, he looked around the room and quickly spotted one of those complimentary hand lotion bottle samples the hotel left on the bedside. Watching Julian trying to unscrew the bottle with shakily desperate hands was incredibly erotic in itself! But once he had the cap off, he poured some lotion onto his hand and slowly lathered it all around my hardness. My feet instantly tightened up in automatic response the moment his hand wrapped around my member! It was so strong that I almost felt like giggling out loud! But Julian carefully applied a liberal amount of lotion before he positioned himself on top of me once more. Oh God. . . this was it. . .

Julian looked down at me the whole time, as he grabbed my inches and slowly placed the head at his moist entrance as he hovered above me. The touch was mind-blowing! I thought I may just explode right about then if I didn’t control myself! But that was nothing compared to the feeling of the pressure I began feeling as Julian slowly lowered his weight on my hardness. And suddenly I felt something that felt like an incredibly hot, tight thumb and finger wrap around my head and surround it, and I realized that I had just entered Julian’s body. The thought alone caused my hardness to throb strongly, and that caused Julian’s incredibly hot hole to tighten it’s grip on my member. . . and THAT only caused me to push my hip upward and slowly stab into Julian as he whimpered my name loudly. It was as if our bodies were working together to join us in the most intimate of ways. I could literally feel his tight hole grip my hardness, trying to keep it inside him. . . literally pulling me inside him! My breathing was ragged and shaky. After an eternity, I felt Julian’s soft globes land on my skin. I was completely inside him.

Julian sat there for a moment, trying to get used to the feel of my inches imbedded in him like that. He had a look of slight discomfort on his face, but his own hardness throbbed with each heartbeat, and I could see a pearly white essence begin to form on the tip of his head. I couldn’t describe the feelings in words. . . both physical and emotional. I could only give a vague expression, and that was as nothing compared to the true rush I was experiencing in that moment in time. We were sharing our bodies, we were sharing something that was beyond words or feelings. And no one could ever take that away from us now.

“I love you Adam,” Julian whispered as he looked down at me.

“I love you too Julian,” I said. He leaned down and we began kissing. Slowly, ever so slowly, I felt Julian begin to raise his hips and just as slowly move them down on my inches. The movements were small at first, and I resisted EVERY urge in my teenage body to not start pounding my hips up. . . because I wanted him to get used to me, at his own pace. Slowly, I was rewarded for my patience, as Julian’s lust entered a new level, and we began kissing in a way that we have never kissed before, and before I knew it, he was grinding his ass on top of me and I began pushing upward to meet his thrusts. Oh God! He was so tight! So hot and moist! I couldn’t believe it! I was making love to Julian! He was so beautiful! His tongue danced in my mouth, and I couldn’t resist it anymore. . . I ran my hands down to his hips and grabbed them firmly and started to guide his thrusts with my hands as I pushed upward. Julian moaned in appreciation as he started having new feelings of me pushing deeper still into his hot insides. His grip on my hardness kept getting tighter and tighter by the second! And I didn’t think I could hold on much longer! Before I knew it, he was pushing his hips down onto me hard, and I began to thrust up to him harder still as we both attempted to push my hardness deeper into him than could be possible. A few times we’d push into each other and just grind each other for a moment before pulling away and back again for more. . . God I couldn’t hold it any longer! His heat! His scent! The smell of his sex! It was all too much! The last straw was when I felt his tightness grip me like a vice, and then a warmness spread across my chest as Julian came and whimpered deeply, his hands wrapped around my neck — I placed my hands on the back of his own neck and tightened our lip and tongue bond as he slammed himself on me one last time and I grinded myself up to him and suddenly unloaded myself deep inside him! We stopped moving altogether, and only our hips grinded with lust as I experienced the longest explosion in my life! I just continued pumping and pumping my seed deep into Julian, to the point where I raised my hips above the bed in an attempt to imbed myself deeper still, hoping in my lust that my seed would stay inside him forever. And then it was over.

I don’t know how long it took for our breathing to get to at least a ‘jogging’ pace. The whole time — the whole time we looked deep into each other’s eyes as our noses mashed together and we breathed in and out the same breath. I now felt a bit of sweat on my forehead, and I saw a small amount of perspiration on Julian’s now glowing skin. It almost glittered in the soft dim light of the fancy hotel room.

“O — OH. . . OH MAN. . .! Oh God. . . I love you SO MUCH!” I breathed out huskily. I was the first to speak after so many minutes of post-orgasmic bliss.

“Mmm. . . God. . . you are sooo incredible. . . Adam!” Julian said after another moment to gather his breath. We smiled at each other faintly, relishing in this amazing after-glow.

Julian closed his eyes dreamily, and laid his head on my chest as I wrapped my arms around him lovingly. . . both of us completely and utterly satisfied in every imaginable way possible. Life couldn’t get better than this.

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