“We will return to hug each other and walk among friendly people without fear. We will return to travel and visit magical lands that will leave us…”

Ok, so…I have no idea what that means. Hehehe, but it certainly sounds sweet! A poetic declaration for the ages, I’m sure. Just…maybe it has a deeper man in Italian. Stuff does occasionally get lost in translation, after all.

Young boy model, Alessandro Orrizz, is our special centerfold cutie for the month of May! And it is well deserved. Look at those silky, cascading, locks of lovely brown hair on either side of that flawless face! Is that not a representation of what instant love at first sight looks like? Hehehe!

And…believe it or not…he doesn’t come from friggin’ Australia this time!

Lay OFF, Australia! You have too many cute boys as it is! Somebody needs to teach you guys how to share! Geez! Not only do you have some of the cutest guys ever born on this planet, but your whole continent is full of luxurious beaches where you stuff them into speedos and tight fitting lycra swim suits, and then you go and send them surfing so you can get them all wet and slick and…

0 0 0

…Sorry…lost my train of thought there for a minute…

Alessandro’s beauty and modeling skills got him signed to Italy’s Moda Moda Kids Fashion and Advertising Agency almost immediately. Set up in Milan in 1984, It has become one of the most prestigious modeling companies in the whole country. Talk about having primo connections in the industry! Right?

After grabbing up Alessandro to model some of their most popular lines, it looks like hes well on his way towards having a very prosperous career in the near future when it comes to the boy model racket. Including recent and upcoming photo shoots for brand such as Petit Italia and Pasciotti, for this coming Sumer in 2021! Which is amazing considering the awful tragedy that was 2020 for most of the world!

Don’t worry, Alessandro! it sucked for the rest of us too! Ugh! Believe me!

But as things settle down, worldwide, and he gets himself back to flinging those fluffy and floppy brown sugar stands of hair back and forth ad flashing those deep, light brown eyes, in our direction? I’m sure that he’ll be back on top of his game in no time! And I have a feeling that he’s only going to get more and more stunning with age! Which is saying a lot, because, like…wow already! Hehehe!

Alessandro says, “Nothing you wear is more important than your smile.” And I totally agree! That’s why I make sure that it’s the ONLY thing that I wear these days! Nothing else! And yet, when *I* say it, I get immediately banned from the high school swim team locker room and sent to jail! RUDE! 😛

You take care of those sweet brown sugar locks of yours, Alessandro! Stay beautiful! And keep doing what you’re doing! Things are looking up for you right now! And only an extra boost of hard work and determination will get you where you need to go from here! Best of luck, cutie!

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