You know…there really was a time when I felt like I needed to feel something, anything, other than ‘abnormal’ for having the attractions that I had growing up. I can still remember being so lost, romantically swooning over the other boys in my classes and wishing I could just get a KISS from them, you know? Just once!

Then, of course, my hormones hit a peak and my thoughts turned to…ummm…’other’ adventures! Hehehe, just being honest!

The thing is, when I was at that age when everything about my little secret was all questions and no answers…the idea of having openly gay characters on TV and in the movies was extremely rare at best. It just didn’t happen. And if it did happen, they had better been in their 30’s or something. The idea of gay teen romance was seen as an oil slicked pathway straight to hell.

Today? Things have changed a LOT! And for the better. Not only can gay people be shown in a loving and respectful light on television…but they can actually be gay teens as well. CUTE gay teens, on top of it! Which is still mind-blowing to me. You have no idea.

Bodhi Sabongui is a Canadian/American actor who has quite a bit of success as an actor over the past number of years. Beginning with his first role in the 2012 short film, “Shakey’s Coffee”, Bodhi has been flexing his innocent charm and expert acting muscle to build his career to fascinating new heights in a relatively short amount of time. A feat that is certain to get him noticed in no time at all in the near future!

It appears that all of Bodhi’s immediate family are firmly planted in showbiz, with his father, Patrick, older sister, Ashe, and mother, Kyra Zagorsky…all acting, writing, and directing their own projects as well. You may have even seen his father playing the role of ‘Captain David Singh’ in 2014’s show, “The Flash”, as well as a smaller role in Zack Snyder’s movie, “Watchmen”! And now, it appears that his son, Bodhi, is following in his footsteps! (More on that in a moment…)

Super cute and magnetic on screen, Sabongui’s talent has been showcased in such shows as Netflix’s “Babysitter’s Club” reboot, “The Main Event”, and the CW’s “DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow” (Which crosses over with “The Flash” from time to time)! But it was his appearance in the first two seasons of the series, “A Million Little Things”, that really caused his career to blast off into orbit!

Playing ‘Eliott’, the HUGE crush of the show’s teen character, ‘Danny’ (Played by young actor, Chance Hurstfield), they very quickly became one of the biggest draws to the show. Especially, after the debut of “The Kiss” episode, where both boys finally share an incredible awwwww moment that got every body to sigh and fall in love all at once. Hehehe!

That scene now joins the historic moments of shows like “Ugly Betty”, “Andi Mack”, “The Fosters”, and others that actually to present young love and infatuation as it really is. With all of the sweetness and nostalgic mush that many of us remember feeling, first hand, for the first time.

The ‘Philadelphia Gay News’ said in their article about the show, “Danny and Eliot are 13-year-old junior high school kids β€” the age when crushes begin in earnest. But TV has been slow to acknowledge that happens much younger than high school.” Which is true. I understand that we all get older and it’s easy to sort of forget those first few tingles of joy when it came to that boy sitting across from us in Homeroom, or the cafeteria, or the cutie with the locker right next to us in gym class. But, when you really think about it…wouldn’t you have given anything to have gotten a surprise kiss like that from a boy you REALLY liked?

Hehehe! Shhh…you can whisper it in my ear! I won’t tell! Promise! πŸ˜›

‘PGN’ continues, “These depictions of young teens finding their sexual identities at the same time as their straight peers are critically important to the TV landscape.” Also stating, “But in addition to being good drama, these storylines offer queer kids role models for their own coming out, as well as messaging that it’s OK to be LGBTQ.”

You’ll also be happy to know that Bodhi Sabongui isn’t just doing this for a paycheck, either. While there has been no mention of his real life sexuality, he has been a very outspoken activist for tolerance and acceptance of all kinds. Proud of his Egyptian heritage, as well as his Canadian/American roots, this brilliant teen is also the leading founder of his school’s Civil Rights Club, where he puts his efforts towards fighting against all forms of discrimination in the US. From Black Lives Matter to Gender Equality, to LGBTQ rights. Sighhh…a true angel, with a good heart. Wow…

This also led to his appearance in a short film called, “The Prince”, written and directed by his mother, and starring Bodhi, his sister, and I believe his uncle, in 2017…giving a voice to the issue of Islamophobia. Something his family has had to face in the past…even as young children. It made its way to the Cannes film festival in 2020.

But it’s time for Bodhi to shine right now, as he has recently been cast as a ‘key character’ in the new movie, “Black Adam”! This will be the biggest movie that he’s ever been a part of, as it will officially make him a part of the DC Comics movie universe! The studio is keeping his particular role a secret for now, but it’s certain to be something substantial to the plot…and may carry over to the next “Shazam” movie, featuring Asher Angel and Jack Dylan Grazer! That is major! Being in a Marvel or DC movie is…well…it’s lightning in a bottle! πŸ˜›

Filming has already begun, with other major stars like Duane ‘The Rock’ Johnson, Noah Centineo, Sarah Shahi, Adrianna Tomaz, and more! Including, former Bond, Pierce Brosnan as ‘Dr. Fate’!

The release date is set for the middle of Summer, 2021…but I’ll believe it when I start seeing trailers pop up! Hehehe! Either way…go for it, Bodhi! And congratulations, dude!

“So excited to join the RIDICULOUSLY TALENTED cast of #blackadam!” Bodhi Tweeted.

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You’re moving into the big leagues now, dude! So keep your head! Stay sweet! Stay beautiful! And, as always…stay away from the bad things, man! Don’t fall into the traps that are waiting out there! We’d miss you! Hehehe! Good luck, Bodhi and family! And I’ll seezya in ‘Black Adam’!


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