Another charismatic and fun young actor seems to be quickly on his way up to the time, now going back to auditions and looking to grab up a bunch of new roles now that this whole pandemic thing is beginning to reach its end. At least enough to bring some relief and merge the rest of us back in with the rest of reality.

That’ll be fun! Wow…remember fun? Hehehe!

Up and coming teen actor, Ezra Dewey, maybe early on in his career…but he’s not really a newbie when it comes to doing this for a living. Before he began doing anything like the stuff he’s going out for now, Ezra did quite a bit of modeling for print and magazines! He’s also done commercial work for companies like Toyota, BMW, Mattel Toys, and Sketchers sneakers! As well as having a number of auditions for both Disney and Nickelodeon! To say that he’s been a busy bee would be an understatement.

Even from a very young age, it seemed that he was able to bring this really heartwarming feeling to the table, as well as inspiring some true sympathy for the characters that he plays. Add to that his boyish beauty and a knack for comic timing…and you’re working with a complete package here!

And then…things got darker from there! Hehehe, and you guys know how MUCH I love the dark! >:P

With his first acting role taking place in the music video for the Kina Gannis song, “Write In The Sky”, followed by roles in “Everything Before Us”, “Criminal Minds”, and “Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders”…

And then came time for him to sharpen his acting skills in the thriller/horror genre! But first…

“To me as, like, an actor? Whenever I watch myself…it seems, like, really weird and awkward to me. And I’m always thinking about something that I could have done better.” Ezra says. “It’s, like, UGH! Why???”

But he doesn’t have anything to worry about. He’s actually pretty good, and he’s just starting high school. And this is when he became a part of his first big breakthrough feature film, “The Boy Behind The Door”…a movie where two best friends find themselves being kidnapped and having to help one another find their way out of there together. A movie that is expected out for release for this coming Summer.

One of the writers/directors of the film, David Charbonner, says, “We, also, met Ezra early on in the process, and right away with his first audition, we were just blown away with, like..he’s just such a natural talent.”

Now, seeing as Ezra is still a minor…film labor laws restrict and limit his time on set when it comes to how many hours that he’s able to work on a daily basis. But he says that high school is important and that he’s doing his best to always keep his grades up. Even though he loved the idea of playing one of the two leads in his first thriller.

“One of the really hard parts for me was, like…getting myself to that point where I would like, cry and I’d scream, or like…fight for my life. For me, I thought, I’d have to bring myself to a really dark place…and it’s just hard for me because I’m not usually like that.” Then giggling, “I think I did a good job with it. I don’t know.”

And just recently, his emerging fanbase got a chance to check Ezra Dewey out in his first full on horror movie, “The Djinn”! (Which is pretty damn good as well, by the way!) And you get to see his acting chops flex as he can go from sweet and lovable, to being terrified and helpless, in the blink of an eye. All while playing a boy who is a mute, and has to depend on his gestures and facial expressions to carry him through the film, from beginning to end. Again…he has absolutely nothing to worry about in the acting department. He did an excellent job!

Plus, hehehe…don’t think I didn’t notice how utterly CUTE he is! He’s kind of mesmerizing to look at sometimes. Dimples and all…

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SO…everything is coming up roses for Ezra Dewey, and I really hope it continues! As he could be one of the next big things to hit the silver screen in a major way! And with a huge variety of other interests like boxing, kickboxing, soccer, bowling, football, skateboarding, AND surfing…there’s no way that he’s not going to turn up again somewhere in the near future! Best of luck, Ezra! Make us proud!
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