#1 – Bees are the only animals on Earth that actually create food for human consumption! (Yeah…cow and goat’s milk don’t count.)

#2 – The ‘Barbie’ doll has made it SO far since becoming an icon for little girls all over the world! Which is a good thing…considering that she was originally created to be a SEX DOLL! Hehehe! Seriously, though…released in Germany in the mid 50’s, the ‘Bild Lilli’ doll was meant to be for adults only, and was usually given as a gag gift. Almost like a bachelor party or guys night out kind of thing. Then Mattel bought the rights in 1964, and she began her journey towards being the Barbie doll we all know to this day. Way to go, Barbie!

#3 – While June weddings are meant to be a huge blessing, and the ones that every young bride goes looking for…the month of May has always been considered the exact opposite. A cursed month in many traditions for a ceremony, encouraging the saying, “Marry in May, and you’ll rue the day.”

#4 – May 20th, 1873, is the exact day that blue jeans were invented! So they’ll be turning 148 years old this year! Damn…those things really ARE durable, aren’t they? 😛

#5 – Riding a roller coaster can effectively help to break up and aleviate pains from kidney stones.

#6 – Burt Ward, the actor who played ‘Robin’ on the old “Batman” TV series alongside Adam West…ran into a bit of a problem while filming on set. Apparently, when the show began its first run, the studio heads at ABC were contacted almost immediately by a group called the ‘Catholic Legion Of Decency’. (The WHAT?!?!) According to their complaints…Robin’s costume was too revealing and morally objectionable. So, basically…our hero’s teen sidekick had it going on downstairs! (Hehehe, he’s a teenager in tights! Why don’t you sexually repressed cougars give the poor guy a break?) The backlash got to be so insistent that the studio actually tried to get Burt Ward to take pills that would effectively shrink his genetalia, which they said wouldn’t be permanent. Ummm…no. So, if you watch later episodes of the show, all of the camera angles are shot above the waist, or Robin has his junk covered with his cape or something. Geez!

#7 – The city of Chicago gets its name from the Indigenous Native American word, ‘Shikaawa’. Which actually means ‘wild garlic’. That must be pretty scary for all those vampires running around the city, huh? 😛

#8 – Years ago, I guess you could say that I had somewhat of an obsession with a gay porn star online for the very first time. Hehehe! So much so that I sort of made a ‘ghost story’ about it! And that’s what the inspiration for the story, “Of The Flesh”, comes from! In real life, I was smitten with a young Brent Corrigan. But in the story, I came up with the name Jonas Wicke on the fly! (Of course…there was no Keanu Reeves ‘John Wick’ back then! Now that’s all I see in my head! Hehehe, I should change the name!)

#9 – The giant red mushrooms that you get in Nintendo’s Super Mario games are actually based on a real mushroom that grows in Europe, Asia, and America, called the Amanita Muscaria. The fungi is a well known hallucinogenic, and distorts the user’s perception of the size of regular objects. These mushrooms are also represented in the story, ‘Alice In Wonderland’!

#10 – Almost every language in the world…the word for mother is some version of the ‘Ma’ sound, or starts with the letter ‘M’. This is because its the very first thing that a young baby can vocalize, and it sticks. However, it’s unclear if ‘Da’ for ‘Dad’ has the same effect.

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