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Sometimes…it feels like we just live in a world where there are so few angels left. Good people, with good hearts…and talent that can truly take them to heights that most people can only dream of. We have to appreciate those gifts from above for as long as we can…before they’re gone for good. 🙁

I’m sad to say that we’ve lost one of those angels this month. I won’t go into personal or medical details about it all, out of respect for him and his family and loved ones…but Imagine lost one of our most cherished authors recently. Juju, author of “Duncan: Out Of Exile”, was one of our youngest writers on the site, and a very popular member of the Imagine team. Always one to speak his mind, and engage in the deepest of conversations once sparking his interest…I, for one, can say that he’ll be sorely missed by all of us. He was something special. He really was.

Thank you, Juju, for sharing some of your light with us. And I hope that we can somehow immortalize a personal piece of you in these pages and in the minds and hearts of everyone that you touched with your story.

Rest easy, my friend. And know that you’ve truly done some good while you were here. 🙁

I miss you already, lil’ brother…


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