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Hi Everyone!

(Written 5/12/21) I got some really sad news today. You all know Juju, the author of “Duncan: Out of Exile”. From what I was told, he had an accident at his school. At first they thought he had a minor head injury but it turned out to be very serious. Today we were told he didn’t survive. :'(

I was lucky enough to talk to him a few times in text. He was about my age, which surprised me because he seemed much older. And smart! OMG some of the things he talked about really made you think. I’m gonna miss him a lot. We all will. Rest in peace Julian…

I’m gonna skip the letters this month and write a few instead.

~ Matty

I was once told that when a friend dies, eventually you will heal.

I don’t buy it. When a friend dies, the loss rips a hole in your life.

That hole is something that may be something you get used to,

but that hole is there forever and was caused by someone you care about.

Your friendship was a part of who I am today and without you,

all I’m left with is this hole.

But the hole is a reminder of how much better my life was because you were a part of it.

Even if it hurts to look at that hole right now,

I don’t want it to heal. I want to fill it with everything that reminds me of all the reasons,

that I welcomed what caused that hole in the first place. 

Because you were, and always will be my friend.

~ MS

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