Mike Reviews: Kamikaze Boys, by Jay Bell

Themes: LGBT/Drama/Romance

Kamikaze Boys is the story of two very different boys who take on the world together. There’s David, who’s quiet, out as gay, and picked on by some homophobes in school. Then there’s the mysterious Connor who everybody, even the school bullies, are afraid of and wary around.

One day Connor comes to David’s rescue. David, having only heard about the rumors surrounding Connor, isn’t sure if the guy is any safer to be in the company of, than his main tormentor, Chuck who tortures him regularly. But not having many escape options, he decides to give Connor the benefit of the doubt. From this moment on, the two boys know that they are gonna be ok as long as they have each other. As we will learn, though, sometimes life gets in the way of love. The boys have a wonderful time together at first, until fate rips them apart.

I enjoyed this one. Some of the themes in the story are common to LGBT fiction. But there’s some differences too. Like, for instance, the absense of family drama about the boys being together. And there’s not page after page of teenage angst, or back and forth stresses in their relationship. Their love for each other is in no doubt.

The main challenge to their relationship, is about the aftermath of a particularly violent encounter that David had with his chief tormentor, which I won’t go into here, to save some surprises for anyone who might want to check it out.

Page count: 330

Goodreads rating: 4.0

Mike’s rating: 3.75

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