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Chapter 8

I lay awake that entire night. I didn’t need the sleep – I just wasn’t tired at all. Watching Julian, as he lay peacefully on top of me was enough rest for me. Even when I tried closing my eyes for a moment or two simply to savor the feelings that continued spreading across my body. . . I would soon open them up again just to see if he was still sleeping as peacefully as I found him only moments before. It was the most wonderful feeling in the world to see and feel Julian as he lay naked on my body, with his face nuzzled in the nape of my neck. He didn’t move an inch the entire night, utterly content to lay just where he was. I spent all night listening to the angelic-like breaths he would produce. It got to the point where I wanted to make sure he was breathing peacefully, somehow getting this creeping fear arising in my mind that he would suddenly stop breathing. But a few times that night he would remind me just how alive he was; as he would nuzzle his face closer to my neck in his sleep, wanting to be as close as possible and giving the most incredible subconscious whimper as he found the most comfortable position. I don’t know how to explain it, but some sort of deep desire within me wanted to make sure he was safe all night, so I held him close in my arms and throughout the night I would ever so gently run my hands up and down his back; going from his small shoulders and neck down to his smooth back and finally to those amazingly round, warm, and soft buns of his. And I lost count of the times I planted soft angel kisses on his forehead and silky hair. We had the big comforter blanket over us, and the heat produced by our bodies was one of the most comforting feelings I have ever experienced. And his scent! Oh God that scent! It was addicting! Sigh, I never wanted that night to end.

As I lay there in sleepless thought with warm feelings running through my veins, I began to truly realize just how happy Julian made me. In a way, it was difficult to grasp what Julian and I had shared that night, because it was a feeling, rather than a bunch of meaningless lines and dashes on paper that could best describe what my heart and soul were going through. We had shared more than a kiss this time. It was more than holding hands inside a limo. It was more than saying “I love you,” to each other; what we did. . . it was a physical manifestation of saying those words. We had made love to each other. . . we shared our bodies. And THAT thought alone kept me grinning like an idiot all night long. I felt sooo very connected to this boy, laying on top of me. I’d do anything for Julian.

Eventually, a cold grey light began emerging through the thickly embroidered tapestry hanging on the large window, and I watched as the light slowly spread across the room until it reached the bed and touched Julian’s angelic face. His skin suddenly glowed in the early daylight, and I contemplated for a moment just how fortunate I was to not actually ‘be’ the character I was portraying through Justin. . . because seeing the sunlight touch and warm Julian’s startling skin was like watching magic happen right before my very own eyes. Something the characters Justin and Taryn would never be able to experience. Even more amazing was watching his sleepy body slowly stir on top of me, and give an almost puppy-like yawn and whine.

“Mmm. . . mmh. . . mm?” he whimpered gently as his nose rubbed under my chin and neck. I watched as his eyelids slowly fluttered a few times and those incredible green eyes blazed open with such gentleness that it literally made me melt on the inside. His curled eyelashes fluttered a few more times before he slowly moved those orbs to meet my own.

“Mornin’. . .” I whispered as I smiled at him. I kissed his forehead for the billionth time since late that night. He blushed a pink red and smiled shyly as he closed his eyes and nuzzled himself into my neck again.

“Mmm. . . morning,” he whispered sleepily. His voice was slightly raspy and oh so sexy to my ears. And his warm hand, which had been resting gently on top of my shoulder all night slowly moved between and under my arms and held me tightly, like a big stuffed animal. That feeling, like an ice cube quickly melting at the pit of my stomach rushed through me again and made me smile helplessly. And after a long moment of silence, Julian rested his chin right on my collar bone and stared at me with dreamy eyes.

“Mmmm. . . sigh Adam. . . I don’t think I’ve ever slept as well as I just did,” he sighed after a moment of looking at each other. I smiled both on the outside and inside, proud to know that I can make Julian feel so content. He continued to blush, and couldn’t help but close his eyes from the sheer power of emotions he was feeling for me at that moment.

“Hehe, you’re so cute when you’re being shy,” I smiled. And he hid his face in the nape of my neck again. But he started nibbling my neck after a moment, and it sent shivers through my body!

“Hahaha! That tickles! See what I mean! You’re so cute- WOAH!” I yelped as Julian began tickling my skin with his teeth. We quickly started rolling around and giggling as we playfully tickled each other under that big comforter. After a nice long while of messing around, we found ourselves sighing happily as Julian spooned in front of me on his side with me right behind him. Every inch of my front touched his body, and I began to harden between those incredible cheeks of his and Julian let out a low moan.

“I love you Adam. . .” he sighed happily. He moved his hands to where I had mine wrapped around his hips and squeezed them. I was about to open my mouth to tell him how much I loved him too when there was a loud knock on the door followed by some high-pitched woman’s voice yelling through the door.

“HOUSE-KEEPING!” It yelled. It sounded like a hag!

“Aw man!” I groaned. I did not want to get up from the bed. Julian giggled and told me I should go check that while he lay in the comfy bed and keep it warm. Shhyeaah. . . make me do the work!

But I got up and quickly put on a pair of undies and shirt that I found lying around from the ‘little’ clothe fight Julian and I had that night and went to answer the door. I only peeped the door open so the house keeper would not see Julian lying in bed. But it was Nolan who was behind the door with this big smile plastered on his face.

“Hehehe! Gotcha!” he said. Even though it was very early, Nolan looked pretty dressed up, as if he was going out on the town or something. He also had three bags of luggage lying next to him. Three of my bags of luggage! Nolan saw me looking at them and explained.

“Yeah. . . they sent these up to my room last night. They didn’t know you’d be switching rooms with Landon WHICH by the way I’d like to thankyou for. . .” Nolan said sarcastically. I gave him a knowing grin.

“Dude. . . that kid is like already driving me NUTS! He freakin’ brushes his teeth with TWO toothbrushes, for crying out loud!” he rolled his eyes exaggeratedly and raised his arms up in the air.

“Yeah. . . hehe sorry,” I mumbled. I guess no one really ‘enjoyed’ the company of Landon.

“Naw, it’s cool. But thanks for ‘not’ giving me the heads up! Well, lemme help you with these. . .” and he suddenly pushed the door wide OPEN and started pulling in the luggage bags! I didn’t have time to react! I wasn’t expecting him to just push the door open like that! I quickly turned to look at Julian who hand instantly covered himself up to the neck with the blanket and staring back with shock and surprise!

“Lemme just put these in – I oh-” Nolan stopped dead on his tracks when he looked up at Julian on the bed. He couldn’t see that he was naked, but it was obvious he was at least not wearing a shirt under the blanket. And then he looked around at the room littered with clothes. . . and then to my absolute HORROR I followed his eyes as they landed on the OTHER bed that was UTTERLY untouched!!! SHIT!!! He’s gonna know we SLEPT on the SAME bed!!!

Nolan slowly looked from me to Julian, then back to me. I cringed my face as I saw the ‘wheels turning’ in his head. He raised his hand and scratched the back of his head awkwardly, “Yeeeeah. . . um, sorry. I didn’t mean to barge in like that. I wouldn’t have if I had known you two had er. . . something going on,” he said slowly. That’s when I started freaking out! “Uh. . . Nolan. . . wait. . . this-this looks bad. . . but I can explain. . . uh. . .” I stumbled fearfully. Oh no! This can’t be happening AGAIN! First Landon, now Nolan! We just CAN’T keep getting caught like this! What the hell is wrong with me?! And HOW is he going to take this?! I must’ve looked so red in the face! But to my utter confusion, he suddenly gave us this shit-eating grin!

“Aw dude. . . don’t even sweat it! It’s cool,” he smiled at us with a wave of his hand.

“I – what?”

He must’ve seen the horrified look on our faces because Nolan put a hand on my shoulder to calm me down and smiled. “Dude, I’ve been trying to get into the pants of this one chick from the crew. . .” HUH?! Where the hell did that little comment come from?! He just found out that two boys slept together in the same bed!! Shouldn’t he be like, vomiting or something?! But he continued speaking as if nothing was going on, “She’s so freakin’ hot, I think her name’s Stephanie. . . and I’ve been dying to get some ‘action’ since we started this flick, if you know what I mean!” He wriggled his eyebrows and gave me this ‘wicked’ smile before continuing, “But it looks like you, my friend, beat me to it!” he looked over at Julian and then winked at me! OH NO! This was SOOO embarrassing!!! Julian looked like he just about wanted to die as he slid under the comforter blanket and out of sight!

“Y-You’re not going to say anything, are you?” I stuttered nervously.

“Like I said, don’t even worry about it! I mean hey, you’re ‘gettin some’, dude! Wish I could say the same for myself,” he finished with a toothy grin and a hard pat on my back. I could feel the red on my face heating up the very room with embarrassment! I half expected Nolan to pull out and hand me a cigar from his leather jacket! He left the luggage there and said he was going to check out the city before we started rehearsals. He said goodbye to Julian who only peeped an acknowledgement from under the blanket. Nolan smiled at me again and once more glanced around the messy room littered with clothes.

Damned dudes. . . you two must’ve banged pretty hard last night!” He laughed.

“Shut up!” I laughed myself, as I shoved him out the door and slammed it shut in his face. I heard him chuckle through the door and say he’ll see me later. Jesus. . .

“. . . Is he gone?” I heard Julian peep under the blanket.

“Yeah. Sheesh. . . thank God that went as well as it did. . .” I sighed out loud.

“Heh, well, Nolan’s a really cool guy. I really like him,” said Julian. But my mind was already formulating other ‘plans’. I quickly jumped on the bed and slid under the covers with him.

“Yeah. . .” I growled playfully and began peppering Julian with kisses. He giggled out loud and we started making out again. I ran my hands through his smooth skin, down to his plump butt and started kneading those cheeks without shame. Julian groaned into my ears and began nibbling into my neck. I could feel his hardness growing on my thigh, and we slowly began to grind into each other again. But just as my finger began gliding across his hot moist crack, there was another knock on the damned door! Breathing hard, we decided to just get up because there was no way we would be left alone for the rest of the day again. So Julian got in the shower, and I grabbed some jeans and made my way to the door once more. But this time it was Donna, and I instantly knew that the ‘day’ had begun. . .

I took a quick shower after Julian got out and Donna had a little meeting with us to lay out our day. She explained to us, as luck would have it, that another magazine wanted a photo shoot with us two and Landon today. Ugh, I don’t get publicity! I mean, okay! I get it! Landon’s supposed to be this like ‘threat’ to me in the film, but jeez lay off it already! Why aren’t they like doing photo shoots for the Dylan and Dion characters or something?!

But finally, after our meeting with Donna, she led us down to fancy hotel lobby where we were told there’d be a limo waiting for us right outside. It was all a rush, there were film members there, handing us notes and binders, and others that were telling us a million times at once expecting us to remember everything without fail. And so Julian and I only managed to give each other a small smile as a token of affection, since we were interrupted so abruptly and we knew we wouldn’t be able to be alone for a long time again. But the memory of our night together was still fresh in our minds, and we were both smiling sooo brightly that you could almost feel it emanating from us like this warm wave. I’ve never been this happy before!

But it was short lived.

Because the moment we stepped outside the hotel, we were greeted by the usual countless media and fans – but this time we had ‘other’ company. Because off to the side were another group of ‘fans’, about forty people in all. . . church-goers from the looks of them, and they had signs, and banners also, like our regular fans. But they had something else to say, and they didn’t look happy! And all of them had less than kind words about the film we were making. Signs saying, “SINNERS!” and “PERVERSION OF YOUTH!” and “GONE FROM MORALITY!” were being waved all around, and even some of the cars that passed by honked in support! It was the first time I felt. . . ‘inadequate’. They weren’t attacking physically, and yet it felt like it was a physical attack. It was a strange new feeling. And I didn’t like it. I felt like grabbing a jacket and covering my face. I felt my face flush red and I felt hot all over, even though it was icy cold that morning. Donna didn’t seem to notice, and if she did she didn’t seem to care enough to give them any attention. It was the same thing with the ‘real’ fans. In fact, some of them were actually protesting back at these church people! It was a little scary, because I’ve never been in any type of ‘protest’ thingy before.

But we quickly followed Donna to the limo and she told us she’d be going on ahead and she’ll see us there. But the moment that these protesters realized who we were as we came out of the hotel, their rants and yells doubled up in volume. They could’ve easily trampled over us, but the hotel staffing had a ‘barricade’ around the front, preventing media, fans, or protesters from coming close to us. But we reached the limo and Donna opened the door for us, and I stepped aside to let Julian go in first, and even with all the crazy commotion, the moment he passed me by to enter the limo, my nose instantly picked up that scent of his once more! That. . . aromatic, ‘patented’ Julian smell! Oh God what am I going to do with this feeling?! It always sends a rush through me, and I wanted nothing more than to be ‘alone’ with him again! And when we finally got inside and sat down and he looked over at me, he blushed and smiled, because I think he knew ‘what’ that look on my face was all about. I slid close to him and quickly gave him a kiss on the lips. Mmm!

“Hehehe! Adam! That might not be a very smart idea, with all those ‘condemners’ protesting out the window!” he giggled shyly. “Nah, those idiots can’t see shit behind the tint windows,” I giggled back. But our giggling was cut short when the limo door suddenly swung open again, and Landon stepped inside. I quickly looked over at him, but this time I didn’t know what to feel. I had so many mixed feelings about him at this point, and I didn’t know which one to pick. But he gave us what I felt was a rather shy smile and I settled on being ‘civil’ with him for once. I mean, my first reaction is to suspiciously think, ‘what the hell is he smiling at us like that for?’ but then another part of me; a newer part was telling me that Landon may not be as bad of a person as I first painted him. But we said hello to each other, rather formally. And Landon sat down and kinda glanced over at us as we waited for the driver to start moving. The initial silence was more than awkward. Even the screams and yells of the fans and er – ‘non’ fans sounded like they came from miles away now. Julian kinda glanced from me to Landon slowly, not knowing how to conduct himself in the current environment. But eventually, it was he that decided to speak up first.

“Hey, so. . . thanks for switching rooms with us yesterday,” Julian said to Landon. Landon gave his patented smile, and waved his hand carelessly.

“Just my way of saying I’m sorry, for the way I’ve acted with you guys before. I. . . I know you two are an ‘item’, and I guess I should respect that,” Landon replied.

Interesting. That was ‘left field’ if I ever saw it. So why did I still have something gnawing a warning at the back of my head? Was I really that pathetically jealous?

But Julian, upon hearing Landon’s response, beamed over at me with a bright smile, and I kinda ‘caved’ in after that. And as the limo started pulling away, I found myself in the middle of a conversation between the THREE of us! Something I NEVER thought I’d see! But as much as I felt I owed it to him, I couldn’t just enjoy myself naturally. I still sat there, feeling slightly edgy about the whole thing. What if this was a trick? And Landon was planning to strike me when I least suspected it? What if he snuck into our rooms late at night and stabbed my back and took Julian all for himself?!

Okay. . . so the last one was a bit over board. . . but it sort of revealed the sense of distrust I still had for him. I dunno. . . something was telling me to keep my guard up. And I was very willing to listen.

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