Chapter 44


“Hey! Let me in on sumthin’! Why’s Billy hanging out with you so much in the Library all the time? You guys, like, ‘Study Buddies’ or whatever?”  Sam’s voice behind me surprised the hell out of me.  He was the last person I expected to hear from today.

I was walking my bike back from the bus stop since I wasn’t too far away from home and had gotten a cramp in my leg for some reason.  The cramp eased up probably because it must have come out of my leg and took form behind me as Sam!

“Huh?”  Was the best I could do answering him.  What the hell?

I turned and saw him a few paces behind me.  I don’t know how long he’d been following me, but I suspected it had been longer than I’d been aware of him.  That creeped me out enough to where I could feel myself tensing up for something physical.  I reminded myself of Sensei’s teachings about breathing deep to let the tension go.  Tension never helps in a fight.  A person has to be loose so they can move easily.

“He’s been avoiding me like I have herpes or something!  He goes to see you or he goes with Joanna. ‘Course I don’t blame him there. But, he avoids me?  What did I do?”  He came closer but paused when he saw me doing my breathing exercises and trying to un-ball my fists.

“Dude! Chill! I just had to ask is all! I know we don’t hardly know each other, but . . . Billy’s my best friend and, it’s kinda like he sees more of you these days than me!  I’ve known him since we were little kids!  What gives?”  I did calm down.  This was more to do with the breathing than Sam’s lack of a ‘threatening posture,’ as Sensei calls a person setting up for an attack.  I was glad of that. I didn’t want to have to hurt Sam.  He’s annoying, but not such a mean sort. Not really.  He doesn’t have much sense when it comes to talking to people, though.  He’s very, um, tactless, I guess is the word I have learned to use.

“I have no idea, Sam.  I thought you guys were cool. I didn’t know anything was wrong between you two. I’d not want to get in the way of a long standing friendship.  It’s been a weird several days.  Billy’s upset about the Jimmy thing, that’s all.  I’d give him some time.”  With that I turned around to finish getting home, but Sam came up along side me. I guess he wasn’t finished with me yet.

“Jimmy?  He keeps coming up in conversation.  What’s the deal with that? Why would Billy care about Jimmy for?  I know they talked and stuff, but I didn’t think they were close friends or whatever.  So I made a joke!  It was to blow off tension.  Billy takes these things too seriously and it isn’t good for him!” Sam said like he knew what he was talking about. For all of me, he did, but, also it seemed like he was, kind of, disconnected from Billy’s feelings too.  Like there was a hole there in Sam’s feelings when it came to Billy’s feelings.

The big questions for me, though, were: How did I get caught up in Sam’s delusions? Where do I get off feeling out Sam’s feelings for Billy?  Why was I even talking to Sam in the first place?

“Billy has a big heart, Sam. I guess you know that being his best friend and all.  Jimmy’s deal has been hard . . . for a lot of us.  In a way, I’m glad it hasn’t been that hard on you. But, for Billy, it has been hard.  For whatever reasons, you should put yourself in his shoes and maybe you’ll understand why he’s upset.”  I mentioned, but Sam just looked confused.

“Phfft, Jimmy’s shit is Jimmy’s shit. It doesn’t have anything to do with Billy! How could it?  Billy needs to mind his own business! For his own good!” Sam huffed.

“Uh-huh. Well, whatever.  In any case, I’m not coming between you two. You can count on that. Far be it from me to get in the way of a long term friendship, like I said.  You’ll need to find out from Billy what the deal is between you two.  I don’t know. He doesn’t talk to me about that stuff.”  I said honestly. Sam rarely comes up in our short conversations.  I don’t understand Sam’s jealousy.  Because, that’s what I think this was.  Sam is jealous of me because he feels he is losing Billy.  I could see the pain behind Sam’s bluster.

“See ya at school, Sam.  Take care.”  Is all I said as I hopped back up on my bike to get out of the uncomfortable conversation.  I think I heard a sarcastic ‘bye’ behind me as I rode off, but I really couldn’t be bothered anymore. I was liable to get mad and I didn’t want that. Sam and I have enough problems and Billy has more than enough problems than having to deal with this happy horse shit! Sam needs to get over himself in a big way, in my humble opinion.

So, for the rest of Saturday afternoon I stayed safe in my house with my video games, TV, and catch-up studying.  Dad had gone off to get ready for Sharon’s arrival.  He wanted some things in the house that she liked so she’d feel welcome.  My Dad’s always been weird like that.  He was worse about being ‘the Host with the Most’ than my mom ever was about being a hostess.   Mama was much more relaxed about these things.

Sharon’s coming into town so that we can go down to the city to have a birthday dinner with my grandpa who’s coming in from San Francisco.  This is my Dad’s dad – the ‘homophobe’. Despite this, I love my grandpa a lot.  He’s always had a special place in my heart and I’ll be happy to see him on his 84th birthday!  Wow!  I wonder if I’ll ever get that old?

How is it even possible for someone to get that old?

I woke up to a big surprise though.  Yeah, woke up!  I must have nodded off on the couch while watching ‘Battletech’ or something.

“HEY KITTEN-CAT!”  I heard and there she was, Sharon!  I almost cried! I think I did cry a little! I must have been up and in her arms before I knew what I was doing!

“OOOF! Boy, this kitten got big, Uncle Brian!  When did this happen?”  Sharon rocked back on her heels and I had to actually steady her so she wouldn’t fall over! Hehehe! I forgot I probably outweigh her by 20 lbs. now! Speaking of kittens, Chester basically tied himself up in knots doing figure-eights around Sharon’s ankles. She’s the only one that lets him sleep in bed with her. She was finally forced to pick him up and carry him around so she could walk anywhere. Hehehe!

So, Sam be damned, I had a wonderful Saturday evening. We ordered pizza, talked and caught up on Sharon’s sea stories, and then settled down to watch one of the Iron Mans.  For the first time in a long time, our house felt full! We certainly need a woman around the house (a real one that’s not me). I may be weird, but I’d love it if my Dad would go ahead and date again.  He’s not a ‘single’ kind of guy.  He was lit up like a firecracker when Sharon came in with him!  He’s been so lonely.  I get so caught up in my own crap that I forget that sometimes. He needs someone! He really does! If I could help I would, but . . . I don’t even know how to talk to Billy right and Marie has her hands full trying to get me ‘straightened’ out so how could I go about finding someone for my poor ol’ Dad to meet?

I don’t know. In any case: Sharon! Yay for Sharon!


Today, Marie and I shared a very special day.

It was way more special than I was expecting. She and I spent the afternoon and early evening together down at Peregrine Park which is a small park a bit south of the High School. I’ve been going there ever since I was little. Me, my Dad, and my Mom would go to Peregrine Park every Saturday afternoon to feed the ducks, geese, and occasional swans that live there.  I used to love to see the baby ducklings, goslings, and baby swans. I remember my first ‘chew-out’ session with another species: when I was four I would play with the babies by chasing them around and trying to catch them. I only wanted to pet them, but there was one Papa Gander who was having none of it!  I heard a big hiss behind me and turned around just enough to see this great big goose behind me with his head down and his wings up. He made this deep honk and then struck out like a snake and pinched my butt really good! It hurt like hell and I started wailing, of course. I also started running like crazy as the Papa Gander chased me! Hehehe, it was all I could do to keep ahead of him! My Mom came running and fucking ROARED at the Gander which made him stop in his tracks and do the neck, head, and wings display again! My Mom proceeded to pick up sticks and rocks and throw them at him! Hahaha! The Gander held his ground even as Mom told me to get back with Dad. The Gander didn’t back down until he heard a honk from way off behind him. It must have been his wife because she had the goslings all around her. The Gander finally gave up and went back to his family looking back with evil intent in his eyes if my Mom decided to chase him in retaliation. Mom was PISSED when she got back to me and Dad.

“That will teach you Brandon Giovani Temple! You DON’T go messing with another Mama’s babies! OK? Madre di Dio!” I always got my full name when she was particularly mad at me. Fortunately, Mama always stopped being mad about as fast as she got getting mad. She then gave me a hug and rubbed out the pain in my boo boo. I had a bruise for a while on my left butt cheek and it hurt to sit down for about a week! I was terrified even to drive past Peregrine Park again for about five years! Never have I ‘messed with another Mama’s babies again’! Hehehe!

Now, that traumatic experience is a sweet memory and it makes Peregrine Park a very special place for me!

I shared that story with Marie and I had her laughing so hard she was rolling around on the grass.

Then, she rolled over next to me very close staring right into my eyes!

“Lemme see! Did he leave a scar?” Marie asked into my face with a maniacal grin on her own face.

In fact, the Gander didn’t, but I was to find that this didn’t really matter all too much because I found out Marie had it in mind to see my bare butt in some way whatever the case. Remembering my mess with JOEseph, I knew that denying my body to someone so clearly intent on seeing it might make for trouble later. Plus, I felt Marie deserved a little something . . . special today. She is trying to be my girlfriend and, despite my mooning over Billy forever, I am still trying to ‘correct’ my orientation, I guess. If I can’t not be Gay then at least let me be Bi! That way, maybe, I only have to deny one half of my sexuality instead of all of it!

Yeah, that’s a fucked up statement if ever there was one, but possibly true too!

But, despite all that, I discovered something about myself (or rather Marie discovered something) this afternoon I’d only been vaguely aware of before.  I have a major ‘erogenous zone’ (a word I just learned after experiencing this today) other than my thingie. I’d messed around there before, but only after getting very hot and heavy with my ‘self-abuse’.

Marie seemed to know it instinctively!

I was (and still am) wearing my basketball shorts today because it was a pretty warm day. Marie was wearing a denim skirt and a t-shirt. I suspect, from the way things felt down there, that she had nothing on at all under that skirt!

After eating the peanut butter sandwiches we brought with us, we were both just laying there in the grass enjoying the sun and chatting. She continued to tease me about the supposed scar on my ass, but she soon quit that. We then chatted about nothing in particular. Just chit-chatting. I explained Sharon to Marie and she, kind of, thought the whole ‘adoption’ of Sharon as a big sister a little weird. She joked she’d been trying to find ways to loose Jamie for years so why would anyone want to borrow that kind of trouble! Hehehe!

“What about Chan?” I wondered. He was her big brother and she didn’t seem to want to loose him.

“He’s more like a second daddy. He’s so much older than Jamie and me that he, actually, helped raise us. Mom and Pop always had a built in ‘babysitter’ with him and Chandler never minded it! That was what was strange about him. He never did the teenager’s whine about having to take care of kids instead of going and hanging out. I promise I won’t be that nice if there are anymore kids after me!” It was at this point Marie cuddled up closer to me, putting her hand on my chest and her head on my shoulder. I tensed out of surprise but quickly relaxed. Marie can have that effect on me now. She’s a calming person for me. Well, at least she usually is. Things, like I’ve been teasing you about, got more intense pretty quickly.

So, her cuddle soon became a full body hug with legs and all. I ‘let it happen’ just like JOEseph taught me to do and I soon had my first full on straight French kiss!  It was so natural! So easy!  Her face came up, her arms went under my shoulders and her knee managed to push itself between my thighs so she was half laying on top of leg. Again, I tensed at the weird new feelings this was making in me, but then I completely turned into one giant wet noodle when her warm pillowy lips connected with mine and her tongue teased its way inside.  There was a time, just before this afternoon actually, when I thought the whole idea of having another person’s spit and tongue in my mouth was the grossest thing imaginable. But, because of the peanut butter, her tongue and mouth tasted like mine but sweeter! I think I lost consciousness for a few minutes, there, because all I remember are feelings, like, the slight suction of her lips on mine, the super-erotic slow wrestling of our tongues against one another’s, and the sudden surge of the most intense horniness I’ve ever felt! It was even stronger than the time we were in the movie theater ‘wanking’ as Cedrick calls it. I was instantly hard and, what is more, Marie felt it too! The minute I went ‘boing’ she put her knee gently up against my balls and her hips began to rotate against my hip. Our kiss became, um . . . juicer, I guess. We were even making smacking sounds!

Things started getting more, um, pornographic just then. Marie seemed determined to lose her virginity on me right there and then! She actually started to, um, mount me! I was worried that we’d get caught being that we were out there bare to the world and all!  There’s no real cover in Peregrine Park.  It’s just, basically, grass and high trees from the lake to the street! My ‘condition’ and Marie’s behavior was sure to attract some kind of adult attention if any came around! I was sure of it! What’s weird is that this slight edge of fear just made the whole thing more arousing! There was something about the naughtiness of it all that caused my shorts to tent like a circus!

Trust me, dear Hacker, basketball shorts do nothing to cover erections, especially when I am in the habit of wearing them commando! I’ve always worn them this way and didn’t think a thing about it until . . . that moment!

She stopped her kissing and looked at me and grinned like the Big Bad wolf about ready to eat one of the three little pigs! She sat up and was totally straddling me like a cowgirl ready to ride a horse. She was all flushed, panting, and her lips were fuller and redder then usual. I felt the warmth from her through the thin material of my t-shirt. Then she reached behind herself and grabbed me through my shorts! She tugged a couple of times and I almost went over the edge. I think it was worse with me still in the basketball shorts than if I had just been naked under her, to be honest. Basketball shorts are so slick they act almost like lube!

“I knew you were . . . big, Bran Bran, but . . .” and it was when she sat down on it that I realized she didn’t have anything on down there! OMG! I felt something warm, almost hot trying to grip me through my shorts and I knew exactly what part of Marie it was too!

“. . . I didn’t know just how big! You’re almost, kinda, scary big! All-MO-OST . . .Oh God! Ah-Unngh!” And she let out this desperate whine as she leaned forward a bit, pressed my tent-pole up against my belly, and moved her hips against me and shivered. I felt a splash of intense warmth come from her and soak the front of my bulging shorts.

It was way too much for my poor body to handle!

“Uh . . . Uh-ohhh!” I felt it rising out of me faster then I could control! The only thing I could think of, beyond the throbbingly intense pleasure, was that I didn’t want a sticky mess in my shorts and, worse, I really didn’t want one in Marie anywhere! Such a thing was possible since I know my juice can easily ooze out through almost any material including my basketball shorts! With where she had me it would have been perfect for me to possibly make a mother out of her and an underaged father out of me!

So, I quickly managed to spin underneath her and pull my shorts down just enough so my eruption could go on the grass and not in my shorts!

OH FFFUUUCK!”  I groaned and then that groan tuned up in pitch into the most girly high-pitched whine ever to come out of a boy my age! I came so-o fucking hard!  I didn’t even touch myself! I just blew! It must have been quite the site! I was basically in the downward-dog position with my chest to the ground and my butt sticking up! I managed it all with a thirteen year old girl riding my back like I was giving her a pony ride! I was hoping that’s what it looked like from the street. There’s nothing more innocent than a pony ride, right? Too bad she was trying to ride my pony rather than me just giving her a pony ride! Thinking back at it now, I can’t help but want to laugh hysterically. We must have been such a site to see!

Oh my God!

It didn’t quite end there, though. Marie wasn’t finished with me yet! After I lost all strength in my  body from blowing the biggest load of my life, I collapsed to the ground on my belly, panting and shaking. I hadn’t even managed to pull myself back into my shorts so there was basically nothing between me and the grass at that point and my shorts were partially pulled down.

Marie draped herself over my back like melted cheese.

“Hehehe! I think it was as good for you as it was for me, my beautiful prince!” She whispered into my ear and I couldn’t help but be conflicted by three different emotions at once: embarrassment, guilt, and . . . pride! The ‘my beautiful prince’ line really struck me! I think I fell in love with Marie a little bit after that particular comment! All I could think of was the little thank you note she had Jamie deliver. The one with the little cartoon prince with a bird sitting on his finger. Awww!

The sweet moment, however, changed into more embarrassment. It was almost humiliation, actually! Not quite, because, thankfully, we had the whole park just to ourselves even though we were in full view of the street.

I thought she was done because I could feel her shift her weight like she was getting ready to get up off of me. But, instead she slid down my back, past my rump, taking my shorts with her!

Yeah, that’s right! She fucking pantsed me in public!

“Oh, sweet Jesus! Brandon! You have got THE most fantastic ass I’ve ever seen! It’s like . . . perfection!” Marie gasped.

“Uh! Uh, what exactly are you doing back there Marie? Oh . . . Oh JEEEZE!” Marie was helping herself to a butt massage at my expense! She was actually kneading me like bread! Even after my nuclear explosion earlier I was, again, instantly hard and bare, pressed into the cold, tickley grass!

“I just can’t help it, Bran Bran. Jamie needs to be jealous of this one! It’s sooo soft but firm!” Marie actually put her cheek on one of my cheeks!  Then, and I don’t even think she meant to, she managed, in her massage, to poke me right in the butthole!

“UUH! AHH! AHHHH! Mmrrrrrrrrph!” I buried my head in my arms as I erupted all over again! One touch there in that sexual way and I was done! Something animal in me wanted nothing more than to take her entire arm up there if I could and so I pressed back on her finger in the most degrading way imaginable! I actually sat back and impaled myself on her finger!

“Ooops! HAHAHA! Oh, wow! I didn’t know boys had a g-spot too!” Marie’s comment, as silly and good natured as it was, made me suddenly feel so ashamed! What had just happened? What was that? How did THAT get me off faster than anything else I’ve ever done?

Suddenly we both heard it. A bike coming up the street! Marie quickly scrambled off of me and I quickly pulled my shorts back up, unfortunately unable to avoid the mess this second time since, um, things were still, kind of, going off! What I was trying to prevent before happened anyway, but how could I have known?

Butt stuff? That’s my weakness? The gayest way to cum there is and I was introduced to it by a girl?

Typical of Marie, we both managed to see how funny it all was and had a good laugh about it which burnt out any embarrassment I might have had about it in front of her. She was still in awe of my ‘masterpiece of an ass’ and continued to sneak gropes of it as she walked me home. I kept pushing her away and laughing and we made a kind of a tag game of it.

Am I straight now? Can I still be straight and love ‘butt stuff’? Has Marie, finally, cured me of my gayness? I instantly wondered what Chandler might have to say about this, but thought better about asking him about it. Marie was his little sister, after all, and my talking about how she, basically, finger-banged me in the park couldn’t possibly play well no matter how much Chandler might regard me as a friend.

I have a lot of thinking to do.

It doesn’t help matters that I’m currently fantasizing about how someone’s dick might feel up there. If a finger could do that to me then, you know, what would someone’s thingie do?

What would Billy feel like up there . . . and would I ever know?

I guess I have some experimenting to do!     .

I’m fascinated!

This is Brandon, fascinated by his own butt.

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