You know…as much as I drool over all of the unfathomably hot boys that come out of Australia, and more out of France, Italy, or Spain…there’s no way that we can ignore the wealth of extremely cute boy that are coming out of Russia as well! I mean…they definitely need to be recognized as some of the most beautiful boys in the world as well. Jesus!

I swear…they didn’t make boys this cute when I was growing up! The angels above have been perfecting their craft, more and more, with every generation that comes along! Hehehe! SO damn unfair!

A super popular, up and coming, boy model from Moscow…this fourteen year old beauty is quickly rising up to the top of his profession as a both a model and an actor on the scene. Not only that, but Kirill is taking vocal lessons as well as learning to play his own instruments. So he’s definitely going to be a multi talented phenomenon once the rest of us are full exposed to what he’s capable of in the near future.

Something tells me that we wont be disappointed. He’s already spent the last few years, even during the pandemic, hypnotizing unsuspecting fans with his dark brown eyes and boyish smile…making us all melt with his youthful char without even trying. How can he possibly go wrong?

His full name, in his native language, is ‘Beloborodov Kirill Vyacheslavovich’…which…yeah, I will never in my life be able to say that mouthful out loud! LOL! Not without spraining a muscle in my tongue. Hell…I nearly sprained a muscle in my eyes just reading it! But he couldn’t be cuter if he tried! Honestly, without understanding a single word that he was saying…I could still listen to him talk to me for hours on end with nothing but a dreamy look on my face. ::Giggles::

But maybe that’s just me. You guys listen for yourself…

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CUTE! Right? Hehehe! 😛

Kirill studies at an art school for music, and also excels at his solo academic vocals. He’s also studying film and acting, which is probably why he seems so natural and at ease in his modeling ads. Making his debut at a young age in a commercial for Garenie, Kirill’s career is looking up…and the sky is the limit from here on out!

As ‘pretty’ as he is to look at, he has talents that go beyond just being skin deep!

Kirill Beloborodov has also done some short films and some dramatic acting in his career so far, as well as appearing in many commercials for a variety of products along the way. On top of all that, he does sing, although I wasn’t able to find any samples of his singing voice online just yet. But something just tells me that his voice would be really cute once I heard it. Hehehe! Maybe I’m biased.

Just kidding…I’m DEFINITELY biased! ::Giggles::

For now, though…seeing your modeling stuff iscertainly enough to put a genuine smile and a gentle blush on my face! MWAH! Awwww, so cute!

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Outside of his modeling and acting career, besides his singing and vocal training, Kirill also likes to play the piano and the synthesizer! (Do they still make those? Hehehe…I guess so. Because…Russia!)

But Kirill Beloborodov also adds football to his list of attributes, as well as bicycle, skates, and he is a budding martial artist as well! Yikes, that’s a lot! Congrats, dude! You are officially a jack of all trades! 🙂

At the moment, he is working on his newest film, “Roller Coaster”, and I’m sure hes going to kill the role as he’s actually a pretty good actor for his age. Even when you get past staring, blankly, at him on the screen for a while. Hehehe!

As shown here in this short film from Youtube…

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So, best of luck, dude! You keep working your way to the top, Kirill! Show the world that you deserve your spot, and I wish you well! Stay beautiful! And lease…stay away from the bad stuff, k? You can really be something special! And we’ll be here, cheering you on the whole way! K?

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