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Hi Everyone!

Well, things at home are starting to go back to normal. I’ve been spending most of my time helping my mom, who has gone back to work full time, get the house back in order. Preston has started hockey practice again and he’s really excited. I’ve held off on soccer and have booked a couple of photo shoots which was very lucky. To be honest, I’m thinking about making them my last. I ‘m getting older and the jobs are getting harder to find. I honestly don’t want to become an adult model and I never planned to go into acting or even stay in the entertainment industry in any way so, I think it’s time to focus on family and my future. The Navy is still my hope and schooling will be my main priority. When I have a solid plan to work with, I’ll let you all know. I promise 🙂

I’ll see you next issue;

~ Matty

who4m1 Writes: Here a simple, classic, almost overly banal question that at least I do not know yet: What is your favourite colour? (Or colours if you can’t name one)

Maybe you find some nice answer 😉 (I would definitely have to think for a moment myself.)

Matt’s Reply: Well, Red is top of my list. I mean I don’t go out and get things just because they are red but, I do have quite a few red things that could have been other colors 🙂 I love the combination of Red and Black as well. Actually Black and most other colors look pretty sweet but, Red still beats it out for number one.


HughDooTwo Writes: Have you found a boyfriend yet?

Matt’s Reply: LOL, no. But to be fair, we’ve all been hiding in our homes for over a year. Kinda hurts the dating life. Actually, I do have a little bit of a crush on one of my best friends but, I don’t want to mess things up with him. I have imagined ways to sneak it into conversation and someday, I may even do it.


M4k3n-0n3-M0 Writes: Ok, you didn’t like my last email? Fine. I’m not saying I hate you, but I would unplug your life support to charge my phone.

Matt’s Reply: Damn, that is a better burn. You copied that from somewhere, didn’t you? LOL!

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