Church of Comsiology

Let life happen.

As a member of the Church of Comsiology…you will be schooled in the art of simply allowing life to ‘happen’ instead of always trying to jump out in front of it, or predicting what’s going to come your way next. The key to inner peace is being ‘present’ during your own journey. But most people, nowadays, can’t seem to find their own balance anymore. Constantly hoping that they can anticipate every problem, foresee every obstacle, before having to take it head on. While it may feel like a relief at first, this mental and emotional practice creates a great amount of anxiety and paranoia within you…and eventually…soul crushing disappointment in all of the beauty and gifts that life has to offer you, because you were too afraid to be surprised or caught off guard. STOP IT! Seriously…take a deep breath…relax…and allow the flowers in your reality to blossom at their own pace. It will be ok. Breathe.

I see so many people that watch movies and try to force them to go in a certain direction. “This is what’s gonna happen next! And I bet he says this! And I bet she does this! I’m going to get my notebook out and theorize. What did I miss? What will I see? I have to hurry up and reach the end before the actual ending comes. And then, the occasional, ever popular, ‘I CALLED IT’…I knew it all along!!!” Stop! Breathe. Reflect. Enjoy. Try to prevent your thoughts from getting so far ahead of yourself that there are no surprises left in your life. No room to appreciate the current moment. You are not a ‘detective’, my friend. You are a human being. Relax. Just for a moment. Try it now.


Can you feel it? The release?

Or are you already attempting to figure out where the rest of this particular lesson is going to end up? Are you trying to word it your way instead of allowing me to word it mine? It’s ok if you are. These things take time and practice. But it can be done. And once you can achieve a certain stillness of mind…the glory and wonder of the world around will embrace you in ways that you can’t even imagine.

Just because life is unpredictable doesn’t make it scary. It’s just life. And it’s ok if you just allow yourself to absorb and appreciate it for what it is, without constantly being on alert for the next ‘jump scare’ or sudden fork in the road. Breathe. That’s it…just…breathe…

The world can seem like a truly frightening place these days. I get it. But you can’t go to the mall thinking that there’s going to be a mass shooting. You can’t drive your car thinking that the gas tank will explode. You can’t go swimming in the ocean thinking that you’re going to be eaten up by a hungry shark. How is that living? How is that a beneficial part of your existence? Dangers exist, yes…and you need to be aware of that…but you can’t live thinking that you have to be twelve steps ahead of nature itself with every step you take in order to remain safe. That’s just no way to live.


There is a difference between self preservation…and self suffocation.

Instead of expending all of that tireless energy on trying to duck, dodge, and dash past the troubles that may be coming your way…why don’t you take a few minutes, each day…and strengthen yourself from within. So that, no matter what hardships life might throw your way…you’ll be strong enough, prepared enough, to deal with them. That’s where your true feelings of safety and security will lie. Knowing that you can handle yourself when needed. Knowing that you can be there for your friends and loved ones when asked. Knowing that you have the spiritual fortitude to get through whatever disaster that comes along to blindside you on a random Tuesday afternoon. That’s where you’re find your bliss. Not by stressing yourself out by trying to solve riddles that were never asked, or attempting to predict an infinite number of problems further down the road that may or may not ever happen.

Isn’t it exhausting?



Quiet your EXTREMELY anxious mind.

Sit back…watch your TV show, or your movie, or read your book, whatever….and ALLOW it to carry you on a journey without trying to figure everything out ahead of time. Relax. You don’t have to keep your guard up and always strain yourself trying to beat the story to the punch in order to save you from the so-called horror of being surprised every once in a while. I’ve seen people watching a movie…and they cant sit still. They wiggle, they talk all the way through it, they’re constantly making guess about this scene, or that scene, or this character, or that line of dialogue. Antsy. On edge. Getting more and more frustrated by the second and screaming, “I’m SO confused!!!” No…this isn’t so.

You’re not confused. You’re not angry. You’re not scared. You are simply impatient. Be aware of your journey. Absorb all that it is giving you instead of trying to leapfrog your way to the end. It’s ok. Consider this me, giving you permission, to stop trying to speculate and predict everything ahead of time. Just relax. Breathe a sigh of relief…sit back…and enjoy life.

It’s so precious…being able to live in the moment. Not worried about the transgressions of the past…not worried about the threats in the future…but just being truly present. Even if just for a little while. Look around you right now. What do you see? What’s going on outside your window? Take a moment to actually pay attention to that music that you keep running for ‘background noise’ while typing on your keyboard. It’s ok. Breathe. You have time. Stop swimming against the natural current of your life when you can just lay back and float for a while.

I think it’s important to quiet the brain box every now and then. We’ve reached a point in our evolution where we’re scared of everything…all the time. The age of information has created concrete versions of the boogey man under the bed that we were always able to ignore before now. But why is knowledge and self awareness so frightening to us? Who told you that knowing what lurks in the darkness and the shadows was a BAD thing? Educate yourself. Be intrigued. Be strong. Be accepting. And realize that there is a world that exists beyond what you know and what you’ve been taught ‘on repeat’ as a child. How else can you navigate your way through reality with any sort of insight or maturity…if you’re just sitting around and waiting for someone else to tell you what to think?

And yes, that includes me. But if you’re reading this right now, allow me to plant this tiny little seed in your mind. And then send you back to your lives to find answers on your own. K?


I feel like humanity, in general, is operating on some sort of ‘quick click’ design where everybody wants the answers to everything right now. People are starting to feel lost and afraid and threateningly vulnerable whenever they can’t figure out everything that’s going to happen before it happens at all times. Is that you? Can you feel it? The tension? The grief? The aggravation? Right now, I could fully explain the end of a movie that you’ve never seen before…but what would it mean without any context? Would it matter? How can you possibly be invested in the outcome of a journey that you haven’t taken? Unfortunately…many people treat their lives the same way. It’s a difficult habit to break away from, I know. But it can be done. Maybe only in brief pauses from the madness at first…but you’ll learn to extend those pauses in time. I promise.

Live in the moment. Stop nurturing the anxiety that comes from not knowing everything and surrender to the beauty of stillness.


Life is not trying to attack you. It’s not trying to trick you. It’s not trying to jump out of the bushes and scare the living shit out of you. There are no sinister agendas. There are no puppet strings. You have a free mind to do and think and behave any way that you want to. It is in you power to be the person that you always wanted to be…and to personally build the perfect construct for who you think that person should be. So why not do it?

Your happiness and joy doesn’t depend on anybody else. Nor do you have to see them ‘lose’ to feel as though you’ve ‘won’. Just take inventory of everything that is good about your life…lay it all out in front of you…and smile. Right now…in the moment. Like, “Yeah…I don’t have everything that I want, but…looking at my life…what I’ve already got is pretty damn cool.” Do that for yourself every once in a while. That’s all it takes. Seriously. Give it a try.

The goal of the Church of Comsiology is to get people to change their perspective on life from a certain sense of mass hysteria, and build a more personal perspective on their own. One that speaks to them. Benefits them. And praises their individuality without judgement. If you can even begin to find the true beauty within yourself through those means…than we’ve done our job. And we hope that you’re better for it.

Remember…we’ve got to stop trying to jump ahead to the end of the book. Stop thinking that you need to strive for the answer before you’ve fully understood the question.



And enjoy the time that life has given you before it’s gone. Absorb every moment, IN the moment, before those moments are gone forever. Ok?

Food for thought…coming from the Church Of Comsiology! 🙂 Live long! Stay beautiful! And embrace the light within you!

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