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Hi Everyone!

Everyone here at Imagine Magazine wants to apologize for the issue being late this month. It’s almost as if this one didn’t want to go live so, it cursed itself. First, Jeff stared to post his stuff and the site just crashed on him. Not the site that we all see but the back end stuff. He started to fix it when he realized it was any of the sites that used this format specifically. It turned out that the problem was due to our host upgrading server equipment so, he had to undo everything he did. That lost a couple days. Then Comicality was not feeling well. You know he’s got to be good and sick if it stops him from posting stuff. I think he’s feeling better. I know Myke has been working weird hours so he probably knew stuff was up but not really what. LOL! Then as Jeff was finally getting going again, he learned that he was going to need to find a new place to live because the house he’s living in now is being sold. That was like really sudden too. At home, my brother has been all upset because his best friend has to move out of state in a few weeks. I don’t even want to be near him right now he’s so angry. Me… I’m here. LOL! Watching all the fires burn. We’ll just say Issue 74 is cursed. I think because even the magazine doesn’t want to see Duncan: Out of Exile end because seeing new chapters going up made it feel like Juju was still with us. Well, he is and always will be. That’s all there is to it!

I’ll see you next issue;

~ Matty

tRami293 Writes: Hey Matt! Was wondering if you had the chance, would you ever visit Australia?

Matt’s Reply: I would kill to! Hehehe… Not only are you guys super hot… well, name an ugly Aussie teen. That’s right! No such person. But surfing in many areas there are treated like a religion. So I want to pray to a hot Aussie on a surfboard… Too much? Hehehe, I don’t care 😛


CrappyLappy4: If I ever met you in person, would I be able to recognize you if I’ve only seen the images of you on the cover of the magazine?

Matt’s Reply: Maybe. The only place I ever really get recognized as “Matt from Imagine” is when I am in the office and people come in. They are all like “Oh crap, that’s Matt!” before the crazy guy scares them off. I think we need to get a security guard, seriously.


vurponya Writes: wuts the first thing you do wen u get pimp smaked by me

Matt’s Reply: Get the name of your English teacher so I can pass it on. Wow!

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