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Learn to love things.

I know that seems like it’s a no nonsense concept to grasp, and very little to ask for…but when you truly think about it…I mean, is it?

What happened to being happy? Where did that feeling of euphoria and gratefulness go? We live in a world where we’re drowned in so much technology, so much information…music and media and news and mental and emotional stimulation…that we’ve forgotten how to really appreciate it. We experience a few fleeting moments of joy and then abandon it to ask, “What’s next??? I need MORE!!!”

Is that how you want to spend the rest of your life? Always suffering from a feeling of want and desire and need? Never being fulfilled? Never knowing what it is to exist in a state of total satisfaction for any length of time?

Take time. Absorb and revel in the many gifts that you have been given in your life.

At the Church of Comsiology, we try to teach our community to love the things they love. Not just for a brief moment…but for a lifetime. What’s wrong with being happy? What’s wrong with having the ability to enjoy something, or get excited about a new movie or story, or dance to a new song? In my many years online, I’ve seen sooooo many people see such a thing as a weakness. When in reality, it’s the greatest strength that we have. Feel free to LIKE something, dammit! Hehehe! What’s wrong with you?

The answer? Nothing. Nothing is wrong with you. You simply need to change your perspective on your life just enough to take inventory of all of the wonderful things in your life and enjoy those happy feelings until they bubble over and you’re forced to share those feelings with those around you that you cherish most. It’s a GOOD thing to actually ‘like’ something.

Trust me, the world will never run out of people who are bitter and angry, who rant and rave and complain and whine about life. We have more of ‘those’ people than we know what to do with. But what if you could be different? What do YOU like? Share it with us? We want to know. We want to discover who you are and maybe discover parts of ourselves along the way that we didn’t even know were there before you exposed them to us.

Take a moment right now…

Look around you.

If you’re reading this right now…just know that you have an internet connection and a laptop, mobile device, etc…that allows you to reach out and speak to people all over the world. You have electricity. You have a roof over your head. Food in the fridge, a soft mattress to sleep on, clean clothes to wear, and a ton of other privileges that many others don’t have. You are blessed beyond your ability to comprehend what it might be like for those who have to struggle to have half of the stuff that you’re looking at right now. Right here. In your room. Take an extended moment and just…be thankful for it all.

I’m not asking you to feel guilty about it. Just don’t take it for granted.

The Church of Comsiology teaches the art of being thankful, being humble, and having sympathy for those who have yet to achieve what we have in our lives so far. People that we can help, if we have the means or the opportunity. People who are welcome to join us if they’re looking for ways to find a sense of self love and community. A sense of ‘family’.

Learn to love things.

Stop complaining about everything. Stop being negative all the time, or trying to toss a wet blanket on someone else’s joy. Some people just act like they hate EVERYTHING! “This is why this story sucks”, “This is why Marvel sucks”, “This is why Star Wars sucks”, “This is why this movie flopped”, “This is why this part of the world is awful”! Blah blah blah! Aren’t you all sick of it? Name a single one of those people who have done anything significant other than wait for someone else to do all the hard work and then trash it after the fact. It’s not cool. It’s not funny. It’s just weak. Take a moment and examine the interactions that you, personally, have with other people. Are you that guy? The one who always has something negative to say? That guy who minimizes someone else’s accomplishments? The guy who has to always speak up when it looks like other people are having too much fun without you? Stop it. It’s just that easy. Just stop.

What do YOU like?

Share it with us. Give us a positive vibe for once. Don’t feel weak or submissive simply because you gave someone a compliment. Why? Why does that weaken you? Make positive bonds with the people around you, and they’ll do the same in return. And when you feel happiness and joy, don’t horde it all to yourself and stay silent until it wears off and you find something else contradictory to say. There’s enough negativity in the world without you pushing it further. You’re not special. Not in that sense. If you want to stand out? Share your light.

It’s as simple as that. Share your light, and stop thinking it’s ‘ok’ to piss all over someone else’s parade.

That only leads to loneliness and regret. Find a way to LOVE what you love! And share that with the rest of us! Who’s with me?

I love comic books and horror movies and video games and writing stories about cute teenage boys! That’s my joy! And I share it with you guys as often as I possibly can. What’s YOUR positive ‘thing’? And why aren’t you sharing that more often than you are your rants and sour hearted comments on somebody else’s joy? Its a waste of time. Aren’t you exhausted…? Looking for things to bitch about?

Life is out there. And it’s waiting for you to step up and embrace it for the glorious gift that it is. So quit complaining and just love what you’ve been given in this world.

I’d rather be a dirt poor man with love in my heart and a loving family, then a billionaire with nothing but paranoia and greed to fuel me from one day to the next. That’s just no way to live.

Build your own path. And let Comsiology guide you there.

May love and light bless you all…

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