The Adventures of Kyle Duron

As Kyle Duron and the ships of the Dantoonie Space force face off against Imperial Warlord Matt the Rev, Admiral Chilo’s, fleet comprised of Ten assault frigates mark 2, Six MC40, 20 CR 90 and Six MC85, Six MC80, Ten Nebulon-B escort Frigate, as well as, Eight MC-30 frigates, are gathering in the Chopani sector.

Chilo, “Where the heck is Kyle, he should have linked up with us by now?”

XO, “Sir, Kyle was not given a time frame to join us. Also, last I heard; he was order by Jedi

Grand Master Luke Skywalker to aid Naboo.”

Chilo, “You right.”

Suddenly, a sos message comes through.

This is Admrial Kirito of the Jedi Fleet Endor, we are at above the planet Dantoonie. We are facing 20 Imperial Class star destroyers mark two, 50 victory class star destroyers, 60 Lancer-class frigates, six interdictor cruiser and 2 Super Star Destroyers. They bear the marking of Warlord Matt the Rev. Any New Republic forces in the area please respond code three.

Chilo, “Well now I guess that answers that.”

XO, “We going to aid them?”

Chilo, “Heck yea it should be a quick jump there.”

All throughout the fleet a message is played. This is Admiral Chilo, all pilots to your fighter all pilots to your fighters. Once we enter the system all X-Wings are to stay back and guard the fleet. A-Wing are to engage the ties. E and B Wings will deploy to guard the K and Y wings on bombing runs. Ends message. The fighters in the fleet consisted of 300 X-Wings, 228 E-Wings, 156 A-Wings, 84 K-Wings, 84 B-Wings, and 84 Y-Wings Spread out among the MC 80s and MC 40.

Meanwhile, in the Space above Dantoonie, the battle was underway.

Banshee two to Heat one watch out you have ten tie interceptors on your six.

Max, “I cannot shake them any help will be appreciated.”

Heat one this is Dantoonie one I see you come to point three 0 five.

Max, “Copy Dantoonie one.”

Suddenly the ties on Max’s six were taken out. The battle was far from over. As the fighters were engaging each other, the space was filled with heavy ion cannon fire, as well as, heavy turbolaser fire as the Venator class Star Destroyers along with the five MC 80- and one-Star Defender close in on the Imperial star destroyers. While the capital ships duke it out, the MC 30 frigates star to unload all their proton torpedoes, on the victory class Star Destroyers, aiding in this attack are all the assault frigates mark two, while all the cruisers stay back in reserve with the CR 90.

On board the Super Star Destroyer Revent Horizon

Matt, “They are relying putting up a fight. XO what are there loses so far?”
XO, “Only 12 squadrons of fighter so far, their shields seem to be more powerful than ours. Also, we have damage six of their frigates which have been removed from the battle. Our loses so far, our 30 lancer frigates 40 victory class star destroyers due to their bombing runs, also ten Mark two have been taken out by a combined Y and K Wing attack which came out of nowhere.”

Matt, “I am not retreating this time we will stay till the end.”

On board the Endor

Gram, “Man this battle is really getting intense.

Saul you can say that again.

Ezra, “How many troops left to defend against boarders?”

Cassian, “About 100 and us four.”

As the four brothers are talking an alarm sounds, imperial landing craft heading for hanger bay ten repeat imperial landing craft heading for hanger bay ten.

Saul, “Let’s go boys looks like we will see some action.”

As the imperial troops disembark from the landing craft their commander Enrica Rose, feels something is not right.

Rose, “I have a bad feeling.”

Trooper, “Sir there are no guards here we can move in and take over this ship. They have no troops all the troops on this ship deployed to the ground.”

As the two are talking, the rest of the 360 boarding forces exits the landers. As soon as all 360 are off loaded the door to the hanger bay opens up.

Rose, “What’s this?”

After the hanger bay door is opened Rose sees four silver blades.

Ezra, “Been a while since we cut up some stormies.”

Saul, “Yea you right I count about 360 stromies, 90 for each us.”

Rose, “Open fire.”

As 360 blaster rifles open up, the four field brothers charge into the force of storm troopers. Left and right stormtroopers are being cut down, while the field brothers weave and swing like an ancient dance. After about 30 minutes of fighting, 50 rebel troopers come through the door to aid the four Jedi. After getting the help from the troops, hanger bay is secured.

Ezra, “Thanks for the help although we had it.”

Jerad, “Sure you did.”

On board the Endor,

Kirito, “To Carth, we are holding on but I do not know how much longer we can survive?”

Carth, “I have already lost three fourths of my ships and half of my fighters we will win this.”

Kirito, “To all Cruisers time to join the fight concentrate all fire on those Super Star Destroyers. All B Y E and K Wings hit the other Super Star Destroyer.”

As the cruiser and bomber with fighter protection head in for the kill, suddenly exiting hyperspace is the fleet of Admiral Chilo. As soon as the fleet comes out of hyperspace, all the fighters deploy and the ion, turbo and heavyturbo batteries on the capital ships open up taking out the remain lancer frigates and Victory class star destroyers.

Kirito, “Well now look like my message did get through and help as arrived.”

Chilo, “Admiral Kirtio are we late to the party?”

Kirito, “Chilo right now time lets finish off this War Lord once and for all.

Kirito “to all bombers full on attack”

As soon as Kirito issued those words a combine force of 432 bombers along with a screen of 500 fighters start their runs on the on Super Star Destroyer Revent Horizon.

Seeing this massive force coming towards his two super star destroyers, Matt quickly exits the bridge and order his personal guard of 500 troopers and their 200 saber class tanks to load up on their transports and head on down to the planet to face Kyle. 20 minutes later the remaining imperial ships are blown up. The combined lose on the side of Kyle and the Danttooine ships are six frigates damaged, four MC 80 damaged with a loss of 250 fighters including A B E K Y and X Wings. The loses of the Dantooine space force are six venator class star destroyers, five arquitens class cruiser, four consular class cruiser. The Dreadnoughts were held back as the last line in case the imperial fleet broke through. The loses of War Lord Matt the Rev are 20 Imperial class mark two-star destroyers, 50 victory class star destroyers, 60 lancer frigates, six interdictor, and 2 super star destroyers.

Kirito, “Are losses are light compared to the Imperials.”
Carth, “To Kirito, right before the final bombing run, several imperial landing craft exited one of the super star destroyers and headed down to the planet.”

On the ground of Dantoonie Kyle and his forces are watching the battle unfold in space

Ural, “I sure hope we win this?”

Kyle, “We will we are all set.”

Sergio, “Where do you want me General sir?”

Kyle, “You will be with the kids inside the conclave since, I want an adult with them and since you are space jokey.”

Sergio, is thinking what have I gotten myself into?

As he enters the conclave, Sergio realizes he does not have a melee weapon, as he is walking, he notices a room, with a locked door. He uses is blaster to open the door and inside, the room, there are several trunks one is labeled double vibro swords. One is labeled Vibration Cell Mark IV with a paper that details what this cell does Vibration energy cells increase the amount of damage a weapon can inflict, but make them much harder to wield. Another trunk is labeled Superior Nagai Grip which has these effects on the weapon The Nagai designed this grip to improve a weapon’s performance without any side-effects. As well as trunks (labeled superior Mullinine and Neutronium edges, enhanced energy cells mark IV, and superior agrinium grips To see what type of effect these have on a vibro sword see chapter six.) Other trunks are labeled Flex Heavy Armor, Ballistic Shielding underlay mark III, which helps against slashing. Upon seeing all of this, Sergio grabs the double sword and upgrade it with superior Nagai grip and the agrinium grip, along with the superior Mullinine and Neutronium. To finish the upgrade, he adds the enhanced energy cell mark IV and the Vibration Cell Mark IV. After upgrading the vibro double sword he puts on the Flex Heavy Armor, which had the Ballistic Shielding underlay mark III added to the armor to help against slashing damage. After equipping himself with the new gear and weapon he heads out to find the kids. When he finds the kids, he hides in the shadows just to make sure nothing will happen.


Frank, “Jeff, Kenta, Rick, turtleboy, juan and Aries are not happy about you telling them to stay put inside the conclave.”

Kyle, “I do not care a battle is no place for two six-year-olds, three twelve-year-olds, and a sixteen-year-old.”

Frank, “Aries was not happy about being left on babysitting duty.”

Kyle, “I wish I could have sent them up to space but seems like that was not going to happen.”

As the group is talking Ako, reports back with a report.”

Ako, to Kyle, “The biggest force I have seen has landed. 600 ATAT 300 ATST 200 saber class tanks. Over 4000 stormtroopers.”

Kyle to Ako, “You sure?”
Ako, “Yes I am sure it looks like it may be a tough fight, but if we can knock out the walkers it will be easy. Unlike the first battle of hoth, we have tanks, combat speeders, v-wings, and 3000 troops with 500 of them armed with rocket launchers.”

Meanwhile while the space forces are regrouping, another force exits hyperspace.

Sensor, “Admiral another force is exiting hyperspace!”

Kirito, to Carth and Chilo, “Be alive new contacts exiting hyperspace.”

Carth, “Well we are done but not out, all Dantoonie ships rally around the Endor.”

Chilio, “Well now I was late to the party but not this time, all fighters gather around the capital ships this time we will let whoever comes come to us.”

As the three Admirals are getting ready the ships come into range

On board the Endor,

Sensor, “Admiral Id is coming back as Eight MC 80, Eight MC 30, Eight Nebulon B-Frigates, Eight assault frigates mark 2, Eight MC 40, 24 CR-90, 24 DP 20, and one Star Defender labeled Hope?”

Kirito, “Who the heck do they belong too?”

On board the Hope, is Admiral Roger Soloar

This is Admrial Roger Soloar to Admiral Kirito do you copy over?

Kirito, “Roger, what brings you to this neck of the woods?”

Roger, “We received your call but could not come right away as we were dealing with a mando fleet that we almost destroyed when your call for help came in.”

Kirito, “Well I am glad you are now to booster our forces here.”

Roger, “Also, I bring news from the Mon Motha.”

Kirito, “What news is that?”

Roger, “It seems that she thinks Kyle’s fleet is too small and has asked me to hook up with you.”

As the two are talking, Chilo enters the conversation

Chilo, “So this will be largest gathering of New Republic ships since the battle of Endor. Two Star Defenders, Eighteen MC-80, Twenty-two assault frigates mark II, Twenty-four Nebulon B-Frigates, Twenty-four MC-40, Twenty MC-30, 45 CR-90, Six MC-85 and 24 DP-20. Not to mentioned the fighters we have 456 A-Wings, 456 B-Wings, 456 E-Wings, 456 K-Wings, 576 X-Wings, and 528 Y-Wings spread out among the MC-80, the two-star defenders and the 24 MC-40.

Kirito, “God damn that’s a whole lot of fighters.”

Carth, “Tell me about it. I pity any imperial force who goes up against you guys.

Kirito, “Hey better be safe than sorry, we almost lost to Matt if you had not shown up Chilo.”
Chilo, “You right now that our part is done its time for Kyle to do his part on the ground.”

Kyle, “Men listen up this will be the biggest battle yet I have faced with you guys. We are better trained but the Imperials outnumber us by 1000 troops. Unlike the first Battle of Hoth we have tanks, combat speeders, V-Wings and Snow speeders. We will win this day.”

Austin, “Yes we will and with five Jedi with us we will have this in the bag,

Kyle, “50th Assault group, what is your profession”

3000 men at once Aroo, Aroo, Aroo

Kyle, “All troops to the trenches. Ako, stand by to come in when needed.”

Ako, “V-Wings and Snow Speeders standing by.”

As the Imperial forces come into range, the ATAT and ATST open up on the trenches.

Kyle, “Ako come in now and focus on those walkers.”

Ako, “Copy that.”
Soon the plain of Khoonda is turned into a mess of metal as combat speeders and tanks move to engage, the Walkers and saber tanks. As the tanks and walkers fight it out ako snowspeeders squadron along with the V-Wings start hitting the walkers left and right. As that is going on, it is now hand to hand combat along with lightsaber action vs virbro swords and Double virbro swords.

Kyle, “Hey Frank every had this much fun?”
As Frank is cutting down storm troopers replies hell yea.

As the ground battle heats up, no one notices that Matt the Rev along with 100 troopers sneak around and enter the conclave. As Matt and his force enter the conclave they come face to face with Jeff, Kenta, Rick, turtleboy, juan and Aries, with there lightsabers activated.

Matt, “Well now what do we have here six little Jedi.”

Rick, “We maybe little but we can take you and your goons on.”

Matt, “Interesting, all I want is the weapons and lightsaber stuff so hand it over before someone gets hurt.”

Aries, “The only one going to get hurt today is you.”

Matt, “Very well, men swap to vibro swords.”

Sergio, “You know grown men picking on little kids is something I hate the most.”

Matt, “Who else is in here show yourself.”

Sergio, walks out wearing his Flex Heavy Armor armed with is upgraded Double virbro sword

Matt, “I did not think troops would be inside?”

Sergio, “Well, surprise!”

Soon the inside of the conclave is a battle as the Jedi Kids along with Sergio charge into the stormtroopers. Sergio is going to town hacking left and right knocking off the troopers while the smaller kids and Aries attack other stormtroopers. Suddenly the 100 troopers are all dead and it is now just Matt vs the group.

Sergio, “Kids, back off he is mine, time to finish off this warlord once and for all.”

Matt, “So it comes down to this me vs a New Republic fighter jokey, I thought I would have a show down with Kyle.”

Sergio, “Well are we going to talk or dance?”

Soon the two combatants charge at each other and sparks are flying from the two swords hitting each other Matt dueling welding while Sergio has is double vibro sword. After about 15 minutes both people are wearing down and Sergio, seeing an opening goes for it and knocks, the two virbo blades from Matt’s hands, then putting his twin vib sword at the neck of Matt.

Sergio, “Imperial Warlord Matt the Rev, by the power granted to me by the New Republic council, you are under arrest for the illegal invasion of Naboo.”

Matt, “So what if you caught me? My army is still outside.”

Sergio, “Really because from the sound I am hearing it is a lot of walkers falling down. Rick, go check the outside cameras to see what’s going on.”

Rick, “On it.”

Rick runs to the control room to view the outside and all he sees is a huge mess of New Republic troops mixed in with stormtroopers and lightsaber blades. After viewing the camera’s, he runs back.

Rick, “It’s a mess out there but I think we are winning.”

After a 3 hour battle the Imperial forces is crushed 600 ATAT 300 ATST 200 saber class tanks lay destroyed, as well as over 3500 stormtroopers. The remaining 500 deiced to give up. But Kyle’s forces took a huge hit as well 50 tanks and 50 combat speeders destroyed with 1000 men dead, and 500 wounded.

Kyle, “This was a huge battle and coast us so much.”

Neo, “I say so.”

Ural, “A lot of nice scrap for the collectors.”

Tye, “I just hope the kids were safe.”

Frank, “I know Aries may be a little mad, but then again better safe than sorry.”

Kyle, “Speaking of that let’s head in to see if the kids are ok.”

As the group of eight head into the conclave the see several bodies of stormtroopers, littering the floor.

Kyle, “What the hell happened in here?”

Neo, “The kids!”

The group quickly runs to the courtyard where they see five kids, one teenager, and one Adult just sitting on the ground talking and an Imperial Warlord handcuffed to a column.

Kyle, “Well now I see there was a party in here.”

Rick, “They came in somehow but we took care of them along with Sergio.”

Sergio, “Let me tell you although these boys are young, they did well when faced with 100 stormtroopers.”

Tye, “100 stormtroopers?”

Aries, “Heck yea after we took them out Sergio took on Matt and won.”

Kyle, “Time to send a message to Mon Motha and let her know the rogue warlord is captured.”

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