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To be totally honest, I had to keep looking and analyzing, putting in some Comsie ‘detective work’ to make sure that Tima Tyurin was actually a ‘boy’! ::Giggles:: It’s true!

There are some boys out there that are so fair, and so pretty, and so slim and smooth and delicate…that the modeling world has become used to using them to model both male and female lines of fashion, with great success. And at first glance, Russian model boy, Tima, seems like he might be a candidate for one of those modeling ‘double agents’. He has a certain androgynous beauty to him that mesmerizes you at first glance, and doesn’t want to let go until the appeal is done wrapping your mind around the idea that another boy could ever even BE that cute without having something else going on there. Hehehe, it’s almost like an illusion. It really is.

It wasn’t until I came across some of his swimsuit photos that his obvious ‘boyhood’ was confirmed. Wait…that came out wrong. LOL! I mean, he was in speedos with no top. Professional photographers wouldn’t do with a girl that age, is what I mean. And then, after seeing his Youtube channel online, his mannerisms, hearing him talk, watching move around…he was clearly a boy. Just…obscenely pretty! And I kinda like that!

Modeling, dancing, influencer…even though Tima Tyurin is still very early on in his career, you can’t deny that he is already on the right path to make it to the next level. And hopefully towards many levels beyond that. Not to mention, he actually comes off as being rather charismatic from what I’ve seen from him so far! I don’t know, you guys tell me…

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Now there wasn’t really a whole lot of info that I could find on young Tima for this promotion article…partially because of his age, and partially because…I can’t speak Russian. Hehehe! But if you happen to be one of those folks who are fluid in the language, he does have a Youtube channel with blogs, short skits, and details about his life as well as just being a kid and having fun with his friends. So feel free to drop in anytime and give him some support so reach for the stars in the future, as his talents and creative photos are sure to take him far in the years to come.

Either way, I’m sure that it won’t be long before the fashion industry truly moves forward to embrace this cutie and give him all of the opportunities that he deserves once they find out what a true and ultimate treasure he is when it comes to boy models in general.

Don’t expect to see Tima Tyurin vanish any time soon! Fortune and fame is already en route!

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I’m wishing you all the best, Tima! I will definitely spread the word and let people out there know about you! All you have to do is stay beautiful, and stay dedicated! The rest, for you, should be a piece of cake! Have fun!

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