Truckee, Alder Creek Adventure Center: Winter Is The Warmest Season



You gotta love shuttles.

You don’t have’ta drive anywheres by yourself and try to deal with all the nasty snow and stuff. The Shuttle Service gets to take care of all that. Me, I can just look out the window and watch all the pretty stuff go by. I love the pine trees with all the snow on ’em. It looks like a Christmas card all around up in here! Always has.

It’s nice not havin’ to work up here and just be a tourist for a change. When you’re workin’ you don’t get to really take the time to enjoy or appreciate how beautiful a country it is up around Lake Tahoe, especially up here near the Donner Pass in Wintertime. What a cool Christmas adventure for Mason and me! I’ll never get tired of seein’ snow ’cause we didn’t hardly get none down South-ways. Auburn Ski Camp is part of this whole system up here being a part of the Boreal Ski Resort, but it’s like out on the western edge of things.

The Tahoe Donner Ski Area is basically the heart of Cross-Country Skiin’ in the Tahoe area. Truckee’s just a few clicks down the road and you can tell money was spent here to make this place swanky for the rich Hollywood snowbunny set. Mason says it’s not as swanky as Aspen, but then I dunno anyhow. I’ve never rightly been to Aspen so I have to take his word on it. Bein’ from Salt Lake City he’s sort’a in Winter Sports Heaven with the Winter Olympics havin’ been played there and all. Apparently, he and Dixon used to fly down to Aspen on holidays sometimes. They’d only stay a night or so ’cause it was so fuckin’ expensive!

My Mason boy’s full of all kinds of surprises. I just love hearin’ him talk about his life and all the things he and Dixon have seen and what not. Apparently, his dad did somethin’ with the LDS Missionaries and so Mason and his big brother would get to travel all over the country and Canada and stuff all the time. I never got to go no-place, so I think it’s so cool that Mason can tell me all about this stuff. He’s promised to take me on a tour of the whole country one day when he’s done with school and all. I can’t wait!

But, all that’s beside the point, I reckon.

I’m actually more excited to see today what we’re about to see ’cause I haven’t seen the two doin’ their doin’s for a whole month of Sundays! I almost can’t contain myself entirely! Mason’s been giggling at me for most of our ride ’cause I can’t seem to stop bouncing around and fidgetin’. Brian, the Sexy Beast, is gonna be racin’ his first race today and Snuffy a’gonna help him out and all!

“Would you STOP you goofball! We’ll be there soon enough. I swear it’s like riding with my little nephew, Billy! Neither of you can sit still for even a second!” Mason lightly nudges my arm since I seem to be squirmin’ in my seat but then he starts giggling at me again.

That nudge gets my attention and I swing around to look at him. You know? I swear each time I look at his gorgeous doll face and into those beautiful bright multicolored eyes it’s like I’m meetin’ him for the first time all over again. I just fall right back into the maddest love an Old Son can possibly fall into. Mason Montgomery is beauty personified! You can bet your sweet soul on that right there, Sugar.

Today . . . Mason is an absolute vision! Sabrina outdid her damn self this time! I almost had a heart attack from my heart a’goin’ all a’pitter patter the first time I saw Mason wearin’ his new faux-fur lined white peacoat and his little white French beret thingie. He was sweet as pure Sugar and just as white. The white just set off that dark hair and those eyes turned that hazel-green-blue like they were glowin’! His skin got that pretty pale pink and his lips . . . gawwwwd those LIPS! Just thinkin’ about kissin’ those lips makes me slow down my bouncing and squirming just so’s I don’t pop my cork right here in my pants!

“Hehehe. You’re staring again, Sweetheart. But that’s ok, I like staring right back. I could look into those sparkly emerald green eyes all day long and never get bored.” Mason leans in and gives me an eskimo kiss with his little nose. That makes me giggle right back at him.

I love him so much, you know? I love him so much it hurts! I don’t know what I’d do without my Bright Eyes!

“Wow! What a beautiful peacoat your girlfriend has! The fur just makes it sooo gorgeous!” A pretty lady in her thirties sitting across the aisle from us mentions. Mason turns to her and looks at her like she just done grew horns right in front of us. Hahahaha! This ain’t the first time Mason’s been mistaken for a girl. He’s so damn pretty I’ve had to drive off any number of straight guys trying to pick up on him more’n once.

The lady’s a little more on the ball then those drunk ass dickwads. The minute she see’s Mason’s more masculine features she draws back like she just stepped in a cowpie. Hehehehe!

“Oh, I beg your pardon, Sir! I meant no offense! I’ve just never, well, seen a young man like, um, you before.” She kind of gulps in embarrassment. I can’t let her go on sufferin’ like that. She seems like a nice sort.

“No worries. Mason’s always gettin’ mistaken for a girl. He’s just too damned pretty!” I say.

Mason turns and socks me in the shoulder with that surprisingly macho streak he gets sometimes. Oh yeah, Mason has a set of balls on him that could choke an elephant! I should know! I don’t think a night goes by that I don’t get right close and personal with ’em!

“Owww!” I complain coz . . . Mason don’t know his own strength most the time! He reminds me of Snowflake like that, oddly enough.

“Well, you deserve it! I do NOT get mistaken for a girl that much and you know it!” Mason has the most adorable pout on his face that even my smarting shoulder can’t keep me from giggling at it.

“It’s NOT funny! You’re just going to make things harder on yourself later tonight! I won’t have ANY mercy!” Mason warns with a smirk.

“Promise?” I think a little bit of Brian Chesney’s rubbed off on me. Mason smacks my sore shoulder again, but I know what I’m in for later! I get to be BOTTOM tonight! Yay!

“Oh, well. Hehe. Didn’t mean to start a lover’s quarrel. Are you two from San Francisco?” The lady asks as she must know we’re both boyfriends by now.

“We stayed there for a little while, but mostly we stay in Las Vegas now. I go to school at UNLV and Jimmy works at the Hard Rock nearby. San Francisco is just too expensive these days.” Mason answers with his gentle almost whisper-low voice.

“Ahhh. I don’t really go to Las Vegas much anymore, myself. I prefer Reno which is why I live there. I used to strip at one of the strip clubs there, but, not anymore. There aren’t too many openings for 40ish old ladies doing strip teases.” The lady looks out the window with a sad expression. I don’t know what she’s on about. She is a very beautiful woman and if I wasn’t gay I’d probably like her to take me home with her! She don’t look no fourty-ish neither!

She’s got long strawberry red hair and beautiful green eyes that kinda remind me of my mom’s, God rest her soul. Her skin’s pale but with freckles coz of the sun out here. She still has her figure and if I was in any way bi I’d love her mountainous boobies to play with all night long. Hell . . . she might be turnin’ me bi right now! Wow!

“You sell yourself short, Miss. You’re still a beautiful lady. I hope you’ve got a boyfriend or a husband or even a companion or somethin’.” I tell her and she gets this melting look in those emerald eyes of hers.

“Awww. You’re too sweet! Jimmy, right? I don’t sell myself short in dating. I’m actually a ‘cougar’ in that I can pull young men easily enough if I want. It’s just the stripping thing. I love dancing and that’s what I really miss about the tease. I still have the grace, but I’m not an 18 year old tight skinned babe anymore. So, the club managers only want to keep me around to teach, but not do. Oh well.” She smiles and looks down at her lap. She really does look sad about not bein’ able to strip tease no-more.

I always thought it was somethin’ women did out of necessity like if they had a kid at home and it was the only way to put food on the table or whatnot. But, I guess, a lot of them really get into it! They’re proud of their work out there. Really, from a Gold Star Gay Boy’s perspective, I can see the beauty in a good stripper’s moves. I don’t get my hormones all tied up in it so I can actually appreciate the movements. Most strippers are every bit as coordinated and graceful as any ballerina.

In this case though, this gal might actually get my engine runnin’ if she were to start a tease for us right now!

“I should give you my cousin Maelin’s phone number. He works in Las Vegas at the Crystal Vision Sex Art Collective. His boss, Mr. M, is always looking for experienced talent. He doesn’t do ‘stripping’ so much as he does erotic performance art pieces. I’ve seen a lot of his stuff. It’s really quite beautiful!” Mason chimes in. Wow! Who would’a thunk it? My pretty boyfriend has freaky relatives just like Brian does!

“Wow! I’d never heard of that place before! Of course, I was always looking at stripper joints or the like. Not ‘art’ exhibits. I still have trouble appreciating all the new kinds of things you Millennials have come up with in recent years. It’s so exciting and such a new perspective on things! Nude bodies dancing as ‘art’ always seemed like a joke back when I was starting out. To think what I did could be considered ‘art’ now! Wow! By the way, my name is Myrwyn!” Myrwyn says with a sweet smile and then shakes our hands. She has a firm handshake for a girl!

“What’s your number and I’ll send Maelin’s contact info?” Mason asks eager to help. God, I could hold him down and eat him out right now! I loooove it when Mason’s bein’ so adorably ‘Mormon’ and helpful and stuff! Makes me want to tear his white nickers off with my teeth!

“Oh, uh, here’s a card. I don’t like giving out my number in public. Too many weirdos out there, if you know what I mean.” Myrwyn looks around a bit then reaches into her purse and hands Mason a card. As she does she ‘accidentally’ touches his hand with her finger. Mason totally misses the little gesture. He is so innocent about stuff despite the things we do in bed . . . and in the shower . . . and on the floor. . .

Mason works away inputting the info while she stares fixed at him and then she glances at me and smirks mischievously.

“You guys aren’t like ‘Gay’ gay are you? You wouldn’t by chance be a little bi or flexible?” Her legs uncross and then recross showing a little bit more skin. She may be in her 40s but she has legs that might just give Snowflake a run for his money. Mason is still concentrating on his phone so he misses the question or probably doesn’t get what she’s talking about. He really is kind of new to, like, relationships and sex and stuff. I’m his first.

I may be a country boy still even after bein’ ‘citified’ for a while, but I can hear a cougar purr when I hears one. Hehehehe! I gotta say . . . I’m thinkin’ about it for a sec. I’ve never been with a woman before. Some tried, but usually just drunk college or high school girls that can’t take no for an answer before I had to smack ’em and run! Myrwyn isn’t like that. She’s a real woman. Strong, confident, warm, and totally sober from the way she’s actin’. In her way, she’s a lot like a grown man is in his way. Sort of like a female Brian Chesney except with more, um, experience.

“I do declare, Ms. Myrwyn! Are you trying to pick up on little ol’ Mason and me?” I can’t help but grin at her and I feel the blush rise to my cheeks. I’m really flattered! I’m also gettin’ a little hard! But, I can’t tell if that’s from the idea of doin’ Myrwyn or if it’s the idea of seein’ Mason try to do Myrwyn with me there too. That . . . (gulp) . . . is kind of like molten hawt, Lordie!

Apparently my grin is doin’ its thing again because Myrwyn gets this surprised and glazed expression staring back at me. I swear I see her nipples fixin’ to poke right out of her pretty blouse.

Mason looks up at her and is kind of gaping at her like he’s never even heard of such a thing happenin’ before. A grown woman thinking of takin’ on two very young men who happen to be the gayest things in the whole damn shuttle bus. He looks speechless. Has a woman or even a girl ever come on to him before? Don’t look like it! I gotta ask what the fuck is wrong with some girls today! They out they damn’ mind!

Myrwyn shakes her head and laughs the low languid laugh of a very sexy cougar on the prowl. Any straight man in here would have finished in his undies listening to that chuckle, I swear to my Uncle Brad’s moonshine.

“I suppose I had hopes. You two are so fucking adorable I can’t stand it.” Both Mason and I look at one another blushing and then dissolve into a fit of juvenile giggles. The squeaky laughs coming out of us should tell the story about how Gay we are right there! But, Myrwyn is not discouraged! She hears this and starts laughing herself.

Unfortunately, the laughing spell changes into a coughin’ fit for poor Mason. He’s been struggling off and on with this damned cold now for a couple of weeks! He won’t go to the doctor about it sayin’ ‘it’s just a touch of the sniffles’. I rub his back as he gets his breath back. I notice he covers his mouth with his red handkerchief so as not to spray the whole room with his bugs. Thankfully, I seem to be immune to it. I hope it goes away soon. I hate to see my beautiful baby not feelin’ too good!

Myrwyn looks concerned though, which unnerves me a bit more.

“Oh, Honey! That doesn’t sound good! Have you seen a doctor about that?” She really does look concerned about it and I look closer at Mason and he does . . . kind of looks paler even than usual.

“Oh, thank you Miss Myrwyn, I’m fine. It’s just a touch of the sniffles. I am susceptible to them when it gets cold. I think that’s why I stick to Las Vegas. Heh.” Mason cuts his little laugh short so he doesn’t start up coughin’ again. Awwww!

I rub his back more and hug him into my shoulder. He looks up with those shimmering every-color eyes and smiles with a brightness he only shares with me. I don’t know what I’d ever do if I’d never get to see that smile again.

Finally, the shuttle bus comes to a stop and the doors open. The cold cuts right through all my clothing! Burrr! I find I hold Mason closer if for no other reason than he’s a lot warmer than I am. I notice Miss Myrwyn gets a big grin on her face.

“No amount of my girlish charm’s getting in between that hug! Catch you guys later! Are you cheering anyone in particular on for the race?” she asks.

“Oh yeah! Our friend Brian Chesney is going to be racin’ his first race today! We’re here to cheer him on!” I say enthusiastically and Mason nods vigorously.

“Hmmm. I’ll have to look him up. If he’s new that’s probably why I’ve never heard of him. Who’s his coach?” She asks like she knows what she’s asking.

“Jusse (Snowflake) Halla.” I answer simply. I don’t expect that to mean much either. Most people don’t put that name to anything special since they usually turn off nordic skiin’ the second it comes on by the TV.

“(GASP!) THE Snowflake? Oh my gaaaawd! Are you serious?” Myrwyn acts like I just mentioned that Taylor Swift was my singin’ teacher.

“I take it you know him, Miss Myrwyn?” Mason asks.

“Baby Doll, anybody who follows Cross-Country Skiing at ALL knows who the Snowflake is! He’s the best EVER! I can’t believe it! So . . . do you guys, like, KNOW him?” She’s all excited now like she’s a Belieber (Justin Bieber fan) and I just told her I’m his cousin. God FORBID!

“Yeah. He’s my best friend.” I say and I can’t help but smile a bit. it’s nice to see folks appreciate my friend the way I do.

“(GAAASP!) Get OUTTA here! You aren’t just joshin’ me are ya? OMG!” Myrwyn looks like she’s gotten younger by about 20 years! Hehehe! She’s almost bouncing in her seat!

Mason and I stand up in unison, arm and arm, which invites ‘Miss Merwyn’ to do the same. She’s still rattlin’ on about askin’ after Snowflake and all. I guess she’s stuck on us now. Hehehehe!

“Well, if you like, I can introduce you to him and to Brian. They’ll be waitin’ for us up at the lodge.” I tell her.

“Oh! Oh, no! I wouldn’t want to intrude. I know you guys will have a lot to get ready for and all. I . . . would hate to be in the way.” To this Mason reaches out a white fleece gloved hand and Merwyn takes it shyly.

“I doubt very sincerely that having a fan as excited as you are could do anything but make Snowflake’s day. He doesn’t get near the recognition he deserves. Jimmy and I agree on that.” Mason’s come to know my little ‘family’ so very well in the brief time he’s been with me. He never ceases to amaze me how . . . perfect he is!

“Well (giggle) Oookay. If you think it’ll be ok. I’m so excited!” Merwyn lets Mason’s hand go so that she can clap. I openly giggle at her.

“Whaaat! This is THE Snowflake we’re talking about here! If you weren’t already his friend you’d be excited too!” Myrwyn says. She’s too funny.

We step down out of the bus and onto the packed snow. We’re greeted immediately by Sabrina and Albert who look so . . . um . . . old movie-ish in the snow and in their get-ups. They’re such a handsome couple but by the way they dress now they make me feel like I’m watchin’ ‘It’s A Wonderful Life’ or somethin’.

Albert’s gotten a spiffy new haircut and his salt and pepper hair’s combed back with gel. He wears a dark charcoal gray suit with pinstripes and a black wool overcoat over that. Real nice one too! I see a Scotch argyle scarf tucked around his neck. It makes me wish I’d brought mine! Brrrr!

Sabrina is entirely in red. She’s got a full length red London Fog coat that looks like it’s wool too. It’s done up tight around her bosoms and a white scarf pokes out from behind the coat around her neck. Her makeup makes her face almost porcelain-like which sets off her ruby red lipstick and heavy eye makeup. She’s got her usual blonde 1940s vintage blonde bombshell hairdo. To be honest, she looks like a ghost from another time! Considerin’ that we almost lost her this year, that kind of bothers me.

“Jimmy! Sweetheart!” Sabrina comes up quickly and crushes me in a bear hug between her boobs. I forget, she’s still got a lot of man in there! If anything she’s stronger than she was before! Albert gently shakes Mason’s hand and admires his white peacoat and beret.

“Mr. Montgomery! You’d give Jack Frost a run for his money! That white jacket’s quite the deal! Cashmere too! Wow! Jimmy’s quite a sugar daddy!” Albert teases.

“Oh, no, Mr. Cummings. This was a gift from my family. We went up to Ogden near Halloween and my whole family loved Jimmy so much that they basically adopted him! I was so happy about that! Mormons or not, I always underestimate just how wonderful my people can be over there. I’m so lucky. I thought they’d hate me when I came out to them, but they embraced me! I’m so much better off than some of my friends in Salt Lake City have been, I guess. I should never have worried! My brother was right all along.” Mason says with a twinkle in his eye.

I remember that day. He was so nervous I thought he’d jitter himself to death! I was about ready to get him totally fucked up on something, but we shouldn’t have worried. The Montgomeries were so warm and loving that I . . . kind of felt like I had found the family I lost in Mississippi when I was a teen. Mason and I are very lucky indeed.

“Well, I’m glad, then, that it means so much. Snowflake and Brian should be honored that you would want to wear it to their race. If they aren’t . . . I’ll kick their asses in for ’em.” Sabrina says with a little growl and then winks. Mason giggles which brings another small cough. I really don’t like the sound of that!

“…and you are miss?” Albert reaches a hand for Myrwyn. She takes it shyly and looks like she blushes a bit. I think she’s hot for Albert! Uh Oh! Sabrina better not pick up on that or Myrwyn’s dead meat!

“Oh, I just met Jimmy and Mason on the ride over. My name is Myrwyn Rochelle. I’m just here to watch the race.” Myrwyn sounds so bashful and Sabrina sounds so, um, not bashful.

“Albert Cummings at your service, Madame. Welcome to our little band of unconventional conventioneers.” Albert smiles that smile that must have made panties drop when he was younger. Hell, they could get my undies off right now!

“Uhh, very nice! Good to meet you. We should get inside ’cause it sounds like Mason’s getting a bit too much nip in the air. Come on ‘Bertie.” Sabrina takes Albert by the arm and gently if firmly guides him into an about face. Hehehehe! Sabrina’s so territorial!

“Um, is it still ok if I tag along. I’ve been around enough to know when a hen fight’s possible in the cock house.” Myrwyn whispers between Mason and me. Mason holds his hand up to his mouth and starts giggling uncontrollably. I can’t help but scoff a bit ’cause I’d never heard of a sayin’ like that before.

“Hehehe! No, ‘Wyn, I don’t think you need to be worryin’ about that cock ‘n hen. I’ve known Sabrina for a while now and I don’t think I’ve ever seen her so in love. Come on! Let’s meet Brian and Snowflake, ‘kay?” I take Mason’s hand who’s still snorting a bit from the Cock and Hen thing. I hope he doesn’t set off another coughin’ fit, but it’s so wonderful to see him laughin’! It just lights up my little old world and sprinkles pure powdered SUGAR all over it!

“Oh my god, you’re probably the sweetest guy I’ve ever met, Jimmy! If you two are still interested in something later . . . you know (slow wink). I like that new nickname too. I think I’ll keep it now! Wyn! But, I think I’ll catch up with you guys later.” She says. I’m glad she likes her new nickname and I do seem to have a flair for nicknames. It just sort of came out just like ‘Snuffy’ and ‘Shugah Smacks’ which is Mason in ‘top’ mode! I’m sorry, though, that Sabrina done scared her off, though!

Speaking of tops, I got me a date with Shugah Smacks this evenin’ . . . I gay-ron-tee! He promised I needed a ‘hard’ time tonight for bein’ such a baaad boy! I needs my punishment, Daddy!




How does Jimmy manage to attract so much human lint? Where did THIS broad come from anyway? She’s old enough to be Jimmy’s Mom for Christ’s sake! I won’t even go there with Mason. That boy is way too sweet and innocent for his own good. He’s a little bunny rabbit in a world of hungry Cougars and Bears out here.

Well, she’s not attaching herself to MY Bertie! I fought too damn long and too damn hard to find someone like him to love! Ok, so I’m being psychotic again. The bimbo merely got a serviceable smile and some pleasantries out of my Man and not a copped feel or anything. Geeze, Bertie makes me so CRAZY! I love him so much it hurts! I get so jealous anytime anyone gets near him! I gotta stop that. It’s not me and it’s not him either. We have something special here and I need to trust it and him.

Our relationship has grown even beyond my expectations. The fact that he’s older, wiser, and more balanced than I seem to be makes him my rock in this world. Supposedly, hopefully, what he says about me is true too.

He calls me his Saving Angel. It’s weird how . . . serious he gets when he says that to me. He doesn’t say it like it’s just another sweet saying you whisper into your lover’s ear while necking on the couch. He says this with such deep feeling like he seems to know what he’s talking about. Like somehow he knows what a Saving Angel looks like and that I seem to fit the bill!

How flattering! The last thing I’d ever think of myself being is someone’s ‘Saving Angel’. Bertie never seemed to need saving anyway and yet over the past few months we’ve been together it’s like he’s gotten physically younger! Like some burden has been lifted off of him with some strength that . . . I give him.

There’s a lot of Bertie’s past that he won’t talk about. I know he was a Detective in LA and San Francisco for a long time before he retired and became a bartender, but he doesn’t talk much about those days. He especially doesn’t talk about why he retired early and did so despite forfeiting most of his pension. I’m not even sure what department he was in. He won’t tell me that either.

He’s more of a ‘let the past be in the past’ kind of guy. He seems to value the moment and look to the future and his past seems to have started when he began working at the bar at Auburn. But, sometimes, it’s like ghosts of that mysterious past will flutter up to the surface. He’ll get a strange expression on his face when he hears something or he’ll come up with some new remarkable skill that I never knew he had.

For instance, just the other day, I was stupid enough to leave my keys inside my car and my car door likes to lock automatically. I don’t have one of those new kinds of cars with the wireless keyless thingie, it’s just a key with buttons and stuff. It’s totally useless INSIDE a locked car, you know? So anyway, Bertie comes up with this thingamajig he had in his car. It’s like an old style cell phone but smaller and with less buttons. He pushes some code into the thing and then holds it up to the car door and waits a few seconds. Suddenly the thing beeps and my car fucking UNLOCKS! I was like: “You’ve got to be shitting me!”

“Where on earth did you get that thing and how did you know how to do THAT?” I had to ask. I mean, this was like 007 type stuff here!

He chuckled at me with that goofy squeaky ‘teenaged boy being mischievous’ chuckle of his and told me: “Just something I got off the Internet. A friend of mine, who just got out of prison for the sixth time, turned me on to this web site where they sell stuff like this. It’s totally illegal in the wrong hands and in most states.” He shrugged at me and went to put it away. What the fuck?

I guess Bertie’s were the ‘right hands’ then because he seemed totally unconcerned about being caught with such a thing. I mean, a friend who just got out of prison and for the SIXTH time no less? So very mysterious which I think is part of what excites me about Bertie. He seems to be a whole nest of Easter Eggs just waiting to hatch.

Some of those Easter Eggs, though, I don’t know if I want to hatch which is probably why Bertie is so damned guarded about his past. There are things there that still . . . haunt him. I can see it in this 2000 yard stare he get’s sometimes. It’s like he ‘goes away’ on me for a minute. It’s a place he goes in his memory that is a place that truly frightens me for him sometimes. I’m so sensitive to these kinds of things and I especially know deep pain when I see it. It will manifest in some weird ways for some of the strangest reasons.

For another instance, his reaction when I call him ‘Bertie’. He thinks I don’t notice, but sometimes when I say that pet name he sort of . . . winces. It’s like the name sets his teeth on edge. He never corrects me about it and he doesn’t wince at it all the time, but sometimes he does. I shouldn’t dig, but I’d like to know why he doesn’t like that name so that I can apologize for sticking it to him. It’s all my fault in that regard. I started calling him ‘My Bertie’ because he IS my Bertie! But I don’t want to call him by that name if it bothers him.

So, as we are walking back to the Ski Lodge to meet Blanco and Brian I just ‘casually’ bring it up: “Yeah, Bertie? I gotta a question, but you don’t have to answer it if you don’t want to. I notice sometimes where I call you ‘Bertie’ that you, kind of, don’t like it or something. Is that true?”

Bertie turns and get’s this ‘shocked’ expression that he means to be humorous. “Why on Earth would you think such a thing? Of course I love being ‘your Bertie’. It’s what I live for! Especially in the sack!” he squeezes my hand, picks it up, and kisses it, and then smiles that teenie-bopper grin of his. It has the effect of charming me right out of my panties again (almost), but I also note the deflection tactic it is too.

I also wonder at how he stresses the word ‘your’ in being ‘my’ Bertie. I feel I should let it go for now. But, I’m bringing it up later. It bothers me! I don’t want to call him a name that he doesn’t like and also one of those names that sometimes makes him go into that 2000 yard stare. The word ‘Bertie’ will do that to him some nights. Nights, long after I’ve gone to sleep with my usual kiss and a ‘night night Bertie,’ where he’ll give me a smile and a look like he might just start to cry and then later I’ll feel the emptiness next to me in bed.

He’ll be there in the hand crafted rocking chair he had brought to our bungalow in La Jolla from his flat in San Francisco. He’ll just be rocking there in front of a fire . . . sipping scotch . . . and gone completely back to that dark past that never seems to leave him no matter how hard he tries to escape it.

My Bertie is a haunted man. If I’m ever to be his true ‘Saving Angel’ I need to help chase those demons away! It’s almost like a small still voice at the back of my head is urging me to do just that. Maybe that is Albert’s true saving angel. That voice, back there, that is always chanting: “Help him.”

“Whao! Earth to Sabrina? Come in Sabrina? Are you receiving us?” I feel a my hand being squeezed and gently shaken. I look up almost surprised to see Bertie walking with me there.

“Geeze! I thought I was the one who was supposed to tune out all the time!” Bertie chuckles that charming deep chuckle with the squeak at the end that I love more than life. “Don’t worry, Doll-face. We’ll talk about ‘Bertie’ later. If it upsets you this much then I think it’s something we should talk about. I owe you that much.” He leans over and kisses me on the lips.

“Well, well. You guys seem cozy.” I hear the beautiful tightly deep young voice of Brian and I look up. Oh, but he’s a vision! The White Knight next to him has made of Brian a Black Knight to equal and contrast beautifully with him.

Brian stands there all ready for the race. He wears the skin tight Lycra ski suit that all professional Cross-Country racers wear to cut wind resistance. I wish I didn’t know so much about such things but, Mr. ‘White Knight’ there practically made me memorize every little detail about the sport. I loved it!

His suit is completely black except for some bright blue swirly designs all over it. The suit is intentionally ‘non-national’ as he is a private skier and not skiing for USA Skiing . . . yet. When he qualifies (and he will qualify) then USA Skiing will allow him to train and race on their circuit on the way to possible inclusion into the USA Ski Team for FIS events and finally the Olympics.

Once part of the Ski Team, then and only then, will Brian be allowed to wear the Red, White, and Blue ski suit designed for his team.

It’s too bad, though. Brian absolutely rocks the Black and Blue which seem to be his ‘signature’ colors!

Snowflake, standing next to him, wears his ski suit too which, naturally, is completely white from head to toe. The white Lycra shows off every muscle and curve on his luscious vanilla ice cream body. Sorry, I’d still fuck Snowflake’s brains out given half a chance. Bertie is a better lover by far, but . . . Snowflake is soooo damned tasty! I’m figuring Brian is peaches and cream himself. Unfortunately, black doesn’t show off as much as white does. It’s sexy in other ways, however.

Jimmy can’t stand it for instance.

“BRI BRI!!!!” Jimmy pretty much tackles Brian and squishes him into an anaconda hug. Brian is a little shocked.

“Holy FUCK, Popeye! You’ve been eatin’ your spinach again? Christ! (gasp) I can hardly breathe!” Brian complains comically. Jimmy ignores the protests and just nuzzles into Brian’s black clad pecks.

Mason doesn’t seem to mind the outflow of dribblingly sweet affection soaking Brian at the moment. He turns his attention to Snowflake who smiles at the little beauty fondly.

Much more gently Mason wraps his arms around Snowflake’s waste and gives him a soft if firm hug too. Snowflake, typically, awkwardly tries to return the affection but, as usual, makes a dogs lunch out of the gesture.

“Welcome, Mason! I am so very glad that you decided to come too! You look very nice today! Is that a new jacket?” Snowflake seems almost bashful speaking into Mason’s face which is so beautiful it almost seems unreal. I’ve heard the story about how he and Jimmy met, but I still can’t, for the life of me, figure out how Jimmy got this lucky. Not to take away from Jimmy’s cuteness in the least, because Jimmy is basically irresistible, but Mason is . . . classically beautiful. He’d give many a female fashion model a run for her money, much less a male one.

I’ve done makeup for myself and many transgendered folks in my time. I know bone structure. I know natural symmetry. I know perfection when I see it.

Mason is perfection! If I were to put just a dab or two of makeup in some strategic spots on Mason’s face, I’d make him so beautiful that men and women, both gay and straight, would fall down at his knees in worship. I may ask him if I can ‘play’ with his face a bit and see what I could do to make perfection transcendent! Him just in that adorable white peacoat and white beret makes him look like some new kind of Hollywood God-King. I think that’s what sets that beauty on fire is that Mason seems so unaware of it himself. He’s so terribly shy and he doesn’t seem to have a conceited bone in his perfect little body!

Before long the two young brunettes exchange hugging partners.

“SNUFFY!” Now it’s Snowflake’s turn to feel Jimmy’s vice-grip.

“Hello Mr. Chesney! I’m so excited about your race today! I think you will win for sure!” Mason tells Brian with that shyness that is so fucking adorable about Jimmy’s SO. He gingerly reaches a hand up for Brian to shake. I have come to know Brian well enough that he doesn’t go for formalities at all.

“Oh fuck that hand! Bring it in ‘Shugah Smacks.’ ” Brian firmly but gently takes Mason by the hand and pulls him into a big warm hug. He is Snowflake’s other half for sure. Brian is warmth incarnate. I come to love him more myself everyday . . . as a brother type that is. I’m so glad those two found each other again. I moved heaven and earth and Albert dug through that earth with his detective skills so that we could arrange to find Snowflake and then get Brian to him. I was so worried! Brian was sooo wasted! I’d never seen a human being decline that fast. I was worried that he’d started showing signs of AIDS he was wasting so fast! Thankfully, it was not that. Just the need to be back in the arms of his soulmate. After seeing that, I held absolutely no more jealousy for Brian and Snowflake’s relationship. What they have is truly supernatural. It really is!

As for Mason, he starts to giggle but then starts coughing once more. Uh-oh!

“Whoah there, Nelly! What’s with that cough?” Brian leans down and places his ear to Mason’s chest and Mason gets the most adorably confused look on his dolly-like face.

“Rattles and wheezes. When we get back in, I’m listening to that with my stethoscope.” Brian says firmly.

“Oh, no. Don’t bother with that before your big race, Brian! I’m ok. It’s just a sniffle. I tend to get that in cold weather.” Mason says, probably, not for the first time today.

Brian is not convinced: “Nope. You have fluid build up in there. Gotta be sure you aren’t getting walking pneumonia or bronchitis. It’ll just take a sec. I can then direct you to the infirmary where a ‘real’ doctor can prescribe some medication. You’ll stay indoors until the race and then I’m going to have ‘Snuffy’ here move you guys to the Media Box to stay warm.” Brian straightens up and says with authority. The look on his face is one of concern. I . . . hope Mason’s ok.

“See? I TOLD you that you needed to see a doctor, Mazzy! Nobody coughs like that for a long time without it bein’ somethin’!” Jimmy blurts.

“Oh, alright. It seems I’m outnumbered. I’ll have the doctor see me. Sorry, guys.” Mason looks so sad. Why in the world would he be sorry for being ill? Good Heavens!

“Hey, Doll-Face, I’m freezing what’s left of my ass off out here. Can we go in and get a touch of liquid heat so that I can thaw out a bit before we have to go out in this again?” Bertie says in my ear and then kisses me on the part behind the ear that is like some other hidden goddamn erogenous zone. I feel like I’m about to melt right into the snow!

“How the hell am I supposed to say ‘no’ when you keep doing things like that to that spot behind my ear?” I whisper back turning my lips to smooch his lips gently.

“Hey, I’m good at getting people to do and say things that I want. It’s my living.” Bertie smirks at me.

“It’s still your living? I thought you retired!” I ask suddenly confused.

“I didn’t retire being a bartender yet. This is just a vacation. I always gotta convince people that they are right with whatever they are wrong about so that they’ll buy more drinks!” Bertie winks and I lightly smack his shoulder.

“Oh, you turd. Come on. Let’s go in. My ass is freezing off too and I work too damn hard on it to have it fall off.” I say and Bertie pats me on that well earned butt.

“We can’t have that now can we? I might have some uses for it later.” Bertie coos.

What a fucking sex machine! I’m going to be sore in the morning again. I can guarantee that!





So, here we are now, finally.

Our little family is all together. Brian has checked Mason out and sent him up to the Infirmary. He should be back here soon.

Per his request, I had the Race Manager put us up in the Media box so that Mason will not get any worse. I love that pretty little boy. I hate to think that he is ailing. He and Jimmy are as right for each other as Brian and I are (despite our stupid separation from before).

Brian is now down on the course doing his warm ups and stretches. The race is to begin in fifteen minutes. I am so incredibly nervous! I know I trained him well and I know he has learned well. I also know that he is the fastest thing on skis besides myself! But, this is his first race. His first major competition! I hope all the nonsense from the various hyperbolic announcers does not distract him. I have told him that the main person he is competing against in a race is himself. If he pushes himself to go as far beyond his own limits as he dares go and not injure himself then, even if he doesn’t win this race, he will have won the race with himself!

He will have gone farther and faster than he has ever gone before! That will be his fuel for the next race and the next and the next after that. It will be one race at a time with one personal goal at a time. Eventually, he’ll have pushed himself to a place where he might look up one day and see that he has gone beyond all the others. But, largely, that is unimportant as long as he has pushed himself to his own limits and beyond time and again.

Every athlete is a winner if they can just beat their own limitations.

But, then I look at him down there on that groomed track, stretching those long beautiful legs. Legs that I know better than he knows them himself because I’ve felt, tasted, and massaged every fine smooth muscular inch of them. They are iron now as well as supple. His medials, his laterals, his abductors, his tensors . . . all are thick and coiled with untapped potential energy! The muscles of his calves bunch into iron cords supporting the knees so that the thighs can drive Brian forward! His glutes . . . I should not even go there. ‘Power Bottom’ seems like a pale description of what Brian can do with those glutes in bed now. He can absolutely break me without even trying! But, they are mighty power houses for the skiing too! His shoulders, back, and pectorals too are well conditioned to drive with the poles! Once he digs in with those poles there is no stopping him! Brian has become a complete skiing machine. He is so ready for this race. He will utterly destroy them!

I continue to moon over my masterpiece when I hear a small clearing of the throat next to me. I blink a couple of times and look to see Mason there beside me looking as beautiful as ever. In another life, I would have worked to seduce young Mason in every way possible. Fortunately for Jimmy, I have my Brian now and he is all I could ever want and more. I love him unto my very death.

I do believe that I will marry him one day. I even know where I will propose to him. It will be perfect!

Mason has changed his clothes quite drastically from before. He now wears a near reflection-less black turtleneck sweater and has done away with the little beret. It is a very sexy look for our resident porcelain doll. Jimmy probably will not be able to control himself. Not that Jimmy ever has much control to begin with. He lives with abandon and he does so most beautifully.

“Are you feeling a little better my kiinalainen nukke?” I smile and Mason cannot help but blush warmly with a bashful grin.

“‘China Doll’ huh? You are very good at flirting, Mr. Snowflake. Hehehe. Yes, thank you, I am feeling better. The doctor gave me a breathing treatment and a shot of something. Owch!” Mason rubs his bum almost suggestively. He is wearing black skin tight Lycra! That is startling! What is more startling is that he understands Finnish!

“You have half of a ski suit on, I see. Is there any particular reason you chose ski tights to watch the race in?” I must look at him like a fish: all bulging eyes and gaping mouth for he giggles most sweetly at my noticing his choice of bottoms.

“Well, actually, they are a lot warmer than my regular pants and, well, they feel fantastic! I wear them a lot, actually. I like to bike so these are actually winter riding tights. Probably not much different than the ski tights you guys wear.” He says smiling with his green, tawny, blue eyes sparkling with some unsaid thing.

“Also . . . Jimmy loves it when I wear Lycra. When he shows up he probably won’t be able to keep his hands off of me for a minute.” Mason blushes redder.

“I should expect not, kaunis nukke. How could Jimmy possibly resist someone like you, Mason Montgomery. It is a true blessing that you came into his life when you did. He has needed someone like you all his life.” I say with unexpected feeling. I have known Jimmy a long time and he has had far too many tragedies in love and yet he perseveres with his sweet disposition. He is, in his way, as tenacious in his happiness as an athlete is to his sport. Jimmy never gives in! I hope he never does.

“EEEK!” Mason squeaks startling me as much as he seems to be startled.

“My Shugah Smacks done wrapped hisself up mighty TIGHT this afternoon, I DO declare! Woo Hoo!” Jimmy stands up from where he must have been crouching waiting to goose Mason. I give the doctor credit, it did not cause Mason to start coughing, thank God!

Mason takes one of his black gloves off and lightly thwacks Jimmy over the head with it. “You goofy nut! I’m still sore back there from that shot! You quit!” He and Jimmy then start giggling bubbly together. Jimmy proceeds to gently rub Mason’s behind were the shot must have gone.

“I’s sorry, Baby. Does this make it all mo’bettah?” then Jimmy holds Mason against himself and starts to grind Mason in a rather lude manner. It is at this point that I get a prickly feeling on the back of my neck. My hairs are standing on end back there. I turn and see two pale blue eyes glaring at all of us without any effort in trying to cover his disgust. By the flattish face and reddened cheeks I immediately recognize him as Russian. He is probably a skier doing reconnaissance on new talent in the competition. I hope he gets an eyeful today. He catches my eye and sees his own glare reflected back at him. He knows full well who I am which is why he gets a rather sinister smirk on his lips and nods to me in recognition.

“Tovarishch.” he says with a barely audible deep voice. He raises his cup of tea at me in a fake toast and then walks off.

“‘Tovarishch’ indeed. Persläpi.” I growl in my ‘comrade’s’ general direction.

I turn my head to the sound of smacking.

Jimmy and Mason are fully engaged in shameless necking now. I should get some snow and pour it down their pants.

Thankfully, the race is about to start and the announcer makes this known over the PA system.

First Announcer (Andy): “And here we are at the FIS Qualifier and Donner Pass Skiing Cross-Country Championship Race! Here we have fifty hopefuls this year to race and hopefully win that Snowflake medal for our American Skiing Champion! From here it’s on to Europe, Ralph! Anyone in particular a favorite?

Second Announcer (Ralph): “Got a lot of new faces out there this time, Andy! There are also some we’ve seen before like Leonard Thomas of Florida. We’ll see if Leonard can do it this time this being his tenth Donner race! Gotta love the dedication, Andy!

Interestingly, though, out of all the new faces we have here today there is a brand new face that a lot of folks in the sport are betting money on. He’s absolutely new to the sport and this is his very first race! Why would the people in the know in Cross-Country put a buck down on this guy, you might ask? It’s because his coach is none other than the Cross-Country Skiing World Champion Multi-gold medalist himself, Jusse (Snowflake) Halla!

Andy: “Wow! Really? I’ve heard that The Snowflake has been coaching up here in the Tahoe area for a while, but we didn’t think a skier of his caliber would ever find anyone to sponsor from America! That’s really interesting news, Ralph! What’s the name of this new ‘Dark Horse’?

Ralph: “His name is Brian Chesney and he’s a ‘local’ boy out of San Francisco! Those who have been watching him practice have been calling him ‘The Razor’ for reasons I guess we’ll be seeing in a few moments, Andy.

Andy: ” ‘The Razor?’ That’s quite a name to live up to if it means what I think it means, Ralph. How do you think he’ll hold up to a practiced competitor like Malcolm Senise?

Ralph: “Can’t say, Andy. Brian Chesney is a complete mystery to everyone! No one can say how he’ll compete since he’s never done it in a serious race like the 15K.

Andy: “Well, we’ll all just have to wait and see then, Ralph. Fortunately, the Starter is about to fire the shot! All the competitors have taken their positions and are ready to start in on one of the most grueling courses in America for Cross-Country. They really set things up to put these guys through their paces this year. This should be a FUN race!

Ralph: “I think you’re right, Andy, and HERE WE GO!

I watch Brian and he is primed but relaxed, just like I taught him to be. I see some of the others tensing and twitching, champing at their bits for that gun to fire. They’ll be exhausted before they even start racing. I notice that the true favourite, Malcolm Senise, is likewise relaxed. I notice his posture and ski placement and I see some problems in his stance showing he may be favouring a knee. Bad for him, great for my Brian. Brian, on the other hand, is in a perfect classic ready stance. He’ll be ready to start polling off right after the gun fires.

He’ll start out slow at first so that he doesn’t waste energy. Our strategy for this course is to start slow, conserving strength to power into the grades and then skate into perfect glides on the downward slopes. That is where the speed will be. With correct stance and posture, Brian should be able to rocket down those slopes and use that momentum to start the skate striding in full power through to the first lap. Each lap he’ll be getting faster and faster. That is how I made my times. Everyone thinks it’s all about the strong pushing that makes for speed in the 15K, but it’s really getting the momentum going and the inertia overcome so that you can make the snow work with you in building your speed.

I’ve seen Brian do this flawlessly in Passo Lavazè, which has much more challenging courses than this one. I have every confidence that Brian will make a killing here today. He is a natural and he has had a great teacher!

( BANG! )

Andy: “AND THEY’RE OFF! Everyone’s away and no false starts so we’re good to go, Ralph. I haven’t even seen one trip-up yet!

Ralph: “Lot’s of polling and getting that momentum up. I’m not too sure about our new boy, though, Andy. Chesney’s not putting much effort into the push off. Did he injure himself already? Is he getting crowded out by Jennings and Melsner? Is this some kind of strategy? I guess we’ll see. Senise seems to be pushing right along with no problems.

Andy: “Don’t count Mr. Chesney out just yet, Ralph. I’ve seen this kind of thing before back in Calgary. This is a Snowflake special. Watch Chesney as we get close to the first grade. I’m betting he’ll power up right there and then do the Snowflake Rocket down the slope.

Ralph: “Could be, but Chesney’s got a lot of slack to make up. Chadwick out of Salt Lake City has taken lead and seems to be keeping a rapid pace. If he keeps this up he’ll be out-distancing everyone and with a better time.

Andy: “OWWWoooo! That’s a rough spill for Thomas! He’s broken a ski! I hope he hasn’t broken an ankle too! That would put an end to any more aspirations for our friend from Florida.

I hear a high pitched sigh next to me. I have been so preoccupied with the race that I did not notice that someone had come to lean beside me at the window. But, rather than look at the race she is looking at me . . . rather dreamily I might add.

“Wow! You’re even more handsome in person than you are on the screen in all your tights!” She says between slow blinks. She’s a beautiful red-head with green eyes who looks to be in her mid 30s.

“Um . . . why thank you miss . . . ?” I ask and she looks a bit stunned and a little hurt that I do not recognize her. Oh dear, I hope that I have not picked up another stalker who has loved me all her life and now expects me to somehow magically know everything about her and her ‘feelings’ for me. The last one of those I had very nearly killed me . . . with great amounts of fudge brownies!

“Ooops! I’mma dumb ass in a half, Y’all! This is Myrwyn! She’s a friend that met us on the shuttle up here. She’s a HUGE fan, Snuffy!” Jimmy finally clarifies things a bit. He must have come in here with her before sexually molesting poor little Mason.

I extend a hand, smile (robotically), and allow her to take my hand. She holds it very gently and shakes but also fondles in a sexy way. Should I inform her now that I am gay and that I have the most amazing boyfriend in the world or is it too soon for such things?

She giggles the bubbly giggle of a love sick teenager, but with a woman’s resonance. “‘Snuffy? That’s an odd nickname for The Snowflake. I’ve been following your career since you started. I never really cared about cross-country or any kind of skiing, really, until you came on the scene. You are AMAZING!”

Despite myself I feel the prickle of a blush touch my cheeks and find I must look away and out toward the race to regain my composure. “You are too kind, Ms. Myrwyn. I merely do what I have always done. I ski. That is what I do. Jimmy comes up with silly names. That is what he does.” I smile with fondness.

It is then that I am completely distracted as I watch Brian initiate the next phase in the race programme. Coupling the sprint skating style with long polling he begins the power-thrust toward the grade. He does this just as his own nickname would suggest. He seems to effortlessly cut through the snow like a proverbial razor! Before long he is passing everyone without even looking like he is breathing very hard. Although I’ve seen it many times before, still I watch in utter amazement as he moves. It seems like the adrenaline of the race has only sharpened Brian’s skill on the skis. He does this so naturally!

The grade comes and I hear the announcers continue to rattle on about their chosen prospects until they see what I know is coming!

Ralph: “What do we have here? What’s he doing?

Andy: “Who? Oh. OH! My goodness, Ralph! I’ve never seen a man take a grade that fast! Chesney’s like Spider-Man or something!”

Ah, the Snowshoeing’s payed off! He climbs the grade like stairs in his skis! My beloved is awesome!

“Woah! Is that your, um, . . . boyfriend that Jimmy was talking about?” Ms. Merwyn asks. Apparently, Jimmy has been wagging his tongue at more people than just Mason.

“Well, if you must know, yes . . . Brian is my lover. But, right now he is my trainee. I am checking for his technique. So far so good!” I put binoculars up to my eyes that I brought. Indeed, Brian is ascending just as I showed him. The leader that was ahead of him and the rest of the pack is now behind him!

But, I wait for the best part!

He crests the grade and immediate transitions into a skating sprint glide that starts the momentum going. The downward grade takes him and gravity pulls Brian into his first downhill glide. The extra couple of sprint-pushes have given him the speed boost he’ll need to make his time.

Andy: “WhattdidIsay, Ralph! That’s a Snowflake Classic right there. Brian has got it down pat. No-one’s gonna be able to catch him now! If anything, his downhill rocket is faster than his coach’s ever was!

Ralph: “All well and good, Andy. But, we’ve got a turn to make up here. How is our Boy Wonder’s slaloming skills? He might just ‘rocket’ himself right into a snowbank if he can’t control his steering.

Ralph will be shown the door soon. My Brian’s slaloming skills are so good that I’m thinking of running him for a traditional alpine downhill or possibly a nordic jump later. I showed him the way to use the poles like airplane wings. Let’s see if he remembers!

“Brian’s making me so hard right now! I’m SO EXCITED I’m about to pop a load!!!” Jimmy barks shamelessly. I really wonder if he has been in texting contact with Brian’s friend Jayson. Jimmy is getting so much more colourful than he once was.

Thankfully: (Smack) “Would you STOP! We’re in PUBLIC, Jimmy! Good God!” Mason whacks Jimmy on his bottom with more firmness than playfulness. Jimmy hardly notices. Hehehehe!

Then the fated turn comes!

Brian, who has been gliding down the slope in a perfectly tight bent pose, gently (perfectly gently) spreads the ski poles out at his sides and tilts ever so slightly and allows the centrifugal force to carry him to his right when he turns without having to brace a ski at all! The stability is all in his powerful wrists and rock hard abs! How he hates planking, but it certainly pays off for fetes like this!

Ralph: “Wow! Ok, Andy. Now I’m convinced. That is the smoothest turn I’ve ever seen. Chesney just made it to my fantasy Olympic ski team.

Andy: “No fair! I got him first!

The rest of the race is Brian’s. None of the others can catch up. With each revolution of the 15K he merely get’s faster and faster. I am proud as punch!

In the end, Brian makes an astonishing time of 31! The fastest time of any American to race in Cross-Country Skiing.

The media descend on him and he answers their questions with all the grace Brian is heir to! He credits me for all of his skill, but I know better. Brian’s heart is in this game not because of what I teach him, but because he loves to win for me! My excitement at his achievements is his reward!

Brian Chesney loves me and it is out of that love that he skis like he does. Under such a powerful incentive, Brian may very well be unbeatable in this sport! Even I did not have that particular incentive.

Upon the snow he and I embrace before the cameras and the crowds! Right there, without shame or restraint, we kiss! In that moment, all the world goes away! There is only Brian and I and the shared joy of our love and excitement at Brian’s fantastic victory! But, once we release each other I hear nothing but even more ecstatic cheers. The crowd loved our kiss! They love our affection! I dare say, they may even love our romance! I wonder what the tabloids will write of us? It might be fun reading!

Of course, Brian qualifies to represent Team USA at the FIS Valle de Fiemme race for the World Cup in a couple of months. His competition will be stiff there. Far stiffer than here, but with this performance, all of the sport of Cross-Country Skiing will have to take notice. They may have the first American Cross-Country Ski world champion on their hands! I cannot wait to show them what my beloved Brian Chesney can do!

I do notice one face in the crowd of all the happy and cheering faces that gives me pause. It is the face of that Russian. He glares at the both of us like a wolf sizing up his prey. It brings my hackles up. I stare him down . . . but he does not flinch. He does not blink. He merely looks slowly away from me and toward my handsome victor. Those Russian eyes narrow and I swear I see hate there. I find myself clutch Brian tighter to my bosom in protection. Something is wrong in that look by the Russian! It almost looks like he means us harm!

Why do the Russians always need to hate so much? Their jealousy is neverending. Why must I be subject to their cruelty here in this country with my beloved in my arms? Why must they be here at all to spoil one of the greatest moments in our lives!

Alas, I relent and look away from him. I do not want Brian’s attention distracted by meaner things unworthy of the moment’s celebrations. But, I will be cautious here. Something is afoot.

I know it!

❄️ ❄️ ❄️ ❄️


My reward isn’t the little snowflake medal I got. It isn’t the admiration I got from fans whom I don’t even know. My reward isn’t even this ‘Winner’s Bungalow’ where four of us can relax for a week after the race.

My reward is strong hands on my bare back and shoulders massaging me in smooth sensual squeezes and silky rubbings. My reward is the shuddering breath next to my ear as I feel the nipples and muscles of his pecs press into my back with his gentle weight. My rewards are his arms upon my arms and his fingers intertwined with my fingers from behind my hands holding them down gently on our bed. My reward is the hot internal massage of his member slowly pistoning in and out of my intimately contracting insides.

On the mattress we’ve stolen from the bedstead of our bedroom, we lay in front of the fireplace on the floor moving, sliding, and sweating naked in front of the blazing fire. My deep groans escalate into higher pitched whimpers as Snowflake’s lovemaking becomes deeper and more insistent. He’s getting close . . . and so am I. His sizable glans has always been the right size and his shaft has always had just the right angle to find and press against my prostate wall. His pumping against it sends up my spine the chilling thrills of mini-orgasms threatening at any moment to become a full blown throbbing, pulsing mega-orgasm. The ecstatic shocks to my insides only become stronger and stronger as Snowflake’s pumping becomes harder and harder. The precious balance between pleasure and pain inside of me becomes near to maddening!

“Yeah! YEAH! YEEAH!” I find myself almost squeaking my encouragement as the warmest sex imaginable begins to blaze hotter than the fire next to our bodies. Snowflake gently but anxiously lifts me to my hands and knees which are almost too weak to support my weight because of my body’s complete submission to his thrusting. I find my head and chest sink back down to the mattress while my ass sticks up in the air while I manage to keep myself propped up on my spread knees. The angle provides Snowflake far more leverage than he had before. He reaches under me to find my straining length that convulses at each stroke against my precious P-Spot. He always refuses to cum without me. He’d rather stop entirely if he can’t give me the sexual high that I deserve in his hands. It is an expression of perfect love better than him even needing to say it to me in words.

He begins to stroke me in time with his increasingly powerful thrusts. His sexual moans have turned to near frantic whimpers and I can feel his love starting to harden near to steel and to also convulse slightly as he nears his own climax. He leans down on my back and hugs me close with his free arm. His left hand fingers find the erect nipple on my right pec. He twists it gently in time with his thrusting and his stroking which causes me to arch my back and counter-thrust lustily driving him even deeper inside of me.

The heat of him on me, around me, and inside of me becomes a swirl of molten hot caramel sweet sensations and I start to feel every muscle in my body tighten up and galvanize me for the coming inevitable explosion. My back arches and my insides grip with crushing strength. My raging erection in Snowflake’s hand expands in his fast stroking fist and I detonate beneath him as my backward thrusts on Snowflake become nearly violent. My tightness begins to grip and pull him vigorously and the rest of my body shakes and convulses as my heart seizing orgasm shatters me!

“UUUUUNNNGGGRRRRRrrrrr. . . ” I growl into my bitten pillow like an animal as my body shakes uncontrollably from an unbearable pleasure that threatens to snatch my consciousness away from me! My seed blasts out of me with a force I’ve only known a few times in my life . . . all of them in my teenagehood.

The gripping, the rippling, the sliding, and the grinding all work Snowflake beyond his endurance.

“AAHHNGG! AAAHG! UNNNNNNGGGG!” His back arches and I can actually hear all the tendons in his body snap and crack as he lifts off of me with his hips smashed tightly against the spongy globes of my ass cheeks. He is buried all the way inside and I feel his exquisite manhood spasm with thumps of what I know to be agonizing pleasure. These pulses cause Snowflake’s hips to thrust and push me with sharp involuntary humping movements. The scalding sweet flush of his seed fills me to overflowing and I feel some of his nectar seep out around the edges of our coupling to drip down around my testicles.

Gasping for breath he rests his full exhausted weight on me as I collapse stomach first onto the mattress. Despite the heat of the fire we both shiver as if with a chill. We shiver, breathe, and pant as if we are one body and I can still feel him inside me softening ever so slowly. I can feel the sticky wetness of our mutual eruptions beneath me and I can’t even care!

With a soft wet pop he comes out of me and then rolls on to his side pulling me with him into a spoon. We should shower, but I think we’re both too tired for that at the moment. This was round two already and me just freshly done with a race. Thankfully, I got to take a hot tub/sauna myself and then take a huge nap after lunch so I’d managed to recoup a lot of my strength for tonight’s schinanigans.

“I must be getting old. It is you who finished a race today and then also had sex with me. Why am I so tired?” Snowflake’s soft resonating voice lilts into my ear as he continues to smooth his hand up and down my naked hip and down my rump. The warm loving touch is, in it’s way, even better than the sex. It is the subconscious need to touch and love that shows that the love is real. It isn’t done in lust, it is done just to touch and be close, you know?

To think, I almost threw all of this away such a short time ago!

“Are you kidding me? I put you through one hell of a work out just now. Plus, neurologically, post-coital ‘tiredness’ is actually your brain telling your body you can relax now. The deed is done. Procreation has been achieved! You’ve just made another you inside of someone else.” I giggle at myself. That was a good one!

“So, you are telling me that I just made you pregnant?” Snowflake asks with incredulousness as he raises himself up on his elbow to look at me with that cute confused look on his face.

“Babe, I think I can feel little Snowball kicking in there already. You really hosed me down in there. Hehehehe!” He spanks my butt lightly which makes me jerk a bit.

“Hey! Don’t do that! You might upset the baby!” I scold Snowflake playfully.

“You are so BAD Brian ‘The Razor’ Chesney!” Snowflake turns my face to him and he kisses me on my lips. My body turns toward him and we embrace as our tender kiss deepens. Parting we just drown in each other’s eyes for a while without having to say a word but letting our souls do the talking for us.

Then, our peaceful interlude is rudely interrupted by the rambunctious sounds of young love in full unfettered heat coming from the next room. Loud grunts and moans are punctuated by bumps and thumps as if a fight has broken out. I turn my head to carefully listen to be sure it actually isn’t a fight that’s broken out in there. I’m satisfied that one has not broken out when I hear the unmistakeable rhythmic thumping of a body being humped up against the closed door.

Groans and moans grow into loud whimpers and squeaks as the thumping becomes harder and faster. Wow . . . somebody’s gonna be sore in the morning!

The final thump is the hardest and I hear the cutest long, drawn out, strained and squeaky squeal come from just behind the door. It has to be Mason. He is the only boy I’ve ever heard make a noise like that.

Muffled behind the thin sheet of wood I also hear Jimmy exclaim: “Fuck Yeeeah, Shugah Smaaaacks! Here comes the mmmmIIIILK!” His long guttural groan mixes with a couple of hard bumps against the door which, of course, gives way under the assault.

The naked heap that flops down hard onto the floor is difficult to make out with the tangle of arms and legs and whatnot. Turning around onto my stomach again, I can see better what I’m looking at. I see Jimmy flat on his back with his arms and legs wrapped firmly around Mason’s pale pink body. Mason is still heavily engaged and continues to grind sensually into Jimmy while sucking Jimmy’s neck like some beautiful vampire from a gay love story.

Jimmy cranes his neck around to catch sight of us. He has the most shameless grin on his face. It’s precious beyond words! His love filled emerald eyes glitter and sparkle in the firelight.

“Um, oops!” He says with a giggle. Jimmy then winces and grunts slightly as Mason gives him one last spastic pump with a squeak. Mason then seems to melt onto Jimmy’s body like warm cheese, completely milked it would seem.

Both Snowflake and I bust out giggling at the adorably obscene spectacle. Jimmy joins in and Mason looks up dreamily from his lover’s neck to focus on us. His tired and love drunk smile along with his completely messed up hair tell the story of their frantically delicious evening together. Mason blushes ferociously and hides his face in Jimmy’s chest. The shaking in his back give away that Mason is giggling himself.

“You guys certainly know how to make an entrance, ja?” Snowflake regards them sardonically.

“We were . . . inspired by what we were hearing on the other side of this door.” Mason says with his face still red from his giggling fit.

“Yeah. You guys sound SO hawt when you fuck!” Jimmy blurts and then rolls his eyes appreciatively while licking his lips goofily. This causes Mason to break up into full on laughter. Apparently, the laughing is hard enough to allow his hardness to come out of Jimmy finally. Jimmy jerks a bit and makes an ecstatic moan. His head lols to the side and then falls back with his eyes rolling up back into his head with a gasp.

“Fuck, dude! You’re so big that when you come out I feel like a banana peel without the banana!” Jimmy sighs. That earns Jimmy a deep tongue kiss from Mason.

It’s hot seeing those two love on one another like that and something possesses me to offer our big mattress in front of the fire to share with them. I look up into Snowflake’s eyes and he can tell instantly what I’m thinking. It’s weird how we can do that. He nods and smiles mischievously.

I look back to our two ‘housemates’ and get their attention: “Hey!” They both look up at me. I pat the bed next to me. It’s a super king size so we all can fit comfortably.

“Oh! Should I get our robes?” Mason asks Jimmy who shrugs.

“Naw, just get your butts over here and enjoy the fire before it goes out. It’s going to be a cold one tonight.” I tell them with an inviting smile.

Jimmy and Mason look at one another with surprise and then get two boyishly excited grins on their cute little faces. Twinks they may be, but they are the sweetest one’s you’ll ever meet!

Excitedly, they scramble out of their knot and come to join us in bed. All of us are completely sexed out and satisfied so no hankypanky works its way in like it did that one feverish night in that loft in the Castro. Even if it did, I think Snowflake has learned his lesson since then. So did I. No matter what, we’ll love each other until the day we die and more than likely beyond even that.

In the puppy pile of our chosen family, I, Snowflake, Jimmy, and Mason snuggle into one another and fall fast asleep with the crackling fire keeping the winter night at bay.

Winter snows down with its love when we’re together making it, indeed, the warmest of seasons.

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