Every now and then you just find a boy out here who’s just the ‘right kind of cute’, you know? Hehehe! It’s true! You know what I’m talking about?

Like…they don’t have to be some ethereal being that dropped down from the heavens, or look like some inhuman specimen of airbrushed, flawless, beauty. It’s a natural beauty. An endearing, boy next door, quality…that you just know you would fall head over heels in love with if he sat across a lunch table from you in school. Hehehe, that’s totally the vibe that I get from Tahlan! It’s the kind of ‘cute’ that can’t be bought, faked, or reproduced for the sake of a camera. He’s simply a dream come true.

One that I hope we can hold on to for as long as we can. 🙂

Now fifteen years old, boy model Tahlan Richards-Deviq actually began his career when he was only three years old. Which is SUPER young to be bringing home the bacon for your family, but hey…if it works…it works! Hehehe!

“My Mum and her friends are photographers, and I was ‘volunteered’ for their shoots a bunch of times since I was three. One of them recommended me to an agency.” Says Tahlan. It was then that he was accepted into Wilhelmina/Modelogic Models in Richmond, Virginia. And everything has been coming up roses for him ever since! “A couple of days later I was picked for several jobs like Bloomingdale’s with some other kids.” A definite bonus for a boy so young…being able to just hang out and play with other kids.

Work isn’t work when you enjoy the time you spend doing it.

Aside from his successful modeling career, Tahlan has also expressed his love for playing Soccer, Flag football, and playing guitar, as well as a few other activities. Always good to keep your options open and engage with as many interests as you can. I’m with you on that one, one hundred percent! He’s also looking towards getting into a lucrative acting career in the near future. And I would, personally, love to see that! Especially if he went into the whole ‘boy horror’…which is my all time favorite! Go for it dude! I’ll be the first in line to check that out! Believe me! Hehehehe!

“My favorite jobs are when other kids are involved, like the one I did in L.A. at the beach with a group of cool kids for Junk Food Clothing Inc. We had a lot of fun! Or, the time when I shot with live birds for Milk magazine. As for now, I am having a blast with the team at Nike on my first runway show.” Tahlan says. And I agree!

I mean, I wanted to be a child actor myself when I was growing up, and appreciated the experiences that I had going through the process…but it really isn’t all it’s cracked up to be when looking in from the outside. I’m kind of glad that I didn’t throw myself into that world the way I was planning to. It can be harsh. Especially for a kid. So stay beautiful, Tahlan! We won’t hold it against you if you just want to be around other kids for a while. You’re entitled to a fun childhood, dude! Aren’t we all? 🙂

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That being said…welcome to the Imagine Magazine centerfold club, dude! You’re amazing! Keep pursuing whatever dreams you have concerning this show business chaos…but don’t ever let them ruin you in the process! K? Keep that genuine smile shining as brightly as it is right now! And that ‘boy next door’ vibe will carry you far! Promise! Best of luck, dude!

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