I can’t help it, hehehe! There’s just something that’s just plain dreamy about a British boy accent! I could, honestly, just sit and listen to it all day long. He could be reading names out of an online phone directory for all I care…and my eyes would just glaze over and I’d tried to focus while I was sighing to myself over and over again every few minutes.

Wait…I lost my train of thought there for a minute. What was I talking about?

OH! Right! Cute boys! Ahem!

Beginning his acting career in television roles whe he was only six years old, Billy Barratt has very quickly risen up in the ranks of young actors everywhere. With his big breakout performance as a troubled teen in the BBC movie, “Responsible Child”, Billy has been getting a great deal of praise from his acting peers and critics alike…putting him on a bullet train towards success, almost overnight.

The film is based on the true story of two brothers (Jerome and Joshua Ellis), who became a part of a highly controversial court case when they both murdered their stepfather by stabbing him to death on the sofa. While both siblings claimed that the stepfather was extremely abusive to them…the law is still the law.

What made this such a tough trial for many watching it unfold was because of the young and impressionable age of the youngest brother. With Barratt playing the role of ‘Ray’, who is only twelve.

I didn’t know this, but apparently, the age of criminal responsibility in England and Wales is only ten years old before you can be tried as an adult. That is one of the lowest justice system ages on Earth! I mean…TEN? Jesus! That’s kind of…harsh, don’t ya think?

But, whatever the challenge to him as an actor, Billy smashed his performance! He’s now one of the brightest upcoming stars in the business.

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“There was this one line in the film which was really powerful…so, at ten, he can’t buy a pet hamster, but he can be in an adult trial.” Billy says about his appreciation for being able to play this part. And it couldn’t have been an easy role for him to play last year when he was only thirteen years old. It definitely takes some deep insight and self awareness to pull off a role like that and keep yourself sane at the same time. When asked how he was able to separate his everyday self from his film persona, Billy replied, “Ummm…well, there’s lots of different techniques. And also, I think, I had everyone on set helping me out. We were all like a big family. So, it was like, you know…they were all in on it as well. In between takes, its lighthearted…lots of jokes and stuff. So, it was like, you know…afterwards we’d maybe all go out. I don’t know, we’d just keep it all really lighthearted through the whole acting process.”

Well, whatever he was doing, it obviously worked. Billy Barratt won an International Emmy Award for ‘Best Actor’ in 2020 for his portrayal of the character. Going up against a talented group of adult actors, Billy was not only the youngest actor to ever be nominated for the award, but the youngest actor to ever actually WIN! So high fives to him on that one! That’s crazy!

Before now, he’s been many popular television shows, and has been a part of movies ranging from “Mary Poppins Returns”, to “Sharknado 5”! Hehehe! How’s that for range? 😛

“I want to be filming with the big BIG stars…like if you say their name, you know them. Kevin Hart, Ryan Reynolds, The Rock…” He grins, and I’m sure he’s not too far away from getting there at this rate. Born in Brixton, London in the UK…Billy studies at the Sylvia Young Theater School. Honing his skills for bigger and more high profile opportunities that may be coming his way soon. He’s also an avid skateboarder, and acts as the front man for his own band, ‘The Hunger’. Between that and going to a regular school on top of it all…Billy is busy even when he’s not busy. Crazy!

It’s good to know that he’s enjoying himself though…

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Congrats on the monumental win, Billy Barratt! You’ve definitely got that special kind of ‘magic’ within you, and it deserves to be appreciated! Billy Barratt can, next, be seen in the new sci-fi series, “Invasion” on Apple+ when it gets released on October 22nd! So, keep going! I wish you well! And stay away from trouble, man! It’s never worth it!
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