Disclaimer: Brown Sugar Pumpkin Spice Blastgasm Oh My. We can’t have a Halloween Disclaimer without a mention of Pumpkins, now can we?! That would be just as big as a mistake as believing the words that some editor type has put in Stefan’s mouth. See, just as The Great Pumpkin© is a myth, so are those words above. Or is The Great Pumpkin Real? Wait, that can’t be true because then those words of Stefan would be real. But that can’t happen because this is the world of All Hallows Eve, when Ghouls, Ghosts, and Hobgoblins reign supreme, where the veil between reality and the underworld becomes transparent and allows those who have gone before us to cross over. So, light your Jack-‘O-Lanterns and keep your eyes peeled for roving Banshees. Now I am off to drink my mug of Pumpkin Spiced Latte while I await The Great Pumpkin. ©Charles M. Shultz
Disclaimer Courtesy of: The Story Lover
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