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It can be frightening to think about sometimes. Trust me, I know.

The idea that we have a soul. A sense of self. A moral compass that helps us to navigate our way through the world and through life itself…’safely’. With as little pain and misfortune as humanly possible. But that is glaring contradiction of it all, isn’t it? The idea of such a task being humanly possible?

It’s October…and Halloween is often seen as a holiday to celebrate fear…but one thing that Comsiology teaches us is that fear is nothing to be afraid of. If that makes any sense. Hehehe! The very idea that we all have a soul to guard and protect…a mindset that can be easily corrupted…and a sense of free will that, while questionable if it even exists at all, could possibly be led astray by someone else who doesn’t have our best interests at heart. There are so many distractions in this world in this day and age, that people have become deeply afraid of self awareness. It’s almost like we’ll do anything to pretend that it’s not there. We suffocate our emotions, we ignore our true selves…and we LIKE it because it makes us feel comfortable for a little while.

The question is…is that what you feel? Is it really comfort? Maybe I have an optimistic view of humanity and I’m missing something…but you’re not blind. You’re not ‘stupid’. And you’re not insane. Can you feel it, right now? That tug on your senses while you’re reading this? You know damn well when you’ve hurt or offended somebody. You know damn well when you’ve been brazenly lied to over and over again. Deep down, you are well aware of what you do for the sake of true belief, and what you do for attention. Hoping to get disingenuous applause from a crowd of people who are stuck in the same hypocritical bubble that you are locked in. Why? Why do it? What do you gain?

Life is short. And every moment you spend living a lie is a waste of precious time.

There’s a true version of ‘you’ inside. One that may not be the most popular person on the block, or may have a history of misfortunes in his or her past, or may not live up to the expectations of the people who were looking for something ‘else’ from you. But it’s the truth. It’s you. Complete. Perfect. Genuine. What the hell are you giving it away for? Why silence your voice when there are soooo many opportunities out there for you to shout out loud?

It’s worrisome to think that your soul is such a delicate and fragile thing for you to protect…but you can’t just smother it or squeeze it too tight without having it die on its own. It’s who you are. Own up to it. And stop avoiding the person you see when you look in the mirror every morning. Because if he or she scares you THAT much…then you have some problems that need to be addressed before you can ever hope to move forward again. I don’t say that with the intention of making any of you think that this will be easy. For many of you…it won’t be. It wasn’t for me. It wasn’t for any of us. But to say it wasn’t necessary would be a lie. And we’ve all been lied to enough at this point in our lives.

Look within.

Comsiology is highly concentrated around the journey of the individual self. I can’t give you the answers. I can only ask you the questions that you need to be asking yourself so you can come up with your own answers. Peace of mind, mental stability, and a soul that you can be proud of…all tailor made to suit you and you alone. Just…take a moment…and imagine the possibilities of something like that. Imagine what you could accomplish, if you could only dig deep enough inward to find the unique individual inside of you…the only one capable of making that happen.

Don’t be afraid of yourself. That is Hell on Earth.

Why fake a good life and a smile when you could be pursuing the real thing? Sleep good at night. Have good friends around you. Display your natural talents, whatever they may be. Enjoy the wonder and awe of the talents of others. And leave the hypocrisy and the envy and the hatred at the door. Get rid of it. Listen…sometimes people are rude. They can be petty and cruel and toxic control freaks who are on a constant chase for a power trip that will never satisfy them internally because they don’t know how to appreciate life or exist in a world where reality doesn’t bend to their every whim at a moment’s notice. Those people are out there, and I get it. It’s frustrating. Childish. It makes you want to rip your hair when you’re forced to deal with them, because you feel as though your fragile soul has somehow been blackened by their foul influence. Believe me…I know. ((Hugz))

But after years of having people literally exhaust themselves to try to ruin my happiness and block my success…I finally found the secret to being bulletproof for every shot fired in my direction. And it came from self reflection. It came from me not being afraid to look at my own reflection in the mirror, and asking what I could possibly be doing to make people want to work so hard to hurt and aggravate me. And the answer…?


Nothing at all.

It may sound like a little thing…but when you feel it…really embrace the truth of it…there’s this moment of total euphoria that washes over you. You see the good within yourself, and you see how far away it is for any of these people to ever touch it. It’s a piece of your true self. It’s who you are. And the soul that you once thought was so fragile and easily corrupted…becomes invincible. A beacon of light that not only shines despite their hateful attempts to snuff it out…but it actually shines brighter every time they try.

They are working their ASSES off, trying to find a level of satisfaction that you can achieve effortlessly…simply by knowing who you are.

We are all angels. We don’t need anyone to tell us that we are. We don’t need to conform to the discomfort and the corruption of the people around us to validate who we are. And we don’t need to lie, nor accept the lies being told to us, to know who we are either.

We simply….are.

No excuses. No demands. No regrets.

Learn to look at yourself in the mirror…and be proud of what you see. Learn to listen to your own thoughts for a change…and be proud of what you hear. There is an unlimited supply of peace and joy lying dormant within you right now. It won’t cost you a single penny. It’s there. Do you feel it?

That is your gift. It’s for you, and only you. What are you waiting for? Open it up…and share it with as many people as you possibly can in the time that you’ve got left.

Anyway…more ramblings from the Church Of Comsiology. I hope it gave you some food for thought today, and that you’ll take some of what I’ve learned in my life and spread it to the people you love most.

The Sun doesn’t horde all of its rays of light for itself…why should we?

Another lesson from the Book of Comsiology…stay beautiful, and embrace the light within you.

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