#1 – You can easily transmit and swap well over 80 million bacteria with a single tongue kiss! Hehehe, but some boys are worth it! Let’s be honest!

#2 – In the 18th century, a big part of the Halloween tradition actually involved young single women who were looking to find some spiritual information on who their future husband might be. In fact, the act of bobbing for apples became a game where, the woman who won, would be the next to be married. They would also throw apple peels over their shoulders and turn to see if a man’s initials were spelled out on the ground, or hold a candle up to a mirror to search for their husband’s face to appear in the looking glass.

#3 – What do Frankenstein, Godzilla, Transformers, G.I. Joe, Star Trek, Count Dracula, and the rock band KISS, all have in common? They are all technically parts of the Marvel comic book universe! In fact, once Mr. Spock had to fight WOLVERINE! LOL! How did THAT turn out???

#4 – While ‘The Wizard Of Oz’ is considered by many to be one of the best and most imaginative films ever made, the costumes and make up used for the actors was extremely toxic! The Scarecrow had to wait for months for some of his make up to fade away from his face. The Cowardly Lion was constantly sweating profusely during every single day of shooting, almost to the point of heat exhaustion. The Wicked Witch actually caught on FIRE during filming because of the green cosmetics applied to her skin, and she suffered severe burns on her hands and face. And the Tin Man’s original actor became so ill from the silver paint being applied to his face and body…that another actor had to come in and take over the role while he was hospitalized from the toxicity of it all. And what did the studio use for a scene where it was supposed to be snowing? Flakes of ASBESTOS!!! :O So…appreciate that movie, folks! The actors almost died to make it!

#5 – There might be a live haunted Russian radio station that is still on air to this day. UVB-76 is a low-frequency radio station that has been broadcasting since 1982. No one knows where the broadcast is coming from, and has no way to track it. It’s mostly just a buzzing noise with an occasional Russian voice transmission…but it remains a mystery where it originated or why it’s still playing on the air.

#6 – In the year 1900, a very strict juvenile reform institution for troublesome boys opened in Mariana, Florida. It was meant to be a place to ‘straighten them out’ so that they could be more productive parts of society. Called the Dozier School For Boys, parents began to send their children to this place with the hopes of helping them to get better. Naturally…things didn’t end up going in that direction. (Sigghhh…dammit, Florida! Grrrr!). Not only were the boys constantly berated, punished, tortured…they were forced to write home once a month to their families to tell them that everything was going great and that they were learning a lot of good values. All mail was heavily monitored, coming in and out of the facility, and anything that looked even slightly off about their communication with the outside world would it being ripped up and started over again from scratch. They were also forced to do manual labor for hours a day, all for the profit of the school and no pay…modern day child slavery. Beatings, verbal, emotional, and sexual, abuse was a daily occurrence…but that wasn’t even the worse part. While it is not in business anymore, and the campus is abandoned…out back you will find the cheaply marked graves of HUNDREDS of boys still buried there! No funeral. No formal explanation to their families. It is one of the most horrific places to ever exist in American history. And when was the school finally closed down and abandoned? In 2011?!?!? How the hell did this go on for so long???

#7 – In some cultures it is believed that if you see a spider on Halloween, then that means a deceased loved one has come to look over you. Hopefully, you don’t have a big family…because I can’t imagine seeing a whole ceiling’s worth of those creepy friggin’ things! ::Shivers::

#8 – There are anywhere from 500,000 to 1,000,000 million homeless men, women, and children, here in the USA right now. However…there are well over 17 MILLION homes in America that are just sitting there…vacant. Were it not for the intense profit motive and greed, every single homeless people could have multiple homes each, with plenty left over to make the owners of the buildings incredibly rich! Right now. Today. Think about that.

#9 – Twenty percent of all young children report hearing ‘voices’ in their heads. So…what you may think is cute, a game they’re playing, or simply them having an ‘imaginary friend’…maybe a much creepier issue than you think! It may never develop into any sort of mental illness as they get older…but make no mistake…the voices are very real to them. Let’s hope they don’t tell them to do something wicked to you while you’re sleeping tonight!

#10 – Illinois produces more pumpkins than any other state in the USA…by far! Roughly 15,000 acres devoted to growing them…adding up to an annual take of around 500 million pounds of pumpkins! That’s…ummm…a lot!

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