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Hi Everyone!

So it’s been rough getting everything back up and running since absolutely nothing went right. My computer got ruined, My desk had to be replaced because SOMEBODY didn’t do a good job with the tie downs. (You should have seen the look on Jeff’s face when the truck pulled out and left a pile behind it.) Everything that got destroyed has now been replaced and we continue to get stuff set up and working the way it should be. As for the new office, I love it. There is so much more space, more light (except for Comicality’s office… It’s dark in there! Hehehe!), and a TV in every room with some kind of gaming console attached to it. If you have a favorite gaming system, they set one up for you as a distraction on long days. My little brother has his own office now. He doesn’t actually use it for work but when he’s stuck here waiting for me to finish, he and Gary have their own space to hang out in. I think he’s in there now playing Fortnight…

So, I can get back to answering your letters! And no, not the ones complaining about me not answering emails 🤪  Happy Halloween Everyone!

I’ll see you next issue;

~ Matty

IM-FAN Writes: Hey Matt! I am a long time reader of Imagine Magazine and a huge fan of yours. Was wondering how long you plan to stay on as Mascot and if you ever plan to do another full cover for the magazine. I think that’d be cool!

Matt’s Reply: I have fans! Woohoo! Well first of all, I’m happy that you have been enjoying the magazine. Comicality and the team put in a ton of work every month on it and even though it started out as nothing serious, it became more than serious. Even months when all the odds are against the release, it goes up and looks like nothing was ever going wrong. I’m actually pretty amazed at how that just seems to keep happening. As for me, at this point I don’t even need to do the photoshoots anymore. My CGI appearance has only required real photos as references. Some of the images used on the cover are 100% CGI at times, no “me” needed! As I get older, the work put in to create the CGI version got pretty much perfected. I do plan to go into the military after High School so I don’t know if they’ll want to keep my likeness around or let someone else be Mascot. Honestly, I’d love to see someone else get a shot at it and I’ll peek in once in a while. As for a full cover, I’ll talk to ACFan and see what he thinks. I’m up for it if he is 🙂


AgentP: Sometime you aren’t on the cover. Is that your choice or do you get “bumped”?

Matt’s Reply: I love your name btw! To answer your question, it can be a little of both. Like I chose not to be on the Halloween cover this year. Mainly because I’m dressing as Pennywise the Dancing Clown which freaks my little brother out a little. (I did talk Jeff into hacking the site and putting something “IT” themed on the table of contents and he actually did it!) I tried to get Preston to dress up as Georgie with the yellow rain coat and stuff and he was having none of it. LOL! There are times when ACFan just can’t get a render done. Usually that means my image takes a break or once we slipped in a real picture. First person to to email me what cover was a real pic gets a shout-out next month!


doeminator Writes: r u gay? cuz you look like my bottom! hahahahahahaha

Matt’s Reply: I could go so many directions with this one. I mean there is the obvious answer “Yes I am gay and even though I have never actually had sex with another guy yet, I do fantasize about being a bottom (sorry mom). Or I could give you crap about your lazy typing or unimaginative screen name. Or (my favorite) would be to ask you what the name of your bottom is and if he is currently in need of assistance. (If you are being held against your will bro, blink twice!) Oh, and more than three “ha”s in a hahaha is a bit of overkill and makes you look like an evil minion. Just sayin!

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