Oh my! :O

A super cute surfer boy with long blond hair and bright eyes? Hello! Hehehe!

The rest of you had better stay the hell away from him too! I’m not even kidding right now, I will FIGHT you!!! I mean it!

Patrick Michael Heaney is a very popular boy model and aspiring actor, hailing from Del Ray Beach in Florida. A young beauty that has been turning heads for years now, I’m sure that he will continue to get more jobs and more bookings from here on out, and you’re sure to be hearing much more about him in the years to come.

Not that his resume isn’t already impressive as it stands right now. Starting his modeling career when he was only three years old, Patrick has done print ads and photo shoots for high level brand name fashions such as H&M, Polo Ralph Lauren, Vogue Bambini and Grazia magazines in Italy, and many others, including L’Officiel in Russia. And that’s all in his PAST work history! Just imagine what he might be doing next?

I mean…LOOK at him! Hehehe! He’s an angel… ::Faints::

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Of course, this cutie has spent plenty of time surfing some pretty wicked waves in different parts of the globe as well during his travels. Taught by his father at a young age, he never seems to miss a golden opportunity to hit the beach and enjoy taking part in one of his favorite past times. On top of that, Patrick also likes to play lacrosse and football when he gets the chance. Playing for the ‘Florida Elite’ team at his high school and scoring as many wins as is possible. Some losses too, apparently! Hehehe, how is that even possible? How can other boys look at him on the field and not be in total awe of his beauty? It must be like staring directly into the SUN!

Patrick’s mother is Peruvian, and he’s mentioned that he has cousins in Brazil (Patrick speaks fluent Spanish as well as English, by the way!), but once his career took off, he made the big move from Del Ray Beach, Florida to Los Angeles, California…and he’s been living there ever since. Pursuing his greatest dreams and being thankful for all of the incredible blessings that he’s been given for almost as long as he’s been alive.

And looking damn GOOD while he’s doing! Hehehe, just needed to add that in there!

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So…we all wish you the best of luck on your journey going forward, Patrick! You’re absolutely gorgeous! And always remember to keep your heart in tact…no matter what! K? Go show them what you’re made of, you sexy Imagine centerfold boy! 😛

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