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#1 – While everybody in the States sees Thanksgiving as a day to pig out and fall asleep on the couch shortly afterward…they are missing out on one of the main traditions of the holiday. You’re actually supposed to fast a week beforehand! Hehehe, that means no food…whatsoever…for seven days. THEN you get to sit down and shovel a bountiful meal into your face and give thanks for the good fortune! I take it that people didn’t like that part…so they just pretend that it doesn’t exist as a part of the ritual.

#2 – November 11th, 1918 was the end of World War I. Apparently, the USA and Canada are supposed to celebrate this every year…but I’ve never heard of this before. So I guess…we don’t? Who knows?

#3 – In November of 1937, the “Li’l Abner” comic strip by cartoonist, Al Capp, created a fictional holiday where unmarried women were allowed to go out and find themselves a husband. This became the wildly popular ‘Sadie Hawkins’ day, where girls were allowed to ask boys to a dance, instead of the traditional other way around. Within a year or two, the gesture became so popular that it became an official holiday, and dances are still being held in its honor to this day.

#4 – A yellowish, amber, color…Topaz is the official birthstone of November. Not only is it considered a symbol of honor and strength…but the ancient Greeks actually believed that the stone had the power to make you invisible to your enemies! Cool! Hehehe!

#5 – Called the ‘Empty Quiver’…there are approximately SIX US nuclear weapons that are missing right now as you read this! No one knows where they are, or who might be in possession of them! Or if they’re just laying around somewhere…waiting to be discovered. Or worse…triggered by some unknown event or sudden impact. Think about THAT when you go to sleep tonight. 😛

#6 – Celebrated mostly by Hindu, Sikh, and Jain, faiths…the month of November is a celebration of a holiday called Diwali, or otherwise known as the ‘Festival Of Lights’. It is a five day ritual, but some only celebrate the initial day of Diwali by lighting a row of candles…signifying the triumph of good over evil.

#7 – “Annie, are you ok?” Hehehe! The CPR dummy has become a great tool for teaching people how to perform CPR for many years. However…it has a bit of a dark history behind it. The facial template is actually based on a 16 year old drowning victim that the mortician found himself fascinated with after she was pulled from the River Seine in the 1880’s. The young girl has never been identified, nor has anyone found out the actual cause of death…but the idea that a mortician became so infatuated with her body and modeled a CPR doll from her remains is…ummm…kinda creepy! So yeah…if youre learning CPR…those are the lips your kissing. Good luck geting THAT image out of your head!

#8 – In Finland…the month of November is known as Marraskuu…or “The Month Of The Dead”.

#9 – It was on November 19th, way back in 1978…that the so-called ‘Reverend’ Jim Jones led over 900 of his loyal follower to commit the largest cult mass suicide in human history. Men, women, children, even infants, who all drank (or were injected with) Kool-aid tainted with cyanide poison. Never before has a cult been so blindly ready to die for their dear leader. I’d like to say never again…but let’s be honest…that seems to be a lot to ask for these days.

#10 – While brown or black bears are more likely to leave you alone if you play dead or appear to be an imminent threat to them…polar bears are more likely to kill you where you stand. You’re as good as dead. Polar bears are the only bear species that actively hunts and kills humans for food. So keep that in mind if you feel like trying to outrun one. It won’t work.

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