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Let it all go.

Give it all away.

In my life, I’ve adopted a lot of philosophies and beliefs…one of my favorites being a Buddhist perspective of life and enlightenment. However, I highly doubt that my impulsive and addictive nature would allow me to subscribe to those beliefs in a way that I could truly dedicate myself to. Hehehe! But I think it’s the fluidity and open range of beliefs and emotions that makes Comsiology what it is. There’s no real dogma to adhere to. There’s always breathing room for each and every single person to grow and think for themselves. Only you can find the path to accessing your higher self. Anyone else trying to influence you, or who tells you that they have the answers you’re looking for…can only feed you an agenda that ultimately benefits them. Not you. Stop listening to those people. You have the answers within you. You always did.

Happiness isn’t something that was meant to be locked up in a vault and kept for yourself. It’s not yours to keep. Give it away. All of it. What is laughter if it isn’t shared with a good friend? What is love if it isn’t returned to you? What is money if you can’t use it to do some good in the world with it?

As a society, we’ve been blinded by this illusion of scarcity…as if there isn’t enough to go around. We take our emotions and cling to them as though they were meant to be some forbidden secret that other people will STEAL from us if we allow them to know that they exist. WHY??? Since when did a true expression of our true emotions become a ‘weakness’?

All of us have light within us! Love, joy, comfort, excitement, beauty. SHARE it! Why not? While Comsiology can’t claim to be as dedicated to a freedom from attachments as Buddhism is…I believe that we owe it to the people around us to let them know that we love and appreciate them as often as humanly possible. I really do. And I definitely slack in this department, myself…but when I remember and realize that I’m not giving all that I can to the people who have given me help, and emotion, and have sacrificed time and energy to put a smile on my face…I make it my mission to at least let them know how much they mean to me. I do it all the time. Maybe not as much as I should…but I make an effort.

You know what you’ll never see behind a hearse? A U-Haul truck.

None of your material shit will be buried with you. None of it. So do yourself a favor…take all of the love and the light and the laughter in your heart…and share it with the people you care about. Give it all away. It costs you nothing. And if it did…you wouldn’t be able to take it with you when you’re gone anyway. So why not get the thrill and joy out of bringing your light to other people while you’re here? What are you hording it for? What good will it do you in the end?

For almost 25 years now (GOD, I’m old! LOL!)…I’ve been writing stories online as Comicality. And 90% of those stories have all been for free. And while I wish I could be super wealthy and charge money for what little talent I have for creating characters and stories that captivate a wide variety of readers and inspire emotion and confidence and feelings of self worth and value…that’s just not my station in life. Because, at the end of the day…I really just want to help. I want to be able to say, one day in the future, that I did all I could to make life just a little bit better for someone else. You know?

If God is real, and I meet him face to face someday…I want to be able to say that I did some good with the life I was given. Not for myself. Not for a bank account balance or a fancy car or a giant house with a swimming pool and a bunch of stuff that I didn’t need. When my creator asks what I did with all of the light and love that he placed in my heart…i want to be able to say that I gave it all away. Every last ounce of it. With every breath that I took on this Earth. TAKE IT!!! It’s yours! My heart will make more love, more joy, more comfort, more bliss, more laughter…take everything that I have. All of my stories. All of my corny jokes. All of my hugs. Because, when I’m dead and gone…they’ll all be buried with me. And the love I die with is love wasted, in my opinion. Why not share it while I’m here?

If you’re a student of Comsiology…you have to teach yourself to put forth the effort to share your love with those who you love and appreciate. And I mean…you need to SAY it! Say it out loud! What the hell are you hiding from? You have no idea how much somebody in your life might need to actually hear the words, “I love you”, right now! It’s not enough to care about somebody in secret. Don’t be a coward. Don’t be lazy. Don’t be stubborn. TELL people what you feel, and share that light with them instead of hogging it all for yourself as though you can’t spare the extra energy it takes to open your mouth and TALK to somebody. K? Seriously…

Years ago…I was close friends with someone that I worked with. His name was Chris. And while it took many years to finally get through the trauma of what happened and to realize that it wasn’t my fault…it still haunts me to this day. That boy was 17 years old, and he committed suicide. Suicide, on what I felt like was ‘my watch’. And we were close. He had to know that I cared about him with my whole heart…but I can’t stop thinking…what if I had said it to him out loud just ONE more time? You know? One more hug? One more phone call? One more smile? Could that have made all the difference in what happened to him? I’ll never know. But I’ve learned. I’ve learned a lot.

The compliments, the money, the creative ideas you might have in your head? Give them away! All of it! That invention you wanted to make, that cell phone app, that story you wanted to write, that song you wanted to sing…DO IT! Stop being stubborn! Give it away. All of it. I do. I get more of a personal reward from some gay teen telling me that he feels good about being himself or came out to his parents because of some story that I wrote for free than all the money in the world. I gave it away. And I feel like I’m a better person for it.

I really do.

Take whatever talent you have…whatever it may be…and share it with the world. Take that six or seven figure bank account number…and do something charitable with it. Find that lonely, quiet, kid in the back of the classroom…and share a smile or say hello. Have a positive impact on the world for once. You have no idea how much power you wield when it comes to doing something selfless for somebody else. It’s a rush that most people will never know. And that’s a shame…because the world needs all the angels it can get right now.

Comsiology teaches all of us to give everything that we can, to the point of exhaustion sometimes. BUT…the love and appreciation that we give away…regenerates within us. In fact, it begins recycling itself faster and faster every time we give it away. It bubbles over, and we discover joy and love in abundance. We have to give more and more away, just to keep it under control. Hehehe! And this is when you will see the people around you change. And work hard to see you succeed in all endeavors. So be selfless. Don’t horde the light within you. Give it away. You’ll make more. Trust me on this. K?

Another lesson from the Book of Comsiology…stay beautiful, and embrace the light within you. It’s worth it.

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