If the eyes truly are the windows to the soul…then this young model must be one of the most beautiful people walking the Earth’s surface right now! Hehehe! Seriously!

To be honest…it was kind of hard for me to even put this article together. Because that stare catches me every single time, and then I find myself feeling all goofy and weird inside, and I have to lose myself in his beauty for a little while until I can get my concentration back.

That’s the kind of raw beauty that could be seriously dangerous in the wrong hands! Hehehe, I swear…it definitely casts a spell, doesn’t it?

::Shaking Off My Trance::

Fourteen year old model, actor, and singer, Michael Ditkovskiy is being brought to us from Moscow, Russia, and has been dedicated to his craft for quite a long time now. It certainly seems to be paying off, as well! So look for more of Michael in the future. I’m not sure how good his English is, but if it’s even halfway decent, many doors are just waiting to open up for him and his talent.

He may have started his modeling career at the very young age of five years old…but he was only four weeks old when he got his first acting gig! GEEZ!!! Talk about getting a head start on life! Hehehe! He must have been a beautiful baby!

Even at his age, he has already racked up quite the resume, as well as a professional portfolio of modeling work that he has every right to be proud of. I would love to see more of his stuff in the future if he decides to stick with it. Something that may not be guaranteed…

Happily, Michael says, “I like to act more than to take part in photo sessions, but sometimes they can also be fun, especially when they let me act there and it is always an excuse not to go to school!” Which I can understand. Modeling photo sessions can be really boring sometimes. Long hours of weirdness. Not to mention, there are so many ‘poses’ that you can make in front of a camera taking two or three hundred pictures of you in a single day, I don’t care HOW cute the model may be! Hehehe! “I don’t like to look at my photos in magazines and catalogs, but being on the storefront is fun!” Hehehe, well that’s got to be a bonus, right?

Ditkovskiy sighned with PK Modeling Management from the very beginning, and I believe that he’s still there now. He has already done modeling for fashion lines for TVOE, Shopette, Harper’s Bazaar, Atplay, Aviva, Gloria Jeans Elle Kids, Vogue Kids, and more! But this beauty’s talent reaches out even further than that.

“I go to the specialized school, in which in addition to the regular subjects we have a lot of music lessons. So it is a kind of Music school. I play the piano and take academic vocal lessons, I also sing in the kids’ pop group, Double Trouble, with my friend Anna Sutormina, whom I met at one of my modeling photo shoots.”

I would love to hear more of his voice as it, inevitably, goes through ‘the change’ within the next year or two. Something that is always the biggest test of any teen singer, and all of them don’t quite make it unless they make it a priority to practice and change their tone. But it can definitely be done. And Michael has already come too far to lay back and give up on the struggle now. So, yeah…let’s hear some more from the Double Trouble duo some time! Might be cool!

Besides, he’s still sooooo pretty to look at!

Sorry. I’m losing focus again. Ahem…

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Congrats on coming so far, so fast, Michael! I hope you are still making a big impact! Keep working hard and maintain a love for your true passion, whatever that may be! Good luck, dude! Make us proud!

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